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Avatar n tn I was given the choice to do a cast or metal rod with pins through my leg for a speedy recovery in witch i choose. It was put through the lower part of my leg down to my ankle Big mistake! I can't even walk a mile without my leg killing me. Hurts from my Knee down to where there is a small bump (feels like bone) on top of my ankle. I need to know if the rod and pins can be removed? If so how fast is the recovery and will the pain go away?
Avatar n tn I am 16 years old, and I broke my leg playing soccer. I had to have a metal rod put in my leg and then i had acute compartment syndrome so they made a cut on the side of the leg. 3 Weeks later they closedthe wound with stitches, and was told I could put weight on my leg. I can walk, but with a limp I guess, and it doesnt hurt me at all. It just feels wierd and heavy sort of. I dont have any real pain and can walk all over the house.
Avatar n tn I am a professional dancer and had a tibial rod put in my left leg January 2010 due to a grade 4 anterior stress fracture. I have been unable to run or jump, let alone dance, since then and have a lot of pain right above my ankle. I decided yesterday to have the nail and screw removed, but I am still hesitant about going forward with this. I could definitely use any feedback out there. My left leg is obviously a very important part of my career and I need to make the right decision.
292728 tn?1263240733 I find it hard to stand for a while,but I am in no real pain just from the adjustment from the chiropractor as he is trying to get my body back to as normal as it could be so the addjustments can make your body ache for a brief time as it isn't used to being in that place .But I had exray's done and nothing has broken with the rod. but I cannot owrk,I had to give up my child care as I can't lift or even take them for a walk around the block.
Avatar m tn Has anyone faced such a problem as a result of the tip of the rod and would you be able to tell me the advantages of removing the entire rod now that it has been fused to the bones and the implications of keeping it. The rod seems according to x-rays solid and has not broken, but I read some reviews about the possibility of the rod to rust or even break. I would appreciate your feedback on this matter!
Avatar m tn As a result, I have a titanium rod and screws in the head and above my knee. I am planning on getting my metal removed next summer as I will be going back to school again soon and don't want to be recovering while living on campus. I have experienced this sharp yet aching pain you described every day since my initial injury. I am hoping it's the metal causing it. My question is, did younger yours removed?
Avatar m tn The doctors at the local hospital placed a steel rod Inside the broken tibia and held it in place with 3 pins (after little research I think it is called an Intramedullary rod). For the first 3-4 years I didn't notice the the metal in my leg and lived a normal life each day, i.e. running, mild gymnastics training, caring for my elderly father(heavy lifting), and the life of a 16-20 year old. I am now almost 21.
Avatar n tn , strontium, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, calcium/magnesium/phosphorus) and exercise. However, she still feels pain and discomfort in her left leg due to the fibular rod and screws -- especially in humid environments or after physical exertion. Therefore she is contemplating having them removed. My question is: after seven years of bone growth would removal be feasible? And exactly how much risk and recovery time is there involved for a 76yo otherwise healthy and active woman?
Avatar n tn I broke my shattered my tib and broke my fib 6weeks ago i had a metal rod put in my leg im guessing for the tib and had 2 screws juat below my knee and 2 screws above my ankle. my question to anyone that knows is wat is the healing time for this injury? im going for my xray on 17/11/09 to c how the bone is healing and tghe hopefully i shud be able to weight bear.
Avatar n tn I had a severe motorcycle accident back in June. It shattered my left femur, and my knee. The bone hasn't fully grown back yet and the bone tore through some of my muscle in my leg leaving a "dent" in the muscle. My leg has a permanent metal rod screwed into my femur down to my knee, and my knee has about 8 screws in it. I'm trying to learn how to walk again and I have put my leg on a scale and can put 110 of my 150lbs on my bad leg standing still.
623966 tn?1222197798 They don't set bones anymore and allow the body to heal. More than 3 years later i still have a broken leg. A butcher named Sutton installed all this metal in me and it is total agony. Most people that i have talked to never heal until they get this metal out. I don't have the money to do so but have talked to several others that went through 7-8 surgeries before it healed with any satisfaction. Good luck to you and i hope you can heal.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago - pain radiating down left arm and almost a feeling of my rod broken (it is in the thorac area) and terrible pain in my neck and upper back. Curious as to what MRI results really mean - I am afraid I could end up with revision surgery because I believe that my rod is causing all my problems. 1st MRI done of thoracic and LUmbar - too difficult to read the Thoracic due to the rod.
Avatar n tn the doctor has given us options 1st option is to have a cast from him hip to his foot for 6 weeks then a short cast for 4 weeks then he will splint it with no weight bearing for the 1st 6 weeks. 2nd option is to have the metal rod put in his bones to help with the healing process no weight bearing for 6 weeks a removal cast... with lots of Physical Therapy. Total healing time possibly 6 months to a year.
Avatar f tn I got left leg tibia and fibula fractured by hitting a metal pipe.The tibia was broken at one point. There was no open wound.And titanium rod with 3 screws are used in the fixation.i am 3 weeks post op. Now i can do my things with the help of walker.But when can i go to work for desk job. And what exercises can i do to strengthen my muscles.
