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Avatar f tn I had sex, without a condom, the 25th, but he pulled out before he **** and ever since then I have had slight brown discharge mixed in with slight bleeding and my period is suppose to start in two days and I'm worried I might be pregnant. I've read that in some cases it's just a normal body activity but then I've also read its an early pregnancy sign. Which is it?
Avatar f tn my period ended on the 16/ June 2 days later 18/ June i started having a brown discharge this lasted for one week and now i have a light bleeding, this has never happened to me before. there is very slight cramping but i can hardly feel it.could this be pregnancy? i don't want to wear a tampon just in case it is. can you help me?
1631711 tn?1321947999 Mine did then later turned out to a period.. So it was a early period symptom. You should tell me what was your blood results..
Avatar f tn Well, Could you possibly have been pregnant and having a chemical (which means super early) miscarriage?? Brown discharge is usually old blood. The chunks are odd too. Can you go to your doctor about this dear? That might be the best thing at this point. Especially if this continues. Does it itch at all?
Avatar f tn I am 38 and since I had my last child at the age of 35 I too have been having brown discharge after my period ends. My period normally last 4 days with a little brown discharge and then ends now my period last 4 to 6 days followed by 2 to 3 days of brown then add 3 more red days followed by 2 to 4 more days of brown.
Avatar f tn how to calculate the day 1 of menstural cycle if the brown discharge was present for 3 days just before period? the day when brown discharge started or the day of red bleeding?
Avatar f tn HI, im not going on my period for another week but im having a dark brown discharge.should i be worried?
1680047 tn?1468915429 I am having some brown discharge. This last time i had brown discharge was when i had a chemical pregnancy. I wonder what is going on?
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to find excessive amounts of dark brown discharge. I decided to wear a tampon and when i took it out it was as "filled" as if i had my period. I am on the pill and it has been two weeks since my last period, 1.5 weeks till my next period. I'm not really sure what exactly this means or if there is something wrong. I have not done anything sexually - ever so it cannot be an STD. Is it just spotting?
Avatar f tn i was sexually active on the 14th with my bf, unprotected (I kno not safe), but my period isnt due again until March 2. On tuesday night (21) i noticed this brown discharge and yesterday it was heavy, and today it is moderate. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. what is wrong?
Avatar f tn See brown discharge can be a sign of the start of your period ,sometimes you may get a different period ,even i have experienced this when i was TTC. but it can be pregnancy also,many women experience some discharge in early pregnancy.I dont know whether you are trying to conceive or not but i would say wait for a day or two then take pregnancy test with first morning urine.
Avatar f tn I had sex every month and then the following week after I got my period in April. On May 2nd I woke up with a dark brown discharge that smelled like blood. I've been having it on and off since then. One day it was a light pink shade of blood but it has mostly been dark brown. For the past two days it has been a lighter brown and barely any. I had period like cramps the first day but no other pain. I also break out when I get my period and this time I broke out as well.
Avatar m tn so i think ok im a lil late it about to start now i go to put on the tampon nothing but then for the last 3 to 4 days when i wipe i get a brown discharge with like pieces of blood clotts in it ...someone help me what's going on.
Avatar f tn It could possibly be your period. The brown discharge could be old blood, your period could have came early since it was around the time that you were due for your cycle. If you are worried about it, try going to the doctor. I doubt you should worry about pregnancy and "spotting" since a lot of the time, spotting doesn't last that long. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I'm 20 years old and very curious about some brown discharge i've been experiencing for the past 3 days. My boyfriend and i had been trying for almost a year to get pregnant and ended up conveiving and miscarrying June/August of 2008, i had brown discharge through my whole almost 2 months of pregnancy. We have not been using any protection since then and i'm having the same discharge. My last period was January 29th, but my period is always 2 days later than the previous month.
1412062 tn?1297329746 it sounds like ur period went off did u take a preg. test .The brown discharge is old blood from your previous period .it mght of went off early did you have sex rite after your period or before.
Avatar f tn today is the 6 and for the past 3 days ive been having a slight brown discharge that comes and goes but only when i wipe. its so weird i never experienced it before i am expected to get my period around the 10th or 11th of september do you think it could be a early sign of pregnancy? i have been having a change in appetite and i feel tired more often and also a little nauseated.
Avatar f tn With my first preg, I didnt know i was preg until a missed period, and had all my symptoms following the missed period. My discharge has no odour, or colour other than blood. I spoke to a nurse who said if I had an infection it would be a diff colour n have odour n told me to go to a doc, until i do, is there anyone that can shed some light on this issue? I doubt im pregnant, n highly doubt I would feel symptoms this early.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies , finally my 4th ivf is positive and now am 6 weeks and 1 days pregnant of a twins.
Avatar n tn Hi...I'm 5 weeks pregnant and today I had some brown discharge when I wiped. It wasn't a whole lot, but it was very noticable. Also what looked like a little blood clot. It was also brown. I know that it means old blood...but it's making me feel uneasy. Also I've had some light cramping, like period cramps in my lower left side. Should I be worried???
Avatar n tn a little over 2 weeks later i got a brownish discharge but just thought it was my period coming early...that went on for 3 days. now im having brown discharge again. i took a home preg test about a week after the first time i got the discharge and it came back neg. my last period started on dec 16th. during jan i showed some signs of being preg....weird food cravings, headaches, stomach aches (but no throwing up), being tired, and mood swings (this was going on during jan whith the discharge).
Avatar n tn I'm not saying brown discharge is an indicator of pregnancy, but if someone told me that the first month they were pregnant they did not get a period but brown discharge came when their period was due, it would not be the most surprising thing to hear.
Avatar f tn For about a week and four days now I have had what feels like a regular period except for that it is brown and came two weeks early. My usual period lasts about 5-7 days but this has been 11 days. The last time I had sex was June 9th, and it was with a condom. Along with this brown discharge, now it hurts to wipe after peeing. But I think this is from wiping too hard. From searching for a answer on google, its said these symptoms are either "old blood" or a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Hello, Such a discharge from the vagina could be due to normal shedding of uterine lining (old menstrual blood) or an oncoming early period. But you should check up with a gynaecologist to rule out any vaginal infection or abnormality. The normal vaginal discharge is not foul smell and usually clear or milky. There are certain things that may cause change in appearance of vaginal discharge are like menstrual cycle, ovulation, emotional stress, use of pills or diet.
Avatar m tn I am into my 3rd week of the pill. I began having brown discharge, my period is supposed to be next week. Is this normal or could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I am 16 years old and I'm not suppose to get my period for another week or two. But all of a sudden the other day I found brown discharge in my underwear. What exactly could it be from? It cant be from my period because I haven't gotten it yet.