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Avatar n tn About a year later they were removed since you could see the screws thru my skin and they were sticking out a bit. I noticed after i healed from the broken leg that i am now bow legged really badly. Since then i've also found i am unable to walk alot without my ankle and lower leg swelling up and cause pain. I started working out recently (water arobics and the machines) thinking this would help and it hasn't, if anything its made it worse.
Avatar n tn I was given the choice to do a cast or metal rod with pins through my leg for a speedy recovery in witch i choose. It was put through the lower part of my leg down to my ankle Big mistake! I can't even walk a mile without my leg killing me. Hurts from my Knee down to where there is a small bump (feels like bone) on top of my ankle. I need to know if the rod and pins can be removed? If so how fast is the recovery and will the pain go away?
Avatar n tn I am 16 years old, and I broke my leg playing soccer. I had to have a metal rod put in my leg and then i had acute compartment syndrome so they made a cut on the side of the leg. 3 Weeks later they closedthe wound with stitches, and was told I could put weight on my leg. I can walk, but with a limp I guess, and it doesnt hurt me at all. It just feels wierd and heavy sort of. I dont have any real pain and can walk all over the house.
1542537 tn?1293210698 Hi, broken bones take a varying amount of time to heal, mostly depending upon the type of bone broken, the age of the person, and the way in which the bone is broken. Larger broken bones, for example the bones in the thigh, or both bones of leg would take a great deal longer to heal, usually six weeks to three months in the average healthy adult. Begin physical therapy as soon as is practical. That will help.
Avatar f tn On Feb 25th i fell with my daughter and broke my tibia & heel. Thank god she is just fine. i am not in a cast. i dont have pins, screws or plates. just a really big and heavy boot. I feel i am struggling to take care of my kids. i am having to call and ask inlaws for help everyday. my son is in Kindergarten and needs a ride to and from school. My daughter is 7 months ols and is starting to crawl, and i am on crutches. i cant pick her up and tend to her and i just get sooooo aggravated!
Avatar f tn I also had bilateral femur fractures and rods inserted in eaxh leg. One leg healed very well but the other not only did not heal but the titanium rod broke in two. The only option was to have the broken rod removed and a new rod inserted. I am no spring chicken like you but I would like to tell you the surgery went great and I am back to my old self. Riding bikes and swimming 2 miles a day. Find a surgeon you can trust and discuss your concerns openly with him. Then decide what is best for you.
Avatar n tn I am a professional dancer and had a tibial rod put in my left leg January 2010 due to a grade 4 anterior stress fracture. I have been unable to run or jump, let alone dance, since then and have a lot of pain right above my ankle. I decided yesterday to have the nail and screw removed, but I am still hesitant about going forward with this. I could definitely use any feedback out there. My left leg is obviously a very important part of my career and I need to make the right decision.
Avatar m tn The doctor described the tibia break as a “transverse break” and the fibula break as “broken in several places”. A titanium rod was placed inside my tibia along with two screws. The doctor opted not to operate on the fibula and let it “heal in place”. 1. Is there any point in having the “hardware” removed some point in the future? 2. Should I have to fibula repaired with screws and plates or is it the appendix of the skeletal system (i.e. not necessary)?
292728 tn?1263240733 I find it hard to stand for a while,but I am in no real pain just from the adjustment from the chiropractor as he is trying to get my body back to as normal as it could be so the addjustments can make your body ache for a brief time as it isn't used to being in that place .But I had exray's done and nothing has broken with the rod. but I cannot owrk,I had to give up my child care as I can't lift or even take them for a walk around the block.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever had a knee implant that because of a broken bone in knee area had to have a rod put in the upper and lower part of their leg. It hurts around my knee area as well as down my leg when I put my weight on it and walk.
Avatar m tn Hello, Im 17 years old, almost 18 and when i was 14 i had broken my tibia and fibula in a football game and gotten a titanium rod placed in my tibia. i left it in following the doctors advice and ever since then i have had really bad leg pain and shin splints whenever i would run, sometimes even walk. i play running back and im starting to limp when i sprint and its making me quite slow. the pain is bad. If i were to get the rod removed would this pain most likely go away?
Avatar m tn I had a rod put in my tibia after a tib/fib fracture just over a year ago. I still have pain almost constantly. (except at rest) I have tried many things, but I didn't plan on another, the third, surgery to remove the rod. I will gladly do it, however, if the answer to your question is yes! ...Waiting....
Avatar m tn Has anyone faced such a problem as a result of the tip of the rod and would you be able to tell me the advantages of removing the entire rod now that it has been fused to the bones and the implications of keeping it. The rod seems according to x-rays solid and has not broken, but I read some reviews about the possibility of the rod to rust or even break. I would appreciate your feedback on this matter!
