Brown discharge sign of labor

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9924471 tn?1419958020 37 weeks 5days noticed light brown discharge today ... Very light ... Is this a sign that my cervix is thinniing?!?!
Avatar f tn 40 weeks today.. brown discharge. May look like im loosing little goo spots. Sign of labor? Or is it cause my cervix was checked earlier? Although it hasnt happened when its been checked before.
Avatar f tn I am 36 weeks pregnant and noticed a brown discharge after urination. Should I worry?
Avatar f tn Didnt really give me an explaination of why or anything just said it wont stop til labor. I am not dialated at all.. so thats a good sign.. i think.. the bleeding scares me but he said good.
Avatar n tn hi guys, im new here.. uhmm,, im a 19 yr old girl who had a problem with the said topic. "brown or dark brown discharge" but mine is about a bit of dark black? what is that? and let me share to you that i had my boyfriend and we had a slight intercourse last april 13 or 14 or 15, 2008.. im not sure about the date.. slight intercourse because we just did it for about 15 mins or less just in and no out. and my bf didn't *** or should i say didn't squirt his material inside me..
10548816 tn?1410968776 That is your mucus plug as long as your not having contractions it's nothing to worry about just take it easy bc it is the first sign of labor but it could be months after losing it that you go into full labor
Avatar f tn It could be your mucus plug. And means labor could be soon.
Avatar f tn You experience any bleeding or bright-red discharge (not brown or pinkish). Your water breaks — especially if the fluid looks green or brown; this could be a sign that meconium is present (which is your newborn’s first stool; it can be dangerous if your baby inhales or ingests it during birth). You experience vision changes, a headache, or sudden or severe swelling. These can be symptoms of preeclampsia, or pregnancy-induced hypertension.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone am 37 weeks and 3 days today and i noticed brown discharge is this a sign of labor? Am also a ftm so dont know much please help.
Avatar f tn Today I am 39 weeks 5 days. Monday I went to the doctor and he checked to see if I was dialated and was only 1 cm. he said he tried to "stir things up". When I got home I had a lil bit of brown discharge. Called my doctor and they said its normal. One question I have is: Why is it brown? Also last night I started to lose my mucous plug. I felt something wet on my panties and went to the bathroom and there was a blob of brown stuff.
1950374 tn?1332387736 Id call l&d since u have to have antibiotics....
Avatar n tn I always have regular periods and the brown discharge at the end of my period. Today I have brown discharge and my period ended a week ago. Did either of you find out what this is from? Is it just old blood? I was researching online and found this could be from ovulating. I'm a hypochondriac as well, so I'm obessing to find an answer now. Let me know if you found anything out.
Avatar n tn I have never had this before either could this be a sign of pregnancy? The discharge started around the time of my missed period and is still there.
Avatar f tn I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. Today I noticed a very light brown discharge on my panty liner. Wasnt very much and was kind of light but enough to know it was brownish in color. Anyways not having pain. Havent had any checks or had sex. So I guess my question this a sign labor is soon? Like in the next couple days?
508203 tn?1233238404 I lost chunks of my mucus plug yesterday, but I don't think it was enough to lose all of it....unless it has been going slowly just with an increase of discharge. I had brown spotting after my internal too....I was told to expect it, so I knew it wasn't the show or anything. Today is my due date (I'm in australia so it'll come up as still the 15th I think), it's the 16th here. And I just can't see it happening!! I might go for a couple of walks if it's not too hot outside, which it has been.
Avatar n tn today but no one's replyed yet, i have no pain and had some very dark brown discharge come out. well i just went pee and when i was done i wiped and it was the same color, squezzed a little and more very liquidy dark brown stuff came right out into the toilet wiped and it was gone , i'm going to the doctor tomorrow and actually as i'm typing this i'm getting a pain in my side lower rib area don't know if its related.
342647 tn?1291111533 You have to wait until contractions are 5 minutes apart evenly for 2 hours. Grab a stop watch and start timing them. Brown discharge is a sign of loosing your muscus plug. Mine happend that way. It was slow. Not a huge gush like i thought it would be. But i lost my plug 1 week before i delivered. So dont get too anxious yet.
Avatar n tn Dry brown discharge at 29 weeks pregnant... is this a sign of preterm labor?? Im having lower back pains as well and a tightening at the top of my stomach.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with some red/brown mucus like discharge, can this be a sign of early labor? Does castor oil work in inducing labor?
5691681 tn?1375738948 I was worried cause my tummy has been getting super tight lately and I'm scared of preterm labor. It doesn't hurt though. I don't see my doctor until October 8th. For my 28 week check up/glucose test.
Avatar n tn Pink to light brown discharge is a sign of older blood. It does not sound like bloody show to me (L&D RN) bloody show is more of a red/dark red and usually with mucous. Have you had sex or an exam recently?
Avatar f tn Any blood can be a sign of labor coming, definitely call your midwife.
432737 tn?1358553032 Is this pink cm from the exam or is this different - possibly mucus plug or related to labor on the way? I've been having a ton of contractions, but they are fleeting. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect.
Avatar n tn my period use to last about 5 days and they were heavy and i never had brown periods. Is this a sign of pregnancy? i took multiple pregnancy tests about three months ago after having unprotected sex with my fiancee. the tests were all negative and then i got my period so i assumed i wasn't pregnany. please help!
Avatar f tn Brown discharge is normal and not a cause for worry. Just contact your doctor on Wednesday. You're probably just fine. Are you still experiencing pregnancy symptoms?
Avatar f tn I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and for the last week or so I have had some really thick mucosy discharge then just 3 days ago my discharge turned into a pinkish brown color and this has been going on for 3 days now. I have a lot of cramping also..could this be a sign that I can go into labor at any moment or something worse???
Avatar f tn So im 38 wks 4days and had my membranes strilped in tuesday it is now thursday . I had some discharge that had streaks of brown and red a hour after , now iv had lost of thick rubbery looking discharge everytime i got ti bathroom and no matter how much i wipe it just keeps coming .
Avatar n tn I took a test 37th day and it was negative and said test again in 3 days. 39th and 40th day i have had couple of spotting brown discharge then last night had very pale brown when i wiped n this morning have done another test which was negative and no spotting. Please can someone explain?