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Avatar f tn I have a normal period every month, when i have sex i always use a condom, but after my period theres thisdark brown discharge. It usually last about 5 days and then it just goes away but than comes right back after my next period. its been happening for the last three months and i dont know how to fix it. Im only 18 and this is kinda freaking me out. Any idea?
Avatar n tn i usually have a brown discharge after my period is over but its been 6-7 days that my period has ended and then suddenly i had some brown discharge. Is this "left over "from my period or what?
Avatar n tn Ever since than i have been having brown discharge before my period. Somtimes it it very lite and sometimes it can be very dark. When i do have my period it only lasts for a couple days. And after that i am normal until about five days before my period. Is there somthing wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I have a brown discharge a week after my period ended. It smells a little weird too. Is this normal or should I go to the doctor?
Avatar n tn i took a home preg test about a week after the first time i got the discharge and it came back neg. my last period started on dec 16th. during jan i showed some signs of being preg....weird food cravings, headaches, stomach aches (but no throwing up), being tired, and mood swings (this was going on during jan whith the discharge). the discharge does not have a smell to it and it doesnt burn/itch. anyone know what is going on?? please help!!
Avatar f tn It has been about 3weeks after my last menstrual cycle and right after my last period i began experiencing it.
Avatar f tn I've searched online and cannot figure out what it could be, because any information on brown discharge never says anything about a bad smell. I can't really explain the smell but i'm pretty sure it's not normal. I don't feel comfortable talking to my mom or sister or anyone about it, so maybe some of you have some answers for me. I would appreciate it so much. I've never had any problems so this really scares me. Should i be worried?
Avatar f tn I had sex every month and then the following week after I got my period in April. On May 2nd I woke up with a dark brown discharge that smelled like blood. I've been having it on and off since then. One day it was a light pink shade of blood but it has mostly been dark brown. For the past two days it has been a lighter brown and barely any. I had period like cramps the first day but no other pain. I also break out when I get my period and this time I broke out as well.
Avatar n tn this morning i had a slightly liquid brown discharge. it does not smell. my question is, a. is it normal to have this discharge after sex? b. do i have a high chance getting pregnant?
Avatar n tn ok i have brownish discharge.....its like a light brown color.....doesnt smell at all it's just brown....why...what is it??? and what should i do??
1516260 tn?1290625701 I skipped 4 days of my birth control pill because it gave me a bad smell down there and someone told me that my body hasnt cleaned out the blood properly after my period... I took one yesterday... today my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he didnt come in me.. After that, i went to the bathroom and there was a brown liquid coming from my vagina... Im trying to find out what it is and why i've got it... please help.
Avatar n tn I'm not exactly sure if this is the right forum to post this in but it's as close as I can get I'm a 17 year old female My last period was from June 22 to June 28 year 2008 From July 11th 2008 I've been getting a brown discharge The first day I noticed the discharge (July 11th 2008) it smelled really bad and was kind of crusty, after the first day it didn't smell and was kind of mucousy Today is July 16th 2008 and I still have the discharge I am a virgin I feel fine and am not experiencing any
Avatar n tn i am 38yrs old. i have noticed a brown discharge after 5-6 days after my period ends. it does''nt smell, is kind of slimy in nature and i have a wet feeling. it continues for 5-6 days. also at times i have a thck white discharge with it. i'm not on any pills .
Avatar n tn I have had brown discharge for the past two days and I finished my period four days ago. I really don't know if it is normal or what it means. I tried looking it up online but I am getting confused. It talks about maybe I am pregnant, but I don't think so. My highest ovulation is around the 26th to 27th of each month. My husband and I had intercourse just last night and That was the first time in about two weeks.
Avatar f tn I also have very thick brown discharge it don't smell either but I went to the doctors today and she did a swab to see for any stds or infection (still waititng for results for ghonariah and chlamydia to come back) but all were negative and she said my cervix is thin and healthy but had blood on the swab and no bleeding now just that very irritating brown gross discharge and my last period was dec 8th and for only a few days and haven't had one since....
Avatar m tn The past four or five days there has been this brown discharge on my panties. It doesn't smell bad, and it doesn't hurt, but today, I noticed it hurt a little to go to the bathroom, and when I wiped there was just a tiny bit of blood along with brown discharge. I've never had sex, but I've done other stuff. My next period isn't supposed to start for another week and a half. I'm really scared that I have an infection or some other disease.
Avatar f tn After 2 weeks of my period I observed a brown discharge with smell and itching
Avatar f tn I am a 13 year old girl and for the past few months, about 1-3 weeks after my period I get brown discharge with a very distinct smell. I think I need to clean my self better "down there" but wasn't sure if this was any sign of infection. I do have very high stress levels and lowish blood pressure. I have been worrying a little about this and wanted some advice before contacting my health care provider. Please help, thanks!
Avatar n tn Two days later I did have my period but it was unusually heavy and very crampy. After my period ran its course, I have since been having brown discharge which at times can become somewhat heavy or very light and has only a faint smell. Now I am on my period for this month but once again it is unusually heavy but not crampy. I usually have pretty light periods so this has been a concern for me and I have never had brown discharge almost every day between both of my periods.
Avatar m tn I have taken HCG10000 units shot last month. on starting of my period, brown blood with white discharge come out and after 3 hours blood starts coming out and my period lasts for 3 days only. on the 8th day of my period, i am feeling like vomiting and head is circulating. Is it a serious problem or I am pregnent?
15867558 tn?1443581118 Lately, though, every single month, some before and some a few days after, I get a weird diarrhea looking discharge. It has a weird smell, but doesn't smell like feces. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it is quite a lot of the discharge. Almost like another period. I even have cramps some of the times. It usually lasts for a day or two and then comes back a week or two later. Do I need to go to the doctor?
Avatar n tn i always got that right b4 my period started
Avatar m tn Now this following month i started my period for about a week and after it was over i started to have brown discharge no its not poop and im sure of it also my vagina does not feel itchy or hurt or anything and it does not have a bad smell to it also when i lost it i did not use a condom i know i should of im aware dont bash me. So i was wondering if this is normal?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have smelly brown discharge every after period? Like i had this 2 months already. Every time my period ends, i'll have this smelly brown discharge after a week or two. Is it normal? Coz it's bothering me! I'm 17 only and this is seriously stressing me out!
Avatar f tn I was supposed to get my period, which hasn't come even after I took a morning after pill. Twice before I took the morning after pill I had two random globs of blood and once a membrane like brown type of discharge. This is not something that is normal for me whatsoever. Like I said my period was supposed to be here by now but instead, I have a very thin, yellow with a tint of brown discharge that smells like period or like a fishy odor. I cannot smell the odor unless I purposely try to...
Avatar m tn okay im 17 and havent had sex for 5 months and my boyfriend thought it wld be a great idea to have sex while on my period so we did and after we did i started getting this smell in my vaginia everytime he went in. and its a brown color and it smells really bad and its been a week and i put a tampon in and pulled it out and theres blood with the brown stuff and it smells really really bad. i dont know what it is? is it serious.
Avatar f tn I've been having a brown watery discharge and a foul smell for a while but thought it was just my period after having my implanon removed. Then last night I removed my tampon before bed and realised there was another string.. I removed a second tampon that looked grey and wrinkly and I have no idea how long it has been in there. I have no symptoms of TSS, just a brown watery discharge like you get at the end of your period. Do I need to anything more or will this discharge just stop?