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Avatar n tn so do u think its normal to have brown discharge about 10 days before period for only 1-2 days? and i dont have my period yet dont know whats wrong cant ask anyone please anyone help....
Avatar f tn i had a little for the first time before my last period and then now i havent had my period for a week and a half and i got the the same thing but more now im on the generic version of yaz and it says there could be spotting is that blood with regular discharge or and infection? should i be worried?
Avatar f tn I just started Yaz 8 days ago at the start of my period. I was supposed to finish my period 2 days ago or so I thought. I have been spotting brown discharge for two days. Had unprotected sex today, am I covered?
Avatar f tn five days after the end of my period until the beginning of my next period. That worried me. But it went away after my most recent period ended, so I thought I was fine. But today I noticed it was starting up again. My period ended a week ago. What is going on? If it means anything, I had protected sex with my boyfriend last weekend and the weekend before it happened last time, if that means anything. I also have poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Any help??
Avatar f tn Could this be implantation or regular spotting while on Yaz? I have also been having diarrhea since the day before i had brown discharge. Could this be the cause of the spotting?
Avatar n tn did you wake up and see brown discharge and its not even close to your period? any brown discharge is normal. its normal before your period and after your period. sometimes 2-3 days of it.
Avatar f tn I figured this was just old blood and it would only last a few days but Ive been having this brown discharge for 2 weeks. Im not sure if it's maybe from my birth control. I have been taking yaz for almost 2 months and I haven't really had any side affects before. Since Ive been having this discharge for 2 weeks, Im getting kinda worried. Does anybody know why this is happening?
Avatar n tn cuz when i get my period it is like harder in there and like more tightish and it feels that way..when i took my finger out there was brown discharge..and u know what..i thought that was my i was like WHEW..cuz i had unprotected sex around ovulation..but then today i wake up and there is still no brown when i wipe and its only brown when i take it with my blood...?? whats gopin non..
Avatar f tn I have NEVER missed a pill. I have had unprotected sex, but likr before, he always pulled out. Anyway, my period was due yesterday, but never came. Ive gotten some brown stringy discharge and clotting, but no bright red blood and its definately not a period. Does it sound like I could possibly be pregnant, or is it my body getting used to being off the shot and now on another method of contraception? Please help!
Avatar n tn To: ladies I am 31 yrs old. I' ve been having brown discharge for over two years now, have visit 4 different doctors, have had all kinds of medical tests and thank god everything is negative and they say I am completely healthy.The last doctor I went said the same thing the other dr.'s said that i have hormonal imbalance and he put me on Yaz,this is my first month on the pill and still had the spotting for 23 days including days before,during and after my period.
Avatar n tn Well, I never really had a problem with acne, besides maybe a blemish or two right before the start of my period... but when I started taking Yaz, I broke out. I also spotted the whole time I was on it. I wish you luck... everyone is so different.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test 2 days before missed period test picks up 5 days before test came up neg. but I do have the flu with high fever wat could be going on?? HELP plz!!!
Avatar m tn I've always taken it for a few months, then stopped. I started YAZ about 6 months ago and only lasted about 2 months on it before quitting (my face broke out, i hated the way it made me feel,etc). At my most recent Gynecology visit about 3 months ago, I told my gynecologist that I had quit taking the YAZ. She was upset and said expressed how important it is for me to have a period each month. She prescribed to another birth control to try out to see if I respond to better.
Avatar f tn Could this be implantation or regular spotting while on Yaz? I have also been having diarrhea since the day before i had brown discharge. Could this be the cause of the spotting?
Avatar f tn Could this be implantation or regular spotting while on Yaz? I have also been having diarrhea since the day before i had brown discharge. Could this be the cause of the spotting?
Avatar f tn Hello! So I started taking YAZ on the 2nd day of my period (because it started at like a really odd hour of the evening and I wanted to take my pill in the afternoon). My period didn't end for 20 days and started to get really brown/black by the end of it. I also went through some INSANE mood swings so bad that I couldn't even focus on work and study. I went to another doctor for a 2nd opinion - my doctor said it would go away eventually - and switched onto YASMIN.
Avatar n tn As far as I know it should be 10mm for you to menstruate, I have cramps and discharge not brown white but no period. Should I give it a few more days or just begin my active pill as my professor advised me today via telephone? I am so unsure I have also used 5 cycles of clomid and nothin and the strange thing is I had no problem falling pregnant with with my other two sons :-( Please give me some advise!!!!
Avatar n tn on those 23rd I assumed I was getting my period because I start out with a brown discharge. But the that discharge is still here. When I wipe after going to bathroom sometimes the discharge is light on toilet tissue and sometimes I will get very light blood. I still have this discharge and I know if it was to be my period it should be over by now. Could I be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test last Monday and it came back negative but I don't have no signs of being pregnant either.
Avatar f tn This is my 3rd month of taking Provera and in the previous months I started my period on days 8 and days 11 while taking the provera. I take 1 pill for 10days. I noticed brown discharge like I'm about to start yesterday but that has currently stopped. I am having lower back pain, cramping and a mild headache. I'm even fatigued like I should be on my cycle. I have taken a total of 5 home preg test and all were negative. I have an appointment with my OBGYN scheduled, in two weeks.
Avatar f tn I've been having this recurring brown discharge for about a month now. It smells a little strange and sometimes it is more of a white and creamy sticky substance. I tried treating it with one of those Monostat 1 treatments and then I had my period and everything seemed to go away, but it has come back within the last few days. It usually is only visible when I wipe after going to the bathroom, and it's not always present, just a few times a day.
Avatar n tn So I'm 29 and have been trying to get prego for the last 3 months, but this month I experienced a little bit of brown discharge a week before my period was due (which has never happened to me before) I did some reading and found that that could be what they call implantation spotting, when the fertilized egg burrows itself in the uterine lining.
Avatar n tn When I began Yaz my period lasted a month before I went to the doctor. They gave me some extra estragen pills to take with the Yaz. However my period persisted onto 2 months before the doctor took me off of the yaz and estragen. My periods returned to normal but I was never given an answer as to why me period lasted that long.I just recently had to go to the hospital for back pain. I found out the pain was due to a urinary tract infection that turned into a kidney infection.
Avatar n tn I also for the last two months have gotten a cold 1 day before my period. i am 40 and this has never happened before now. i also thought that it could be the swine flu, but I see that Im not the only one with this problem. everything else is normal, but now I feel crappy with stuffy nose, sore throat and I feel very run down and achy. God, I hope this is not going to be a normal occurance!
Avatar n tn i dont know why the dark brown blood. i get that myself sometimes before my period comes but mostly after/when its ending. i like when i see it because it means my monthly "friend" is leaving! sometimes its brown for a few days until it goes back to the normal whitish/clear discharge. from what i gather the brown blood is old blood and that part is normal. however, you seem to have that dark brown as your period so i am really not sure.
Avatar n tn I had implantation spotting with this pregnancy. It was one week before my period was due. It was brown and only happened on one occasion when I wiped. Hope this is a good sign for you. Let us know what happens.