Brown discharge how long does it last

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Avatar f tn This morning I noticed more brown. Does anyone have an idea of how long it lasts? I get scared every time I see discharge.
317019 tn?1327343013 It might last up to a week, depending on where it's coming from. I thought I was out of the clear too...but I've learned differently in the past few weeks. When do you see your doctor again? If it's not for a while, I'd call him tomorrow morning and ask them how long it might last AND to see if they know what's causing it yet.
Avatar f tn i had brownish blood with a bit of red this period.....i have to ask my obgyn about it but ive been having other issues too like sweats, chills etc..... take care id be curious to know how you make out.
Avatar n tn Discharge is normal and can vary in colour but if it becomes brown or red this might be the beginning of your next period
Avatar n tn I only had this with one of my pregnancies, but the bleeding was really light and brownish and only lasted 2-3 days.
Avatar f tn ill spot a little every now and then and have brown discharge this is the second time i have had it but its longer than usual? how long will this last? i cramp like im on my period and it doesnt come out like blood does its just there when i wipe. and if i was to wear a tampon it gets on it but how do i get it out? would doucheing make it any better or worse? what do i do? And also it stopped completely and me and my boyfriend finally had sex.
Avatar n tn How long did the spotting last? I first noticed a very light pink discharge late 10/04 or early 10/5. Then I had brown spotting on 10/6 and again today on 10/7. It is nothing that evenrequires a panty liner but it is evident when I wipe.This is my first cycle TTC and I have 3 older kids and never had implantation bleeding with them so I am trying to find all the information that I can about this. I am also trying to keep myself from tkaing a HPT.
Avatar f tn Could just be implantation bleeding it can be brown. It can happen around six weeks mine did but it was pink I went to e.r fast and that's all it was.
Avatar n tn Since I've had sex last its been two months and the first month i got my period it didn't last very long and this past time it was regular now I dont know what to expect for this time.
Avatar f tn I just had sex a couple days ago with my boyfriend and we had unprotected sex but he said he felt a little bit go in and i usually have an irregular period so i didnt get it last month and yesterday i started letting out a brown discharge. what does it mean? Am i pregnant? How ling should i wait to take a pregnancy test if i had sex 4 days ago? Im only 18 is an irregular period normal.?
Avatar m tn 7th, for a day or two, thought I was finally having my period, but then it stopped and brown discharge began, kind of as it does at the end of a period. This went on every day until last Sat, Aug 25th, when I bled again as if I were having my period. The bleeding went on for a full week. Things seemed to clear up again Sat Sep 1st, thought my system had worked things out, but then yesterday, Sep 3rd, the brown discharge began again, and as of today is continuing.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone else experiences a discoloration in their discharge after their period and how long does it last? After my period I will get a brown to orange color discharge for about 4-5 days. Does anyone else?
Avatar f tn what cd you on? how long is your cycle and when did u ovulate? cd you had sex? brown discharge can be anything..
Avatar f tn i am possible 4 weeks preg and i just started spotting brown discharge, now from all the research i noticed everyone said its fine, but my question is how long does it last before i should get concerned?
Avatar f tn My question is, my last period was the 18th of September so not long ago, I started having brown discharge on Tuesday and today is my 4th straight day having it with little cramping, my period is never normal it's always different every month but I have never had brown discharge for 4 days straight and I have no other symptoms.. It is a lot harder to get pregnant than people think, I always say I am using protection so really there is no way but always a chance.
Avatar f tn have not once has this random spotting/brown discharge. We haven't been 100% safe either in the last couple of months. I am wondering if this is normal, if I could be pregnant, or what else it could be!! If anybody has any ideas or advice please let me know!
Avatar n tn I also think that, even if it is, as long as it is not a lot and is a darker brown it is not as much of a concern. But, check with your doctor if it does happen again.
Avatar f tn This is nothing to worry about and it's very common (a lot of my friends have it too and so do I - I'm 17 too) but to prevent leaking I would wear pads until the bleeding has fully stopped. It depends for everyone how long their periods last and its always hard to know when it stops, so wearing pads until you're sure that it has ended is probably the only way. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have'nt had sex in a few months and I haven't had my period yet in about 2 months I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant but I had brown discharge on my underwear for a couple of days. This has happened to me before but it always goes away. What does this "BROWN DISCHARGE" mean? It's like brown *** and it doesn't smell either. I have no medical insurance or anything like that, but I want to go see a doctor what can I do about that?
8367118 tn?1442609020 As i wiped, I believe I saw very little kinda dark brown with light (my period is due by the 20s) so I put a pad on to later find,out that I only had light brown discharge. Im hoping,it can,signify the possibility of being pregnant. Usually when i spot , its dark brown and I get my period that same day in an hour or less . And no its not an infection. Im,not itchy and it does not contain an odor.
306389 tn?1213491296 Now I found out that I am pregnant again, and today I should be 7wks 3days, yesterday I started to have a brown discharge when i wipe, I had some discomfort, but nothing that would even compare to a period cramp or worse, more like a sensative belly.. I told the doctor I wanted to stay in bed instead of running to get yet another ultrasound, I have one already scheduled for Monday, so I would wait and just stay in bed.
Avatar n tn Just recently within the last two months i've been having brown to black discharge and I call it discharge because it's way more discusting that blood. I first started going to the doctor because of abdominal pain and it hurts high up in my ovaries when I have sex. I make sure to protect myself and I'm on the pill. I stopped drinking and eating anything with caffeine (including chocolate). They've given me lortab and the pain is consistent.
Avatar f tn I took two 500mg tablets this morning for chlamidya. How long will it take for it to start working and I am completely cured? Also, I tested positive for chlamidya back in June and I took a azithromycin 250mg packet for it. Is it possible that I was never fully treated?
293909 tn?1205450221 No not usually.Implantation bleeding is a tiny bit of spotting at the time that the embryo implants into the uterus. It usually occurs approximately 7 days after conception, which is typically about 7 days before you expect to get your next period.have you taken a test.
Avatar m tn I just started Micrgestin FE 1/20 ( I take every day at same time)with my regular Period on April 9, My period normally is 5/6 days and went 7/8 and Ive had brown discharge ever since and am not sure how long this is going to last. This is uncomfortable even though it is very light and sometimes only when I wipe. I have not been sexually active, so there is not a possibility that I could be pregnant nor have any STD's. I understand my body is going to hormonal changes.
Avatar m tn I had my first attack with a kidney stone. It came on suddenly and was so painful I thought I was going to die. Went to the hospital ER and was taken in immediately. I did not receive any pain medication until the blood tests were evaluated. The pain meds only took the edge off the pain but it was a welcomed relief. My pain was a 10+ and pain management brought it down to a 3 to 4 but what a relief it was. After approximately 3 hours in the ER the pain stopped.