Brown discharge year after hysterectomy

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Avatar n tn I'm 37 and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I still have my ovaries. For the past year I've been extremely fatigued and have shared this with my doctor. I've been told to lose weight and exercise to alleviate this. I'm 190 lbs, most of it in the middle. I've felt very crampy at times and have had a small amount of brown discharge. Where could this be coming from since I've had a hysterectomy? My bowel habits have changed a bit too.
Avatar n tn I'm 37 and had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I still have my ovaries. For the past year I've been extremely fatigued and have shared this with my doctor. I've been told to lose weight and exercise to alleviate this. I'm 190 lbs, most of it in the middle. I've felt very crampy at times and have had a small amount of brown discharge. Where could this be coming from since I've had a hysterectomy? My bowel habits have changed a bit too.
Avatar n tn did you wake up and see brown discharge and its not even close to your period? any brown discharge is normal. its normal before your period and after your period. sometimes 2-3 days of it.
Avatar n tn I have used Monistat 7 for many years, even before my partial hysterectomy a year ago. It definately helps with the "rotting" odor I've experienced after the hysterectomy & intercourse. I have a lot of pain with deep penetration during intercourse. This caused problems and my engagement ended with fiance. Any suggestions on how to help with less pain on my cervix during intercourse?
Avatar n tn for about 2 years I suffered and they started after my radical hysterectomy (started about 3 months after) and were discovered during a colonoscopy, which made that procedure very uncomfortable...otherwise it would not have been too bad. You might want to ask your doctor about this since you are having some bladder problems, but it is essentially a very deep massage. I put updated info at the bottom just verifying that this really did work (for me at least!)....hoping this helps.
Avatar n tn When I went back for my 4 wk checkup the doctor asked me a lot of questions, one was if I had a period and I told him yes. He then informed me that some women do have periods after a hysterectomy. AFTER HAVING A 2ND PERIOD SINCE SURGERY I AM WONDERING IF THIS IS NORMAL OR NOT????? Everyone says it isn't.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy on dec 9th of this year and today noticed a foul brown discharge...i take it i should go back to gynocologist to determine the cause...
Avatar n tn My question is why am I bleeding 3yrs after my hysterectomy? I have very bad pains in my stomach my back hurts and I always ahave headache. Im also tired alot. Im worried because I am only 23yrs old. I plan on getting married next year and I want to have this problem solved before that. So if anybody can help me let me know.
Avatar n tn i also had a full hysterectomy about a year and a half ago and after realizing i had bleed on my underwear yesterday( it was bright red) I was hoping that I could get some answers before I go to the doctor. I'm a little worried and wonder if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this.
1415174 tn?1453246703 It starts to break down and comes out of you quite a long time after it was shed, and you get the brownish discharge. I wonder if, though, having said the above, you haven't left a tampon in by accident? This too can rot down and give an awful feacal smell, and brown discharge. Personally I would go to the doctor sooner than a month.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 year old woman with 4 children (all breast fed) and post hysterectomy (3 years-ovaries still there). For the past three weeks I have had a spontaneous burning/stabbing sensation in my left breast and a concurrent single duct brown sticky discharge from the right breast. No pain otherwise and no lumps noticed. I had a negative history on mammograms with the exception of some fluid and fibrous cysts and some minor plaque deposits in the breast arteries.
1778269 tn?1314487883 This past cycle I started on the 6th, which was very early considering only went a week and a half between. Well now For the past 4 days I have had this Very Dark brown discharge, it was slightly heavy at first so I had to use a tampon ( TMI ) I know. When I removed it.. there was also Dark brown clot like stuff. but for the past few days its been more like spotting. I have looked things on on Web MD and googled, the things I am finding have to do with cancer?!?!?! NOW...
Avatar n tn I spoke to a girlfriend recently she's had her Mirena in for a year or so and she has a green discharge from one nipple and a milky discharge from the other. Is the link we both have the Mirena IUD ? is there anyone else out there with a green nipple discharge & using a Mirena IUD ?
Avatar n tn I have had a watery like green discharge comming out of my right breast for about a year. I went in for a mammogram this morning ( I also have lumps in both breasts) from everything that I have read online about discharge it doesn't sound like it's linked to breast cancer. It's more common than we think. I'm going to see my Dr on friday will let you know what he has to say about it.
