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Avatar f tn I broke my ankle about two years ago, and it has not ever bothered me since then. However, two days ago I experienced extreme pain in my shin (the same leg as the broken ankle.) The next day, the shin pain was gone and moved to my ankle and foot. The pain was not too severe, but a day later (today) it is terrible. Every time I walk, my foot experiences the worst pain. After just ten minutes of standing, my veins become a dark color, almost black. When I sit/lay down, the pain goes away.
Avatar m tn You also need to be checked for the presence of varicose veins which could cause pain in the leg. Doppler ultrasound and venography could be done to check if there is clinical evidence. Deep venous thrombosis also needs speculation. A d dimer and Doppler again would help in the diagnosis of both these conditions. Hope this helps in diagnosis and appropriate treatment can be instituted. Take care.
1522912 tn?1292053850 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! A repeat dopplar study of the involved leg should be done to rule out inflammation of veins, lymphatics and clots in veins. A MRI of the inflamed area should be done.
Avatar n tn but from last 10 years, i feel leg ,foot pain. five years ago i consulted ortho doctor. he taught me some exercises. he told i am very much normal. but time being it solved the problem but not cured completely. but now a days, it pains more 5 days after i masturbate. from last 10 years i am suffering. pain is at the heel of my leg. sometimes at the thigh. i am sure, pain is not at the heel bone. i don't know how to describe the nature of the pain.
Avatar n tn In 2003 i broke my tib/fib, it was pretty sever, broken near my ankle. I was given the choice to do a cast or metal rod with pins through my leg for a speedy recovery in witch i choose. It was put through the lower part of my leg down to my ankle Big mistake! I can't even walk a mile without my leg killing me. Hurts from my Knee down to where there is a small bump (feels like bone) on top of my ankle. I need to know if the rod and pins can be removed?
987762 tn?1331031553 If i sit up after laying down, you can actually see the veins engorging one after the other in my left arm, filling up with blood, by the time i'm standing the veins on each side of my ankle have engorged. With varicose veins heat will tend to increase vein distention and lead to more pooling of blood so that makes sense why heat makes this even more unpleasant but I dont have varicose veins in my arms, or visible ones any where, which if this was varicose you'd expect to find some evidence.
Avatar n tn no numbness or anything on the back of my leg. While the leg is numb, it still gets itcy and it is very irritating to scratch it. If I stand or walk for too long, the burning sensation comes into play, and I have to sit down, because it also hurts my lower back, makes my back feel like it will break if I don't sit down. This has been going on for 23 years! And not one doctor can tell me what is wrong...
Avatar n tn I feel quite sure this is a symptom of it, but with the pain I am having in that leg at the hip and the vibrations down the leg, I need relief, not diagnosis. I am already taking arthritis medication, though it appears that may need to try another type to address this issue. I am also taking over the counter Glucosamine and chronditin, which are combined supplements that are suppose to help regenerate the cartilage around the joints that causes osteo-arthritis.
Avatar f tn Compound fracture of left tib-fib, totally smashed pelvis (over 20 fractures in pelvis) 5 broken discs in lower back, 8 broken ribs, broken right leg, ankle, toes, well, you get the picture, still have a lot of the hardware in the body. A lot of pain over the years healing to the point where as I say about 10 years ago my Dr. recommended the patch.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if you've pinched off veins and/or lymphatic vessels .... enough swelling CAN do it too. Broken or no, you may need crutches to allow your leg to heal. Please see a physician? Good luck and keep us posted!
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have a very slight heat sensation in my lower left leg (no other problems). Is this some thing I should be concerned about now, or wait for my drs. appt in a few weeks?
Avatar f tn i went to bend down to look down the side of the car and i had a stinging little pop in my leg. i thought it was a blood veins that had broken. one of the girls that i work with told me to go to the bathroom and check it. she said it would be blue if it was. it was not blue. ever since that part of my leg has had this tingling numbness to it. it feels like when you go to the dentist and you start to get the feeling back.
Avatar f tn Recently returned from Disney World and develop a red blotch rash just above the ankle bone on the inside of my leg. The rash looks like specks of blood under the skin and in some areas form large red blotch. There is slight swelling in the lower ankle area. I did a lot of walking and the temperatures were in the upper 80's and lower 90's. Is it weather related, lack of fluid? I have never experienced this before. Have read the blogs, seems others suffer from the same or similar symtoms.
Avatar f tn The problem has gotten worse and it seems to be spreading - there are now 4 broken down areas of skin sited on inner leg above the ankle. Does anyone have any suggestions or know what may be the cause?
