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645800 tn?1466864555 I don't have the stamina, leg muscles to do so. I often dream about having a scooter that can go through sand on the beach to get where I need to go. LOL. Everyone has gone through some loss with this and I'm not saying one is worse than the other or I may have it better than most -- or less than. It's just simply hard to deal with no matter what. I try to keep positive and think to myself that MAYBE someday this will pass and I'll feel back to my normal self. The only question is....
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago I was hit by a car and had my leg broken, the knee socket crushed and my shoulder broken. They performed surgery on the knee about 12 days ago and are about to do surgery on the shoulder. Both are on the left side. Is there any set up I can use that will allow me to walk in any way? As I understand it I will not be able to use a crutch on my left side. Thanks!
Avatar n tn had a growth off of my broken coccyx that was pressing on my sciatic nerve in my left leg,causing even more pain and loss of mobility. Surgery was the last option but thank heavens I had it. After a few days was almost as good as new! Now that I'm much older(had surgery in '85) it does bother me but not nearly like it did, have had epidurals but never helped. I would recommend finding a good ortho and going from there. Time sometimes will heal but not always as in my case.
Avatar n tn He suffered brain bleeds, internal bleeding to stomach, broken back, broken knee and shattered ankle bone. Everything has recovered well apart from his ankle. He had surgery to put plates and screws in his ankle. He is a chef and works long hours so he is standing on his foot all day but even when he hasn't been standing all day he suffers from servere pain to the bottom of his left foot and up his left leg.
Avatar f tn I also most recently have been falling alot with alot of bruises, broken shower door and broken frig door. I have been so lucky and so grateful that I have not been hurt seriously. Early this week I fell in my kitchen with a gallon sun tea jar. My right foot bent backwards and I fell directly onto it feeling immediate pain. ( I threw the jar as I did not want broken glass all over me. Thank God I mananged only to make a sugary mess of tea all over the kitchen floor.
773755 tn?1328123377 so if you have a broken leg, you can't say oh well your other leg is working fine; you must concentrate on the broken one! for most of the last 3 years i have felt i have been waiting, and that my job of recovery was to concentrate on waiting; this is a mistake. a car idling for example is bad for the engine, and uses energy. if the car needs major repairs, it must be turned off. running repairs are not efficient. the car must be turned off and STOPPED and have a dedicated repair service.
3159640 tn?1430910900 Well, my hubby hasn't finished cleaing that part of the shed yet and I had to walk past it while carrying my child's scooter and of course I worried in my struggle to get out without tripping over stuff that the scooter may have hit the animal foot, which may have hit my pants (can't remember) and then both my daughter and I touched the scooter so of course I panicked about RABIES. Before we went in we both touched another bike handles. We went in and washed our hands. Went back out.
1437229 tn?1296073620 I've been on Copaxone, Rebif, Novantrone, and now Tysabri. I've been using a Sonic Pride Scooter for over 5 years, it fits easily in my 4 door sedan's trunk, and goes everywhere - the train to NYC, the plane to Seattle, San Francisco, the Caribbean. It keeps me in the world, I'm regularly approached by children and spouses of folks who have trouble walking and speak at length on the benefits of electric mobility.
279234 tn?1363108849 When I try to bend them down, my foot and leg has a mind of it's own. It will start to shake, and my toes will barely react. It is very weak. My ankle stops, and will not lift up above a 90 degree angle. As far as bending down, it is stuck as well and limited compared to the right. I noticed if I'm in a relaxed position, like in a recliner, actually reclining, the right leg/ankle will follow the chairs shape.
441781 tn?1204844957 I have a spiral fibula fracture. I could not put my foot in walking position. My lower left leg was casted for the first two weeks and I was no weight bearing. Doctor told me at the end of the two weeks I would get a walking cast. During that time the pain was terrible. I passed out because of the pain. At the two weeks, I visited my doctor and he said looks good see you in four weeks and I was still no weight bearing. No explanation.
Avatar f tn I did an 8 week stint in PT that helped with some of the pain and taught me different stretching techniques. As far as the walking, I have a rollator that I really like. It still takes me a really long time to get anywhere but I have support. Mine comes with an emergency seat so I can sit before a fall hopefully. I still walk into things with my walker though. I would get one if I were you. Then your son wouldn't have to wear his t-shirt.
1831849 tn?1383231992 I agree with cann1980. Not sick but broken. Sometimes a little bit broken, sometimes a lot. I've actually used that term to describe myself.
1139165 tn?1261205679 Even with a broken leg, and one severely sprained wrist and one mildly sprained wrist, I am not going to increase my usage beyond the point I was at in my taper when this happened. I hope I can stick to this post surgery as well, but like I said, I have no idea what to expect for pain after having a screw and plate installed in my leg. Maybe someone who has had a similar surgery can offer some insight there.
1830047 tn?1321671393 The last thing you need is a broken hip, leg, or arm... That would be horrible... Let us know what you decide to do and please be careful...
Avatar f tn I had ligament transplants done in my left leg 12 years ago and my leg became an in and a half shorter than the right. I also wrecked L4 and L5 in accident. They treated back thru physical therapy for 9 months prior to surgery on leg. I became able to walk, run, ride bicyce, etc after expensive physical therapy. Then six/seven years later I started experiencing pain in my right buttox. They treated me with pain meds and left it to sciatica.