Avatar f tn in Aug i began taking the medication and finished the script finally after 2 1/2 weeks i got my period it lasted 6 days then 2 days later i had dark brown discharge it stopped about 6 days later then came back 2-3 days later its lasts for a week at a time stops for 2-3 days and starts back up i have not had my period ( normal ) just the dark brown constant discharged its slimy and some times clumpy (like old blood clots) but this has been going on since mid lat Aug its 2nd week of Oct now no
279234 tn?1363108849 I am a 36 year old female with a partial hysterectomy. A year after my hysterectomy ( in 2006) I started to experience bilateral nipple discharge and pain. The left side has a clear/cloudy appearance. It is thick. The right side has an isolated duct with a black/green discharge. I've had blood test to check on my pituitary, thyroid, and I've had an MRI of the breast and a ductogram, and ultrasound.
Avatar n tn I've posted on this subject several times before, but I still have the same problem. About a year ago, I noticed a thick, pasty white discharge. It doesn't itch or have an odor and I have it constantly. Several people have suggested it has something to do with my cycle, but it doesn't change. I've been to the doctor and it is not yeast. The doctor calls it my "natural" dishcarge.
Avatar n tn I had a procedure to remove a polyp off my cervix, and after that I got a discharge from my belly button.
Avatar n tn I had Novasure procedure done on May 1st. I am still having a discharge which can range from dark brown to yellowish and then to light brown--never a day with no discharge as of yet-- No bloody discharge anymore. Would like to hear your comments on how long this discharge lasted?? My Dr. told me no sex for three weeks after procedure.
3183522 tn?1358481934 the next morning it was brown discharge for a few hours then vanished. that whole month after that i had back cramps and stomach cramps ( very mild ) and had all the period like symptoms for the whole month! i went to the doctors, she ran a test for diabetes which came out negative !! she advised me to go away and take a pregnancy test and if its negative go back for blood tests (which i haven't had the time to go back and do yet)! so yeah, it was a negative result!
Avatar m tn I had Novasure done 17 days ago- and I went on this site for info before and after my procedure, so I thought I would post some info I have..that nobody else seems to have posted yet I had very heavy periods with a lot of clots, and about 4 months out of the year my craps were very very (debilitating) severe (and this is coming from someone who gave natural birth).
Avatar n tn But when I do that, I keep itching. Only after a year of suffering did i stop listening to the doctors and tried keeping it dry. Not more dry than the rest of my body, but equally dry. After I shower, I would let it air dry and then apply baby powder which absorbs the moisture. 5. ACUPUNTURE! I never had acupuncture before, but I have heard that it heals systemic problems in the body, and it works really well for allergies.
Avatar n tn I had this procedure done ten years ago and my side effects have been devastating. For a year after I had horribly thick discharge and to this day it is thicker than normal. Because of this I am unable to get pregnant due to cervical mucus issues. (sperm cannot pass through). When I got this done I was young and had only mild dysplasia. I am now told they have young girls hold off for this reason.
Avatar n tn In Feb find out i am preg didn't get a period after the period from stopping pill. In march experience a brown discharge at the Hospital they say it can go one way or other and there is nothing they can do. In April have a scan was supposed to be 8 wks but there is no baby (had a scan at 6 wks in a private clinic and something was seen). Doctor says after the 8 wk scan that i will miscarry soon took my blood levels they were low, he said he preferred a natural miscarriage.
Avatar n tn my sister had severe endometriosis at 31 and had to get a full hysterectomy last year. i, however, do not have any pain or cramping whatsoever, just bleeding. do you know what else could possibly cause bleeding after orgasm? it's gotten to the point where i don't masturbate anymore and i don't wait to reach orgasm during intercourse with my boyfriend because it's so grotesque and messy. what could it be?
Avatar n tn I divorced last year. After what I've read, my reassured to know there is some possibility of more children should I meet and marry the right man. But I was sexually active about 8 weeks ago, I'm sitting here writing this w a heating pad over abdomen. I've had pregnancy symptoms, even a clogged milk duct in the past week. I'm so scared I am pregnant, cause now is not the right time & I'm scared of all the Heath risks w preg after novasure.
Avatar f tn False, fertility returns to normal immediately after removal. It may take one cycle for the lining to thicken up a bit, but you will continue to ovulate as usual.
Avatar n tn I am schedule for a C-Section/ Hysterectomy at the end of May. I know there are alot of risks in being pregnant after Ablation, but my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. I go ever 4 weeks for Ultrasounds to check the Placenta as well as the babies grow. So far so good! We have no reason to believe that things won't be fine. Good Luck!