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372328 tn?1214776427 It might just be tarter build up. They may not have gotten him used to brushing his teeth. You can try to take a wet washcloth and clean his teeth. I'd mention it to the vet next time you bring him in. As far as I know, vet's don't fill caveties. They just pull the teeth. Dogs and cats can do quite well without some of their teeth. I had to have my dog's tooth pulled in the front because it was abcessed. You wouldn't know it the way he eats! He's a piggy!
1500294 tn?1290272209 Yes dogs can and often do -get gum disease. It does usually affect older dogs though. But it could be that you are brushing too hard? I don't know.
Avatar f tn Bad breathe in human or dogs, is a sign of something not right....I would let the vet know, its probably bad teeth...bad teeth stink in dogs... Welcome to dog forum, please check in with your comments, plenty people here with very informative suggestions,.... And, bad teeth, dogs can get that easy....my female has bad teeth, and I thought I took excellant care, but each dog different...just the way it is sometimes.. Good luck...
Avatar m tn An infection in the oral cavity can spread through the body and cause all kinds of problems. There are 3 things that I have used that you might want to try before you go to the vet (not in place of the vet). The 1st is liquid chlorophyll. You can rub in on the dogs teeth and gums four or 5 times a day. You don't rinse it out and it won't stain the teeth. Chlorophyll is a natural antibiotic and disinfectant. It also promotes healing of infected tissue.
Avatar n tn When my son gets here I was considering giving him a Binky because baby's seem to love them and they are life savers! But I've heard the cause buck teeth, or rotted teeth and its very hard to get them off of it. Any opinions?
Avatar n tn As LostGrrl has said below, most dogs will do very well despite the loss of a couple of teeth. Most dogs have 42 adult teeth and the loss of a couple of incisors (the teeth in the front) won't likely slow her down. It is BEST to try and save the teeth if possible, but the health of the whole pet needs to be considered as well. If you are uncomfortable with the dentist's assessment, there are several other veterinary dentists in your area.
Avatar f tn Hi, teeth aren't really the concern. Her teeth now are the baby teeth and yes, they can become crooked. But she has adult teeth growing under her gums that won't come in until she is 5 to 7. I was a thumb sucker way back when and it was a big trick at family events to show how I could slip my thumb under my front teeth without opening my jaw (I know . . .YUCK! but I was a kid and thought that was cool!) Anyway, my permanent teeth came in straight and I have never needed braces.
973741 tn?1342342773 Well if we go back to first principles with dogs...we get to wild dogs and wolves. Now sure -they don't usually live as long as our canine family members, but they eat mainly meat, animal tissues, cartilage and some bone. They do snack on berries sometimes, and maybe other things, and are likely to eat the stomach contents of a prey animal (usually a herbivore) And grass to a certain extent. But we never see them devouring a wheat field when out hunting!
Avatar f tn It alsmost sounds like kennel cough. Is the white stuff foamy? The tooth loss sounds like her adult teeth are coming in??? Can you look in her mouth? Have you seen the lostteeth? If they are baby teeth they will be small and very sharp. When is she due back at the vet? She'll probably need antibiotics for the cough. Bordatella vaccine to prevent kennel cough. Sometimes it takes a couple of rounds of antibiotics for the cough. My dog did.
Avatar m tn I have almost no permanant teeth. Not sure if this is true but I had a full mouth x-ray and I had only 3 roots. I did however, save my teeth that fell out when I was little and supposely gave way to permanant teeth. It's strange though since I saved 9 teeth and I only have 3 teeth with roots. Does this mean that I have permanent teeth without roots? If not then what pushed my teeth out then?
Avatar f tn m really worried about this type of paci giving her buck teeth. I can already tell she has a bit of an overbite, but I THINK (from looking at pictures) I had this too when I was a baby and I never took a paci of any sort. I now have perfectly straight teeth, with no help from braces, etc... What do you think? Would this type of paci cause buck teeth? Should I take it away now, even though it is going to be a LONG, HARD process?
Avatar f tn I would have it extracted. I am sure she will do fine, most dogs do with even less teeth than that.
Avatar n tn The other suggestion I can make is your dog may have sensitive teeth. So, you might try getting the dogs teeth checked. Last but finally my husband always talks about how smart dogs are, and how they know what good food is too. My dog won't touch certain dry food. So, my husband reads the description of the dog food, and I know it sounds funny but if it doesn't sound good we don't get it. Beneful, And Purina small bites are the ones we finds she eats the easiest.