Avatar f tn They were ALL Phenomenal and I will be forever grateful for them getting the muscles back in shape in my broken leg - so that NOW I will be able to get my leg to where I can walk on it again and be able to FINALLY heal from my PERFECT Hip Implant!!! AND I do want ALL of you to know that the surgery was a 1000% - yes I DO mean 1000% - SUCCESS. MY DR. is the best Orthopedic Surgeon in the World - as far as I'm concerned - as the X-rays are PERFECTION!!!
333672 tn?1273796389 Going down, I cling to that railing. Part of this stems from the effects of my broken ankle, but then part of my broken ankle was losing my balance. Stairs frighten me and I need that rail. Next, summmer activities. Last year I went to this casual restaurant/bar kind of place where my niece's husband was playing in his oldies and rock duo. (They're really great.) I got there and it was outside. I thought, OMG. It was so hot.
505094 tn?1240321031 Charley, is your right side just suddenly collapsing? Like a folding chair with a broken leg? I have this specifically in my right knee. There's a muscle in there that's either weak or non-existent, and the knee will fold up without warning. I've gotten used to catching myself, and I walk with my foot turned out much of the time. Sometimes because of spasticity it's more comfortable to walk that way anyway!
Avatar f tn My partner and I made a conscious decision that we were going to treat this like a broken leg that never goes away. My fatigue, dropping stuff, and falling is the "physical manifestation." It is my "cast" on my broken leg. Just about everyone asks how I'm doing. I think people "mirror what we show them." If we act like it isn't there, so do they. My hands shake and I end up wearing my coffee. My hands bounce up and down, I drop plates and glasses.
Avatar m tn I couldn't do a lot of things such as bend my knee, straighten my leg out, put weight on my leg or even take baby steps because my knee would start to buckle and give out. Through the months I was referred to neurologist and another orthopedic doctor that still couldn't figure out as to why I was still in so much pain and unable to do many things with my leg. Finally in july 2010 I was referred to a sports orthopedic doctor in which he started my case all over.
549511 tn?1271779530 1 Dog Julee she is a Pointer/Dalmation mix.
378497 tn?1232147185 In places like the larger shopping centers I ride a scooter. It has to do with balance and how hard my muscles have to work to keep me on my feet. I fall backwards. Don't know if this helps or not.
333672 tn?1273796389 The only problem is that the cane doesn't actually do all I need, neither does the walker and i hate that even more because i walk into everything with it, i think they both offer a false sense of security for me, I still go down but at least i take someones head off at the same time lol What i need is a force field bubble that enables me to wobble/jerky walk and bounces me back up when i go over, you know a baby walker would work better than anything though i'm small id need it a tad bigger
645390 tn?1338558977 Well, with April comes lots of 1st year anniversary's of sad news for myself. (job loss, death of my mom and DX with MS). Seeing as I am awake and cant sleep, though I would post a "thought" or follow-up. I saw Neuro 2 days ago, and basically she told me what I already know. I am worse with every visit she has seen me. My "good" leg is starting to change and become weak also. My right arm/hand is weaker. I am stiffer, hard to get up from a chair and walk.
4065534 tn?1400552336 For instance, if you had a broken leg in a cast, everyone would understand why you don't want to go to the larger, further away mall, because obviously it would cause discomfort to be on crutches that long. Chances are, they would opt to go the smaller mall with you, or they would rent a wheelchair/scooter for you to ride in - which, by the way, is an option. But then, sitting on a bench, at the mall, can be quite entertaining. There are people of all types to watch and wonder about.
233616 tn?1312790796 I am thankful for Professor Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov, the Soviet man who invented the external fixator which allowed my broken leg to heal and possibly saved my leg. I am thankful for the people who work with me who made it possible for me to convalesce after my myriad health issues and........ Blah blah blah blah We all have things to be thankful for and believe me, I could go on and on and on but, really - WHO CARES? This is a self absorbed self indulgent exercise.
Avatar n tn I did a follow up with my primary the next morning - he sent me for an xray to be sure nothing was broken. The report he got back from the xray showed nothing, or so it said. I stayed home from work for 2 days thinking that between those 2 days and the long holiday weekend, I would be much better the following week. However, the pain continued and I noticed after work the next Tuesday my foot was very swollen.
Avatar f tn Sharp pain, almost feel like something is tearing when I kneel. Otherwise I am fine walking, standing, exercising, even doing leg extensions with my regular weights. The worst position is "child's pose" in Yoga. Do you think acupuncture might help? Thanks J.
Avatar n tn The TSH test is a crime that's been inflicted on millions of people since 1973, keeping them sick while doctors give them really dangerous drugs for the many symptoms of hypO - like a bandaid on a broken leg. The TSH test is what has caused new diseases with names like "chronic fatigue" and "fibroyalgia" to be invented.
572651 tn?1333939396 My original Dx was transverse myelitis in 2009, but there were brain lesions on my MRI that were missed at that time. My symptoms just kind of started one day in my left leg. I'm just slowly progressively getting worse and it affects both legs now. I've never had a relapse or remission. That's why I still think that I have PPMS. I've had 2 rounds of IVSM & neither one of them worked.