Brown discharge one week after period

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Avatar f tn No Im day one of 5th week and Im cramping and having light redish brown discharge but not sure if its period or not. I feel moody and crappy and I havent had sex since the miscarriage. Hope its my period but idk.
Avatar n tn About a week before my period was due, my boyfriend and I didn't quite have sex, but he was rubbing himself on me with no clothes or anything separating us. He possibly pushed inside of me less than an inch (not much at all before we decided we better not go further). It was the first time I've had a penis anywhere close to inside of me. The next day I got a brown substance only when I wiped, and only a couple times in two days.
Avatar f tn Brown discharge is old blood. It may just be that your body is expelling it or it could be a sign of infection. Just watch to look for itching, different colored discharge, or a weird smell.
Avatar n tn Hi I had my period on the 9th and now I have brown blood coming out since the 20th it's light and come once or twice a day today (22) its a normal red color am i having another period in the same month or what could it mean? I hurt just a little bit but not much and I don't ever cramp during my periods so?????
Avatar f tn I'm seventeen years old. The first day of my period was about five or six days before I lost my virginity (it properly finished the day before.) We had sex twice and used a condom but I think it rolled off a bit when he was pullin out, but anyway... we had sex twice. I was bleeding at the time because it was my first time, but this was just a little bit and stopped that night.
Avatar f tn ve never had it before and I usually only cramp one day before I start my period, not a whole week and its very light cramps right after the brown thick discharge comes out.
Avatar f tn I still continued to take my birth control which at the time i was on the green pills but i started my period a week later which was pretty much on time. I had a longer period than normal about 6 days and i started my next pack of birth control while on my period cause the other one had finished. The last day of my period i got these brown gooey clumps when i pee coming from my vagina everytime i peed. Its a week later now and every so often when i wipe i get that brown gooey discharge.
Avatar f tn Okay, so the past four-ish days I have been experiencing the cramps I normally get right before my period (today, twice time there was a brown discharge when I wiped). I just ended my period on Sunday, so I know I am not getting it again, I haven't had sex since my last period, so I know I am not pregnant. I am really confused, my periods are ALWAYS regular, so that does not have to do with it.
Avatar f tn I sometimes have brown disharge after my period. Sometimes I don't have it at all and sometimes I will only have it for half a day and sometime 2 full days. I have been prone to bacterial infections in the past and when I have one of those it looks like the same brown disharge after my period. I just need to know I'm not the only one and that it's also normal forit to last longer sometimes than the month before.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone im REALLY worried scared and concerned on may 18 was the first day of my period i had unprotected sex he didn't *** in me but im scared of pre-*** furthermore, my period ended the 25 i never get my period the same day of each month but however i do get it every month.
Avatar n tn m quite heavy) and about 1 day or two after my period had stopped, a brown discharge was coming out it goes on for about a week normally (in fact it's happening now!) I came off my period about half a week ago, maybe a bit more and there is a brown discharge, so I'm wearing pantie liners to prevent it from staining my underwear.
Avatar f tn I had sex every month and then the following week after I got my period in April. On May 2nd I woke up with a dark brown discharge that smelled like blood. I've been having it on and off since then. One day it was a light pink shade of blood but it has mostly been dark brown. For the past two days it has been a lighter brown and barely any. I had period like cramps the first day but no other pain. I also break out when I get my period and this time I broke out as well.
Avatar f tn I bled for a couple of days after. Then i started to experience brown discharge. When i got my period it was a really dark brown. I went to the doctors, had a pap test done. I had a bacterial infection. I took antibotics. Before my next period, i experienced that brown discharge but it was lighter and sometimes a lot of it. My period when it came was a light brown and it rarely had spots of red. It was a very light period and didnt last long. I went back and took more antibiotics.
Avatar m tn It seems I started spotting brown discharge a little over a week after I ended my last period completely. As I draw nearer to my period date, the discharge seem to get heaver color-wise. It would be light brown discharge one day, then red-ish the next, then back to brown and so on, sometimes red. I'm due in about a day or 2 and just today it started to look more like period blood when I use the bathroom.
Avatar n tn I have a brown discharge a week after my period ended. It smells a little weird too. Is this normal or should I go to the doctor?
884898 tn?1240877111 like always but never one week later. and ok let me correct that. when i said one week i meant one week after i missed my period i was showing with our first baby.... ok so still if this is not pregnancy then why is my stomach bigger, i cant even suck it in. you think maybe i have sists in my uterus or something. i know that somethings not right i can feel it. what do you think?
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex on the 29th and I was ovulating but I never checked until after and my boyfriend was sure he didn't go in me but I insisted to get the pill it was the take action pill which is the same thing as the plan B pill but I took it on the 30th the day after which was on my peak of ovulation then exactly a week later I started to spot and it lasted for 8 days it first came in a pink discharge then light red then brown then the discharge started going on and off as in they'l
Avatar f tn But now after two days i am having on and off brown discharge. It is now increasing to almost continuous brown discharge. I did not check for pregnancy before this one but a lot of skin or whatever came out during the bleeding. Is it normal or did i just have a miscarriage?
Avatar m tn Your body may be preparing to start your period. The brown discharge is called old blood. The first couple of times you may have this discharge but you will eventually have the red blood. I would not worry unless it has an unusual smell, last for over a week or if you start having bad pains before discharge. If that happens go get it checked, until then just relax and see what will happen. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I did give someone oral sex about a month before that person and before that i was in a relationship about a year and we always had unprotected sex. Also i started getting a foul odor right after my period and its only right after my period. This has been happening about 6 months. Also about 2 years ago i had one depo shot and i bled for 6 months and it took another six months to get it regular with birth contol pill. I was told i had a tiny polyp at that point.
Avatar f tn t even finish but now a week before my period i am having brown discharge, no a lot tho. Also i have been stressed this week but im not spotting. i am very concerned. Can someone please help!
Avatar f tn i researched dark brown discharge for you and it seems everyone is worried there pregnant, im not sure what it is but i get it too for the first week after my period its normal, but if your more worried you should see your gp, and ask about the pain during sex, good luck
Avatar f tn On Sunday I started having a light brown & light pink discharge it only happen once that day, Monday I was having thick yellow discharge throughout the day, today it became brown again at one point it became really dark & I had a blood cloth kinda looking come out, it had blood, it was dark brown one part was even black! After that came out, there was no more blood or anything it's just light brown, But what can it be ?
Avatar f tn Hi all. I'm 17 years old and I've been on birth control for a little more than a year and a half. I've had brown discharge before but not the week before my period, but during my ovulation. I'm a little confused as to what this means because it's never happened to me before and if I should go see a doctor about it. As of right now, it seems that the discharge is slowing or stopping I can't figure out which one at this point in time.