Avatar n tn Our dog seems to have a lose tooth, Maybe gingivitis. How do we take care of our dogs teeth. We have given the dog lots of bones.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I took my dog for his yearly check up at the Vet and the Vet told me he has alot on plaque on his back teeth and that it could be causing the breath problems. My Vet suggested having my dogs teeth cleaned. When I asked about the procedure he told me he would have to be put to sleep. The procedure would cost me between $300.00-$400.00. That seems like alot of money. Has anyone ever had their dogs teeth cleaned "professionaly"?
1462810 tn?1327360449 I just realized that I can add to an inital post. I posted this at a later date as a separate post but I'm going to add it here to have it all in one place. I wrote recently about my little dog's close call with dental enzyme dog chews and how she nearly died while using them. I mentioned CET enzyme toothpaste, because it's working so well is what gave me the idea to try the dental enzyme chews.
Avatar f tn There are safe drugs to use on older dogs unless he has some underlying reason. But if you let his teeth go too long the bacteria from his mouth can get into his blood stream and later cause problems to the heart and other organs. We normally put all of our dentals on antibiotics a week prior to the dental and lasting a week after the dental (2 full weeks of antibiotics) due to the amount of infection and bacteria in a normal everyday dental candidates mouth.
Avatar m tn I don't know if Rain has a digestive disorder or not, but he's not getting a biologically appropriate diet. The diet that you are describing has no calcium in it to speak of, and that is a huge problem. Dogs need high levels of calcium. Also, I second ginger899 in questioning how your dog has been able to become overweight on the amount of food you describe. That's not very much food. As for the teeth, most pet dogs' teeth require cleaning by a veterinarian every so often.
Avatar f tn Welcome.....$3000 is ridiculous for a dental w/extractions......$500 is fair! Please, call and check around at other clinics.....Yes, your dog's teeth DO need to be taken care of.....Severe Dental Disease creates many health problems including organ failure...Heart Disease is among the top! Call your local SPCA or Humane Society and ask about clinics in your area that are affordable.....They may can direct you to some resources... Next: Look into "Care Credit".
212161 tn?1599427282 has anyone had a tea cup puppy, do they live as long as reg dogs and is there a lot of health problems with them beeing breed so little.
Avatar m tn d really be like something straight out of Monty Python like that skit where the director had the buck teeth going down to his waist and everyone in his films had huge buck teeth like that.
1985196 tn?1402190098 The idea is to pop a small amount of the gel on your finger and rub it gently onto the teeth and gums of your dog, once a day. The claim is that both teeth and gums improve substantially over a 30 day period, after which time it can be used a couple of times a week for maintenance. I am told the gel gradually softens any plaque, allowing it to be removed from the teeth from chewing and salivating. I can't say it works yet, but hopefully it will.
850029 tn?1238857820 If there is significant tartar built up on her teeth, no amount of brushing or water additives will help to remove the tartar. You are correct though, if she has lost teeth due to peridontal disease, her remaining teeth and gums might be sore, so I understand your reluctance and concern. Once you have a professional teeth cleaning done, your veterinarian can apply a barrier sealant to help stop plaque from building up and actually extend the period of time between dental cleanings.
1598194 tn?1310626375 Other then all that, have you tried brushing the teeth daily? Some dogs/breeds are more prone to dental and oral tartar build up then others. Maybe try giving him some chew stuff. I don't like giving rawhide but there are plenty of other products out there now. They also make dental sprays for dogs. I think I read some place before that Echinacea can help but, truthfully, I can't vouch for that as I've never tried it.
1916673 tn?1420233270 I just recently asked my vet what type of dental products might help to reduce plaque build up on my dogs teeth. Her reply was...brushing. Then she went on to say, that if I do not brush their teeth, that the best products for dental care, are the ones that are VOHC approved/accepted. VOHC is the Veterinary Oral Health Council. So..I went and bought a product called Greenies. They were expensive.
974371 tn?1424653129 t know if this is appropriate to post here but I would like to put our some advice to those buying pure bred dogs. Reputable breeders do a lot of research into the breeding of their stock. Those that want to maintain the quality of the breed, do not want to breed dogs that can pass on problems!! If a breed is prone to hip dysplasia, eye problems, skin problems, thyroid problems.