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Avatar f tn Brown thick looks like a nasty booger coming from my vagina.. done it once has me worried. I don't wanna call the doc.
Avatar f tn he fingered me quite a bit and we didnt have sex but his penis was on my vagina. he didnt go in at all and he pulled away when he started to feel himself precumming. around tuesday i had a dark brownish reddish discharge and there was kind of a lot. it has almost stopped and it is now wednesday. i am worried that i can be pregnant. anyone with suggestions or any information?
Avatar n tn When I would *** it would be a light brown color. Why is that? Is it something I should be worried about?
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby. Today I went to the bathroom to find thick dark brown gooey unsecured discharge with a little blood when I wiped. Im not due for my period for another week. I've had no signs or symtoms of my period. My boobs have swollen a little bit, but not omuch. I have read one or two things that said something similar happened to them when they got pregnant. Could I be?
Avatar f tn I have recently had these tiny brown bumps pop up on my vagina and they don't itch, hurt, or bleed they're just there.???. Anyways, I have them throughout my vagina and 3 of them are really raised near my clitoris but on the outside of my upper lip (the top). Then I have like a rough patch of skin that's brown by my vagina opening but no noticeable raised bumps, but it is brown. The only raised ones are the ones near my clitoris..anyways I'm freaking out bc I have no idea what it is!!!
Avatar f tn I noticed about a month ago I had 2 moles/brown bumps on the outside of my vagina. It doesn't bother me at all but today I picked at it and it bled a little. Just curious as to if this is serious or not.
Avatar n tn i am 19 year old an i am havin this bad vagina oudor an a yellow brown discharge i am scared of goin 2 the doctor so u could u give an idea of what is goin on with me .
Avatar f tn I got my periods then..we had sex 3 days, there's dark brown stuff coming out from my vagina.. it does not is inside.. Should I see my gynocologist? Pls suggest what to do? And we are ttc also..
Avatar n tn I am facing a problem of Light Brown or sometimes dark brown colour discharge from Vagina from last One year. I visited Doctor as well. She said it might be an infection , so she recommended a combination of anti-biotics[Azithromycin (250 mg)6Capsules, Secnidazole(1000 gms)2tablets & Fluconazole(150 mg)1 capsule] to remove the infection.
Avatar f tn We are not dating but we have a good relationship. Lately i have been seeing brown stuff coming out of my vagina. Usually it would stop for a couple days and then start back up again for i dont remember how long. I would then wipe myself down there and sometimes it would be blood along with the brown discharge. Can anyone help me please? I'm really scared.
1875438 tn?1320433770 i am still very lightly bleeding brown from my vagina
Avatar f tn So I'm only 14 years old and one labia minora lips are larger than the other my vagina has a little brown spot thats just keeps gettin darker and sometimes bigger and these little white bumps it doesn't really give off much discharge and when it does it kinda smells bad it oh and it itches it couldn't be anything sex related because I'm still a virgin but it's worrying me idk what it is and what I should do I need help so please help me!ยก!
Avatar n tn Lately, whenever i go to the toilet to do my small business, i realise that after the small business, my vagina seems to be bleeding slightly as there is a slight brown liquid after that. As i have been reading, it might be the initial start of my period. But this has been going on for about 5 days and i am not sure why is this happening? could it be vigorous sex or something more?
Avatar f tn Hello! Lately I have been experiencing brown sticky discharge. I've been having pains in my lower back and my lower abdomen. And pains in and around my vagina. And itchy and burning. This morning I woke up and I started my period but going on through the day I had brown discharge again and hardly and blood when I wiped I don't know what's going on. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I' had light pink stuff on my toilet paper and a brown discharge now I've been having a white sort of discharge what could this be?
Avatar f tn Ive been getting cramping pains in my pelvic and lower abdomen area for quite a few days, and today i found brown stuff out of my vagina.. I had unprotected sex last week but i dont think anything went in.. What could it mean?
Avatar n tn I am experiencing a brown discharge in my vagina. Its wet and sticky... I'm kinda afraid and dont know what to do. I am a virgin and has an irregular menstration..
Avatar n tn why does my vagina continually discharge brown liquid for about 3.5 weeks? and why does it stink so badly?
Avatar f tn The brown blood is just old blood.
Avatar f tn Im 21 years old and i just had my period a week ago and now I got home from the gym and I was bleeding brown blood. Thats never happened to me before. What does this mean? Should i be worried?
Avatar f tn Ive been getting cramping pains in my pelvic and lower abdomen area for quite a few days, and today i found brown stuff out of my vagina.. I had unprotected sex last week but i dont think anything went in.. What could it mean?