Avatar m tn hi. my left testicle is somewhat 'broken' i feel. its not in shape of an olive like it should be. it feels as if veins are out of the 'olive'. left testicle part therefore hangs lower than the right one. plz help. p.
Avatar m tn and i also found some veins got slight swollen on both my legs,especially on right leg at one place it is in the form of clotted veins. what my condition is plz help me.
Avatar f tn I broke my ankle about two years ago, and it has not ever bothered me since then. However, two days ago I experienced extreme pain in my shin (the same leg as the broken ankle.) The next day, the shin pain was gone and moved to my ankle and foot. The pain was not too severe, but a day later (today) it is terrible. Every time I walk, my foot experiences the worst pain. After just ten minutes of standing, my veins become a dark color, almost black. When I sit/lay down, the pain goes away.
Avatar f tn It could also be associated with skin infections, uric acid, broken leg, Osteoarthritis and such others. You may try home remedies before considering to visit a doctor.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what you mean by broken spider like veins, but if you mean spider vericose veins, to my knowledge there is not a clear relationship between the occurrence of vericose veins and back surgery; veins in the leg can become engorged and more prominent when there is clotting of venous structures more proximally (such as in the femoral region or pelvis) but it would be hard to tie back surgery in with spider veins.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma but my podiatrist said the neuroma wasn't the cause of the swelling of the foot. Had bone scannned searching for fractures it came ok. Had ultrasound of the veins in the left leg and came out ok. the problem is only the left foot swells, wondering if anybody has the same problem and found out what was causing it.
Avatar n tn Peripheral edema is also a circulation problem, but is seen in both legs, not just one. These conditions include pregnancy, obesity, and varicose veins.
Avatar f tn I am drinking more water - could this be fluid retention? The right leg is normal, and there has been no injury to the left leg, ankle or foot. What might be the cause?
Avatar m tn On the lower legs hemosiderin pigmentation from broken down red blood cells from leaking varicose veins will give pigmentation around the ankles and shins known as a pigmented purpuric dermatosis. My sincere advice would be to consult a dermatologist. Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The causes for foot swelling are blood clot, leg infection, venous insufficiency, varicose veins; burns include sunburn, insect bite or sting, starvation or malnutrition, surgery to leg or foot, blockade of lymph nodes in the legs or lymphatic obstruction. certain medications like hormones viz, estrogens, and testosterone, blood pressure medicines called calcium channel blockers etc.
1055780 tn?1258585713 I also noticed there is patches where my hair on my upper arm and leg has stopped growing. There is little stubbly spots. The leg pain comes and goes but when it comes on it hurts to where it has me in tears. Not sure if this matters but veins on left side look alot darker then the right. I am so scared it could be a clogged artery.
Avatar f tn Then she broke her wrist by falling off the couch, now she's broken her leg. Her skin is very stretchy and bruises so easily. My father and half sister both have EDS. I've got SI joint dysfunction, extreme chronic pain. And I just don't know where to go from here? Who do I take my daughter to see now? How do I find a doctor? I'm attaching a photo and you can see her over extended finger joins on her first few fingers. Her thumb can touch her arm when she bends that too.
Avatar n tn I have had them for several years, and they seem to spead sown my leg over several years. I had a biopsy and everything was fine. Most doctors don't know what it is. I don't think that it is Schamberg's Disease because the spots don't turn purple or brown. I tried going to a cosmetic surgeon who used a laser to try to burn the underlying broken capillaries, but that didn't work. I am trying to find out if there is a cream that can freeze the broken veins. Hope you get some answers!
Avatar n tn leg elevation. Other aids include: Leg wedges to elevate the feet while sleeping, support socks and stocking, proper fitting shoes and socks. Techniques to help decrease swelling: Increase muscle activity with walking, Avoid standing in place for long periods of time, Avoid sitting with the feet dependent.
Avatar m tn Ensure the ACE wrap isn't too tight because it can cut off the circulation to your foot and leg, if your toes or leg turns blue or feels cold to the touch you need to loosen the wrap because it IS too tight. A break symptoms are generally seen as pain and swelling, bruising may or may not be present depending on whether or not you ruptured the veins in that area, so either you have broken it or sprained it badly.
Avatar f tn so over that period the only symptoms i had were visible veins going down the side of my leg, stiffness all day and a horrible pain. Until 10/25/09, i was playing a soccer game. the pain and other symptom came back a two or three weeks pryor to the game and i had to deal with it through my game. well a girl came up and kicked me right where it hurt.