Brown discharge before period or implantation bleeding

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Avatar n tn Could this be my period or implantation bleeding? It was very light discharge all day today and only bled for a few hours tonight. I am confused as to whether this is my actual period or not. Also, i have been working a lot more this month and i hardly have time to eat. Could this affect my period and the flow?
Avatar n tn My question is how can I make a distinction between implantation bleeding and menstruation? Everything I read says implantation bleeding will occur before your regular period is set to start but that would only be true among women who ovulate mid-cycle, like day 12-14. Again, I didn't ovulate until day 23. I appreciate ANY help!! Thanks to all.
2118117 tn?1365025706 Implantation bleeding is normally a brown or light pink discharge when you wipe, which doesn't sound like what you had. Since you've JUST literally came off birth control, it's possible that it's just your cycle trying to start. It can take a good few months to regulate into a normal cycle after getting that sort of thing removed. I'd wait a week, and if your period doesn't show in that time like your doctor predicated, then take a pregnancy test.
1631711 tn?1321947999 I am havin the same thing!
Avatar f tn It could be either way, implantation bleeding or your period. You won't know unless you take the test.
Avatar n tn my boyfriend and i had sex on oct 18, my ovulation was the 19,20,21,22, we also had sex the 23, and 3 times on the 26, the whole week after that we also had sex, but for the last day now oove been having light cramping and at first it was brownish colour blood but now its red, my period isnt until the 6 or the 7, and i just dont know if it implantation bleeding, or if it is my period, i have never had brown blood in the begining, allways in the end of my period, and my cramps are usually crip
1138188 tn?1312344843 So I am about 9 weeks pregnant with my second child, just had my first prenatal checkup and my doctor said that my uterus is larger then it should be for only being this far along. My last period was on november 2, 2009, and it lasted for the normal 5 days with a bit of light spotting for 2 days after. My question is could my last "period" have been implantation bleeding or my actual period?
Avatar f tn I am confused now whether it is implantation bleeding or what it is? Am i pregnant or not? Or when can i do my preg test. I did the test on 4/28 which turned out negative. Please help me, i am really worried.
Avatar f tn Today I noticed a thick brown discharge, not a lot at all, and I'm not due for my period for twelve more days. I've had the discharge before - 1-2 days AFTER my period but never before. Everything I'm reading is pointing to early stages of pregnancy- implantation bleeding, but it's saying that happens 6-10 days before a period. I haven't had any pain or weird symptoms. I was sick about 2 days ago, but so was my boyfriend, and I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning to be honest.
Avatar n tn I got belly ache after that. I got it 2 weeks before my period which I'm sure before I got Implantation bleeding my periods were irregular but the thing is I received my period 2 weeks later which was strange I guess I'm not pregnant cause If I am I would be a few Months pregnant and not know.
Avatar n tn I've had all the symptoms like sore boobs, sleepy and cramps but today I've had the worst cramps and I wiped brown discharge (no blood) is this implantation bleeding get or am I coming on my period? Has anyone experienced this or has implantation bleeding as I've never had this before.
Avatar n tn is it possible to have sex, then have a period, and then several days later have implantation bleeding? I have never had this happen before and I am 32......
Avatar m tn I have never had implantation bleeding, but from what you are describing it could be what you are experiencing. What color is the discharge?? I hear implantation bleeding is brown. Good luck!! SSBD!
Avatar f tn Here I go I started what I thought was my period Brown discharge 1st day 2nd red light mixed with mucous 3rd only when I wipe 4th just a bit of mucous, feeling very bloated constipated feeling a bit sicky but not been sick a little back ache and a couple of small headaches ??? My periods are normally heavy and long.
Avatar f tn Hi, Is it red or a brown discharge? does it seem like an AF or only spotting? If it is only spotting and you are actively trying to conceive get an appointment with your doctor.... Wish you good luck !
Avatar f tn discharge. the rest is cleaning out what your blood left behind.
Avatar f tn the bleeding was kind of heavy. but i'm not due for my period for 4-5 more days. could this be implantation bleeding? i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms other than mild nausea and fatigue. i also took a pregnancy test the night before i got the bleeding/cramps and it was negative. is there a chance i could still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm in the same vote at the moment was just wondering what yours turned out to be? It's about a week before my period and a week ago I had a brown lite discharge for 5 days it's finished now but I'm still concerned. Iv been on the same pill for 4 years and never bad anything like this I'm not stressed or have any change to my diet, it's probably nothing but just a bit concerned any help would be great.
Avatar n tn It is not a lot, but I still have it today.I have no cramps or pain. Could this be implantation bleeding? If so, how long after intercourse do you normally get imlantation bleeding(if you get it)?