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Avatar n tn Ever since then, I have been getting this brown discharge before my period and this started about 3 months ago. What does this mean. Please help me because I am realy scared. My period is due in a couple of days and now I am having this discharge but no blood spotting. PLease someone help me..Thanks.
Avatar f tn Which, to be honest, if I get pregnant, it wouldn't be the end of the world (I'm married, but we're not TRYING for a baby right now). My confusion is, about 2 weeks before my period I got a light brown/pinkish discharge that lasted up until 2 days ago. There was 2 days of nothing, then I started what seems like my period. It's a little early, but that's probably because I'm not as strict on my birth control time as I should be.
Avatar n tn I experience the same thing - 3-5 days before my period I get a brown discharge. That is how i know I have not gotten pregnant. We have been trying since Feb and nothing yet. Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not. It seem like others are experiencing the discharge too.
Avatar f tn Today I noticed a thick brown discharge, not a lot at all, and I'm not due for my period for twelve more days. I've had the discharge before - 1-2 days AFTER my period but never before. Everything I'm reading is pointing to early stages of pregnancy- implantation bleeding, but it's saying that happens 6-10 days before a period. I haven't had any pain or weird symptoms. I was sick about 2 days ago, but so was my boyfriend, and I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning to be honest.
Avatar f tn I went off the pill in July and had my last pill period then 5 weeks later on Aug 18th had a regular period. Before the pill my cycles were closer to 30 days but that one time it was 35 days which did not concern me because I know the pill can do that. So i figured I wouldn't call anything a "missed period" until at least 5 weeks pass. I was expecting my period on Sept 22 (5 weeks later) and it hasn't come. It is now Sept 28th and I had some brown discharge...very light...
Avatar f tn Then I finally got my period and it lasted for 8 days (not normal for me either) but its been four days since I've stopped my period but these four days I've had this weird discharge. It varies in color from brown to darker brown but it also has these small chunks of fleshyness. This has never happened before and I thought it would've stopped but these chunks have gotten bigger since the four days prior and each time I use the restroom this discharge comes out in big amounts. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I'm in the same vote at the moment was just wondering what yours turned out to be? It's about a week before my period and a week ago I had a brown lite discharge for 5 days it's finished now but I'm still concerned. Iv been on the same pill for 4 years and never bad anything like this I'm not stressed or have any change to my diet, it's probably nothing but just a bit concerned any help would be great.
Avatar f tn But now after two days i am having on and off brown discharge. It is now increasing to almost continuous brown discharge. I did not check for pregnancy before this one but a lot of skin or whatever came out during the bleeding. Is it normal or did i just have a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I had sex with my boyfriend almost 2 weeks ago. It was protected, condom didn't break or anything. This may be a little odd but he came onto my back, I cleaned it off but as I got up I remember some going down lower. I remember cleaning it off, & I'm sure none got into the vaginal area. But I'm so scared it did. Im supposed to be gettin my period during this week & today I got brown discharge, & some blood.
Avatar f tn it is normal for a lot of women to experience brown blood/discharge before a period.
1680047 tn?1468915429 I am having some brown discharge. This last time i had brown discharge was when i had a chemical pregnancy. I wonder what is going on?
Avatar n tn Is it around the time of your period? I usually spot brown a couple of days before I get mine.
Avatar f tn Haha calm down.every girl has trhe same question. it's funny because you always feel awkward asking someone.but I used to get the after my period.take a p.
Avatar f tn what does it mean when you have that brown discharge that comes before your period but your period doesn't come down?
Avatar f tn Am having a dark brown discharge as i usually have before my periods but within a day i start woth my normal bleeding but this it has not happened...