Brown discharge after period for weeks

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Avatar f tn Then my period was early by one week. Now 2 weeks after that period I have brown discharge that looks like old blood. I have had this for 5 days. Some days light some days stronger, like a period is about to come. There is no pain or any strange odor. I also have to mention that I started to eat a gluten free diet 1 and a half months ago. I do not know if this has anything to do with it. I started to eat like that because pasta and cake made my colon on the right side swollen and sore.
Avatar f tn My period lasted an abnormally long time (close to 3 weeks) which is normal for the birth control that I am using. However, my issue is with the brown discharge that comes after my period. It usually lasts 1-2 days but mine has lasted for almost 2 weeks now. Not only that its much different then my usual discharge. Sometime its normal but sometimes is abormally thick and almost looks like it could be poop.
Avatar f tn I figured this was just old blood and it would only last a few days but Ive been having this brown discharge for 2 weeks. Im not sure if it's maybe from my birth control. I have been taking yaz for almost 2 months and I haven't really had any side affects before. Since Ive been having this discharge for 2 weeks, Im getting kinda worried. Does anybody know why this is happening?
Avatar f tn I have a normal period every month, when i have sex i always use a condom, but after my period theres thisdark brown discharge. It usually last about 5 days and then it just goes away but than comes right back after my next period. its been happening for the last three months and i dont know how to fix it. Im only 18 and this is kinda freaking me out. Any idea?
Avatar n tn I'm so glad I found this site and that there are lots of other women who have brown discharge after a period. For 20 odd years I was irregular up to 6 months at a time. I would bleed like a stuck pig for 7 days and stop. Then when I hit 40 I started having periods so regular you could set the calendar by them. Now I am heavy the first three days and light for 4 and then brown infreq drainage up to a week after. And then tonight I saw pink gel like the mucus plug, so I quess this is menopause?
Avatar m tn for the past 3 weeks now ive been having brown discharge. it hasnt let up. i was supposed to have my period sometime last week (it has varied around the 2nd-4th the past few months and before that i usually got it on the 18th). me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex earlier this month but ive shown no other pregnancy symptoms at all. i also have been under a lot of stress do you think that could have something to do with it??
Avatar f tn On the 19th July I had brown/black discharge for 4 days. Does this sound like my period? Two weeks after this I had brown discharge could this be ovulation.
Avatar f tn Hi, Brown discharge is usually the result of old blood. An irregular period or delayed (late) period can often shed older tissue that will begin with a darker burgundy or brown appearance because of the older cells being expelled during the start of your period. Bleeding during or after masturbation shouldn't be considered normal; you either need to use a water based lubricant, or be more gentle during masturbation.
1680047 tn?1468915429 I am having some brown discharge. This last time i had brown discharge was when i had a chemical pregnancy. I wonder what is going on?
Avatar f tn April I had my period had sex with my husband and we used a condom and in May I had my period again and I was drinking and had huge blood clots my period last 7-9 days after wards I e had brown discharge for about two weeks no cramps no nausea no pregnancy symptoms should I be worry or is it just old blood ??
Avatar n tn i had un protected sex but i was on my period and he pulled out in time but the brown discharge has been going on for four days now?!what does this mea?
Avatar n tn me and my bf fooled around a little, i know stupid, no penetration or anything like that. but i think two days after i started my period or i thought i did it was brown discharge and a little bit of blood and it lasted only for 2 1/2 days. i just wanted to know if thats normal i should start my period my the end of the week my period usually last about 2 weeks only because i get brown discharge after my period.
Avatar f tn That's very common and nothing to worry about unless it continues for weeks or gets MUCH heavier. That brown discharge is just blood that did not get expelled during your last period. When blood gets "old" it turns brown. As your uterus is now preparing for your next period, the old blood is finally being shed. It happens to ALL of us, trust me. We either take to wearing mini pads for a few days after our periods or buying LOTS of new panties! LOL Please don't worry about it.
Avatar f tn I bled for about 10 days then everything seemed to clear up and get back to normal. But for the last 3 weeks I keep having some brown discharge, only a little bit. It seems to last about 1 to 2 days but keeps happening every 3 to 4 days. I haven't had a period since the miscarriage but my periods were very irregular before I got pregnant. Is this brown discharge normal?
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend decided to have sex while i was on my period. my period ended and i got brown discharge which was normal for me to get for a couple of days at the most but since me and my boyfriend had sex while i was on my period i've been getting brown discharge everyday and its been about 3 weeks since. i also started taking birthcontrol for about 2 months but its not my first time being on the pill. does anyone think they know what could be causing my brown (odor less) discharge?
Avatar f tn My period finish on the 14th of april and seven days after I had sex and now that am suppose to see my period brown substance is coming out and my period is 10days late I did pregnancy test it was negative.what is wrong with me? Am I pregnant or what?
Avatar f tn I was on my period for a week and one day. It's been 2 weeks since my period ended but I'm having the brown discharge again along with low abdominal pains , idk if it's because of the birth control or something else, any help ?
Avatar f tn For about a week and four days now I have had what feels like a regular period except for that it is brown and came two weeks early. My usual period lasts about 5-7 days but this has been 11 days. The last time I had sex was June 9th, and it was with a condom. Along with this brown discharge, now it hurts to wipe after peeing. But I think this is from wiping too hard. From searching for a answer on google, its said these symptoms are either "old blood" or a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn im 17 and im on the birthcontrol implant called implanon it said to wait 7 days before having sex and i waited almost three weeks because once the first seven days went by i had my period two weeks. after that i didn thave my period for about 2 to 3 months. ill spot a little every now and then and have brown discharge this is the second time i have had it but its longer than usual? how long will this last?
Avatar n tn I had intercourse with my husband a week and a half before my period was due. I had a period that was late. Then after my period I still had sore breast that has lasted for a week now. Yesterday I had some light pink discharge when I wiped. My breasts are still sore and I have had some mild cramping. What do you think?
Avatar n tn christmas eve my bf and i had sex (at the time he said he went in me but later said he pulled out). a little over 2 weeks later i got a brownish discharge but just thought it was my period coming early...that went on for 3 days. now im having brown discharge again. i took a home preg test about a week after the first time i got the discharge and it came back neg. my last period started on dec 16th. during jan i showed some signs of being preg....
Avatar f tn No itd normal its just brown discharge that happens after you begin to get off your period it clears up after 2 or 3 days just take a shower and get a rag and clean in the inside of your vagina lips with warm water and a mild body wash or soap