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Avatar m tn I was told after a ct scan of my cervical spine that one of the screws from my c3/c4 fusion is broken. I had the original surgery 2 years ago because bone was growing into my esophagus causing a blockage. The doc removed the bone and placed a plate and screws over the site. I have had no problems since. Recently I am having pain in upper back radiating into both hands causing numbness and pain. "I went to my pain doc and he ordered the ct scan.
1140169 tn?1370188676 Just wondering how you and your wife are doing. Any scheduled time frame for fixing that broken leg? Will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers!
1542537 tn?1293210698 the bones splintered all throughout my leg. after the surgery it was as if no one would talk to me about what the hell was going on. what kinda of rod did they put in? how long will it take to heal? why does my knee and ankle HURT SOO BAD? My ankle has been brusied and swollen with extremeley limited range of motion since the surgery 30 days ago. when will this go away? In my foot i have numbess in some areas and high sensitity in others. is this normal?
Avatar m tn She jumped off of a chair and broke her front leg. The vet said the cast would be enough and the surgery is not required. However the x-ray shows that the bones are not aligned perfectly. I understand that he is a professional but I have already had experience with some incompetent vets and cannot rule out this one to be another example. I will probably get an advise from another vet but also want to hear your opinions. Has anyone had the same kind of problem? Here are the x-ray shots.
Avatar f tn I am having LUMBAR Disc Surgery. I have a BROKEN disc and there is a fragment laying on a nerve in a different part (it moved away from the disc). I have had physical therapy in the past and it only made my head worse (it is a totally different problem) and I was down for 3 days after each session. I want this surgery because I do not want to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I have had PT/OT for my back and head I have lived with back painf or quite awhile.
Avatar m tn He wanted me to start physical therapy on it immediately after surgery- it has only been 5 days since her 2nd surgery. She is very protective of her leg and puts little if any weight on it. I am afraid to do any kind of therapy on it as I cannot afford another surgery if something else were to go wrong. What advice do you have on when I should start physical therapy on her leg?
Avatar n tn I broke my leg and had surgery over 8 to 9 months ago and this leg is still swollen. What can I do to reduce the swelling so I can wear my boots again. Thanks.
Avatar n tn My future father-in-law was looking after him took him down in the pee in the grass he then ran back into the house to anwesr the phone when he got back max had broken his other leg, this time it was around the wrist area, and it was not a clean break. She said he only had a 50-50 chance that it would heel on its own and that he might be to have a metal plate put in. Is this normal for him to break his leg so easily?
Avatar n tn I was literally sent flying head over heals across the roof of the car, as an eyewitness reported, yet my worst injury from this accident was a severely broken left leg with a complete Tib/Fib break near the joint including a plateau fracture of the Tibia. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery and woke up in the hospital room with 4 rods screwed into my leg, 2 in my shin and 2 in my femur, with several carbon fiber rods holding it all together.
Avatar f tn Since surgery there has been minimal pain in my ankle (although a momentous amount of bruising along my leg) It appears that I'm experiencing a great deal of pain in my knee. Today it felt as if I had twisted it, and when is later tried to bend my knee, I had the most excruciating pain as if it was out of place or something in my knee had moved. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has experienced this while recovering from a broken talus?
Avatar m tn Follow all instructions of your orthopedician and have proper protein diet and rest your injured leg. If you have chronic healing problems then surgery is an option but it is always good to get into shape with conservative treatment. Take care!
2083449 tn?1381358308 The official diagnosis is, Tibial Plateau Fracture, Level 4. (Clean_in_KS, feel free to Google it) I will require surgery to put in a plate and screws to put my leg back together. Next step is an MRI to determine what is sure to be ligament damage. I had a very long talk with my doctor yesterday, she is completely aware of my issues with pain pill abuse. She told me not to be a martyr, and that this is a serious injury. She wants me to take Diluadid for pain.
Avatar m tn I recently posted a question about my broken penis and was told that this is called a penile fracture. The tear could be surgically repaired by a Urologist. I am being treated by the VA Hospital here in my area and am told by them that the repair is done with needles by injection. They also stated that the tear may not be able to be repaired. Am I being misinformed by the doctor there.
Avatar n tn A day later I started getting a tingling numbness in my fingertips like when your arm or leg goes to sleep. It comes and goes, but I still have full movement and sensitivity in my fingers. Is this a side affect of my muscles getting used to being used again putting pressure on my spine or is there a more serious problem. I dont wanna make a trip to the doctors for nothing.
Avatar f tn The usual period for healing is around 6-8 weeks, but lower leg fractures take a little more to recover. The initial one week period is also taken into account. Follow up is advised every two weeks to see whether alignment is proper or not. In case of misalignment found at any point of treatment surgery might be necessary. Hope this information was helpful. Best.
Avatar n tn I've had my left ankle broken on sept 29, it was a fibula frature with a tibia dislocation, was on splint for a week, had surgery on oct 7th,plate + screws + a very long screw to place my tibia on the right place, splint for another week, then my orthopedist put me on aircast Air Stirrup Universe since then. He told me to start physical therapy a week after surgery, but I waited until 2 weeks. Now my foot hurts on an area that has nothing to do with the fracture.
Avatar n tn 25 year old healthy male had leg surgery due to a broken tib and fib and now is having trouble breathing on his own, Was put on ventilator and is now choking and spitting up blood. What could be happening and what can be done to get him better.
967168 tn?1477588089 Has anyone experienced depression, anxiety or ptsd after being diagnosed with medical problems and having surgery? Normally I'm not an anxious type of person but this is driving me bonkers. I have been so stressed from the moment I found out from my pcp that something was wrong - I knew the way I was feeling wasn't normal for me. In a period of a month, I was in my pcp's office - specialist, testing etc & surgery, so it was very quick finding out.
Avatar m tn I have been told following an MRI study that I have 3 degenerative discs and that a piece of the disc has broken off, putting pressure on the nerve and creating severe pain and sciatica in my right leg. I have already experienced muscle atrophy in that leg due to the fact that I just cannot get around well without being in a lot of pain. I did obtain my first of 3 allowed epidural injections 2+ weeks ago, which has seemed to offer some relief.
Avatar n tn I had back surgery on the 16th of July and a week after the surgery, I have severe leg pain. I have been told it is my sciotic nerve. I can't go without my meds without terrible pain. Even on the meds I still have the pain in my leg and foot terribly. I had an L5 and S1 fusion. They also found that my back had been broken when going in for surgery. The disc was totally removed off my spine. Can anyone tell me what is the best solution for this.
Avatar n tn I had a Lamanectomy on my L5S1. Shortly after the surgery My left leg started to hurt ( That leg never had problems before). My doctor told me I needed to take Methylpred(Methyplrednisolone)X6 days and to take the Neuronton that was given to me before the surgery. It did not help . I now have pain in both legs and my toes on my right foot are going numb. I just wonder if the pain before the surgery would have been easier to deal with than this.
Avatar f tn I had an appointment with a orthopedic doctor today, and he told me I need surgery to repair my broken leg ASAP... but I'm 4 months pregnant. I'm 37 years old and this is my 1st pregnancy. What are the risks to my baby if I go under general anesthesia??