Avatar n tn It didn't heal properly and after six months a rod was inserted. After a year I was back to playing tennis, golf, etc. I had it x-rayed about 1 year ago after a spell of aching. The orthopedist said I could have the rod removed but advised against it. Recently it has started to ache quite a bit. I did drive about 600 miles with few stops and that night it ached almost as much as the night I originally broke it and before the cast was put on. I can hardly put weight on it at times.
Avatar n tn minium 2 broken titanium screws ans a bent rod-lumbar region L-4 to S1-fusion-revsion surgey scheduled this wed.suregon will likely replace total of four screws-all with a bigger head. bowel obstruction,severelower back pain, tingling, numbness, leg weakness, headaches--are current symptoms.As a result I am now clinically addicted to pain medication--should i proceed with the surgey--do you recommend lawsuit???
Avatar f tn im 40yrs old and broke my tibia mid shaft there wasnt displacement but cause im an active person i chose to get a internal fixation rod with two screws one below the knee and the other above the ankle. i was told by the doctor i would be on my feet quicker than if i was to get the full leg cast.
Avatar n tn i had a motorcycle accident 10 weeks ago now,broken tibia fibula.they put a rod in my big bone pined top and botoom they left the small bone.borke 100mm above ankle.broke skin slightly.had half cast for 7 weeks now told to walk with crutches.ankle is still week and pain in right side of muscle which moves around leg ,very tight lower calf and bone not joining at a point that it is pokking skin.i feel light pain at joint after a 400 mtr slow walk(hobble).any advise?
Avatar m tn As a result, I required nearly 10 hours of surgery to repair two badly broken legs and L forearm. During my recovery, my L femur was the most painful of my broken bones. However, since it healed, it has been the injury that has never caused any further issues/pain. Well, that is up until about 6 months ago when my femur started aching. Over the past few months, it has progressed to aching pretty much constantly.
Avatar n tn , strontium, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, calcium/magnesium/phosphorus) and exercise. However, she still feels pain and discomfort in her left leg due to the fibular rod and screws -- especially in humid environments or after physical exertion. Therefore she is contemplating having them removed. My question is: after seven years of bone growth would removal be feasible? And exactly how much risk and recovery time is there involved for a 76yo otherwise healthy and active woman?
Avatar m tn Will doctors remove the steel rod in my leg after all this time? Is the steel rod even the problem and if not then what can I do? I am looking for advice on what I can do . Any advice really.
Avatar m tn I broke my leg in a motorbike crash and have a rod and 4 screws in my tibia an my fibula is also broken,its been 3 weeks and i am a little worried that my knee is not in correct line with my foot. What is the normal procedures to correct this? how much recovery time would it normally add?
Avatar n tn i snapped my leg 17 weeks ago i have a titanium rod inserted with 2 screws near the knee and 3 screws in the ankle i have just returned to work but where i snapped my leg doesnt hurt but my ankle keeps swelling up and is very painfull,and after a while my heel becomes painfull. i can feel quite a bit of fluid round my ankle and just above it ant ideas?
Avatar m tn When at hospital the doctors operated and placed a I'm rod through my tibia secured at the knee and ankle with screws. The leg was bandaged up and I was released 2 days later and 10 days later I have my stitches out and all bandages off. 2 weeks later I started physio. At present I can walk almost normally and may limp depending on how much pain I'm in at the time.
1196614 tn?1265079373 Here's my story , i had a broken tibia and fibula as well i was trying tio help a female from getting beaten by his boyfriend , it was slippery oitside my right leg went forward and my left leg went backwards and my big ***( lol ) landed on top of my ankle and distored my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula , i went to the hospital where i stayed two nights then on monday i had to go see the bone doctor at the other hosiptal and told me that your fracture was a bad one .
Avatar m tn The doctor put a rod in my leg to help with the break but said that it was a little too long for my leg, and that I would probably have to have it removed. Soon after my leg healed, I was sent to prison and spent 5 years there. While in prison I worked out with passion, I ran, and played sports all day long. I trained with weights, often having up to 405lbs on my back for squats, and 495lbs for deadlifts.... I did have discomfort in my leg. After being released from prison..
Avatar n tn I broke my shattered my tib and broke my fib 6weeks ago i had a metal rod put in my leg im guessing for the tib and had 2 screws juat below my knee and 2 screws above my ankle. my question to anyone that knows is wat is the healing time for this injury? im going for my xray on 17/11/09 to c how the bone is healing and tghe hopefully i shud be able to weight bear.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you feeling? I would suggest not taking the rod out till the time you are sure that your bones have healed completely. I think you can get imaging study done after you meet new orthopedist. I think you can ask your physiotherapist for any exercise which can be done at home so that muscle strengthening of legs can be achieved.
Avatar n tn my questtion is im still getting pain at the fracture site and im still walking with quite a heavey limp could anyone tell me how long i will have the limp and the odd nagging pain at the fracture site or will i have this for life? i have a rod and 3 screws in my leg to would it be advised to have these taken out after full bone healing and could this be contributing to the limp and pain.