964879 tn?1247298276 doctors said it is very nasty fracture.doctors put metal rod to hold bones in place.i have got big wound above my ankle which is not yet healed.its 1 month now i am in cast.i am on complete bed rest.doctors told me not to hang my i have kept my leg straight on pillow.i can move my fingers but i feel numbness in my shin bone.can u pls tell me when this cast will be off ? & when this wound would be healed up ? when will i be able to walk on crutches..
3446061 tn?1347403018 The orthopedic surgeon repaired his hip and had to place a titanium rod in his leg. He is taking physical therapy, but still unable to walk. His feet are so red due to red splotches and are going up his legs now. He says his feet feel as though they are sun burned and he has a tingling, burning sensation so bad that he can hardly get out of bed. He does get up & sit in the wheelchair and try to do the exercises the therapist wants him to, but he is in constant pain.
Avatar n tn 2nd June 10' 3-4 and I have only experienced more pain! I have pain through the back of my skull that feels like a metal rod being shoved thru it, pain shooting from my skull through my shoulders, pain in neck, shoulders, arms and hands all of which is constant, stabbing, burning, throbbing, electrically shock sensations as well as like being stabbed w/ metal pokers through out day and nite!
758187 tn?1234338633 ok My names Alan and im 24 years old, Now in 2002 i was struck by a van and the guy was doing 50 mph and i was walking!
18227105 tn?1463525612 Ok I looked up platine which appears to be the French word for the English word platinum which is a metal. So I guess you had a metal rod to repair your broken leg. The hep c virus cannot get inside a piece of metal. Get treated and cure your hep c I am sure you will beat the virus.
2187849 tn?1338072581 He had a partial tail amputation, had a toe amputated from his left leg and multipule surgeries involving both an external and then internal metal rod inserted in his right hind leg. Both hock joints are now fused and he had his final surgery 6 months ago removing the metal rod from his leg. The original accident was 3 years ago this past mothers day. He is doing very well - even though at times I do feel the right hind leg should have been amputated, he doesn't seem to mind.
Avatar n tn My right ankle was dislocated(completely turned the wrong way) leaving me with a compound fracture(bone sticking out) as well as a broken tibia, fibia and my knee-cap was torn off completely. I had 5 surgeries total, they inserted a metal plate, rod as well as 6 screws in my ankle and 2 more in the middle and top of my lower right leg(8screws total). Now, I know this is off the diabetes subject, but I also have medical bills over or around 175,000.00 dollars.
441781 tn?1204844957 I have a spiral fibula fracture. I could not put my foot in walking position. My lower left leg was casted for the first two weeks and I was no weight bearing. Doctor told me at the end of the two weeks I would get a walking cast. During that time the pain was terrible. I passed out because of the pain. At the two weeks, I visited my doctor and he said looks good see you in four weeks and I was still no weight bearing. No explanation.
1613542 tn?1366472143 Any way woke up and knew my leg was broken as my foot was backwards and I ran out of bone, no one would come close to me I straightened my leg and turned my foot back because I could feel it pushing my skin. Sorry if you have a weak stomach. I had surgery to have a metal rod put in from my knee to my ankle. Forward two years. Got a full time job in a factory,still in high school full time.
Avatar n tn I had spinal surgery two years ago, I had it because I had serious back pain and ciatic nerve pain in my right leg. The pain in my back and leg has dissappeared since I had the operation. I hated like hell to take the painkillers, the pain management had me on Avinza (which is a derivative of Morphine), and fentinal patches (which is Morphine patches).
Avatar n tn Allergy to the metal parts of the implant has occasionally been reported. People who know they have metal allergies should be tested with extracts of the various metal components of the implant prior to surgery. You should notify your doctor if you believe you have a metal allergy. Metal allergies are rare and the tests are not completely reliable, so they are only performed if a metal allergy is suspected. Allergy to the plastic parts has never been reported.
Avatar n tn So he thought it was burstis so gave me injections. After 7 days I went home with still pain in my leg leg. Two weeks home I had to go to Er cause the pain in my leg was so bad.. I was and still am on Oxycotin 40 to 60 mg and percoet for breaktrhough pain. Again he gave me injections for burstis. IM still having this pain that is worse than the pain I had prior to surgery. The pain radiates from my hip down to my feet with burning in my foot and lots of pain in my big toe.
Avatar f tn I've also been getting a burning sensation in my left calf a couple of times a day at work as though someone was holding a warm/hot rod of metal to leg. I've been getting the tingling sensation randomly on my arms and legs and even face and the creeping sort of buzzing/numb sensation on the back of my neck and my left foot. I've got it right as I'm typing this and its been worse the last day.
Avatar n tn The 5th kitten was scraped off of the middle of the road by my wife and taken to the vet. The vet had to put a metal rod in one femur to fix a broken leg. He also had to heal from a bruised bladder. The 6th cat was a kitten that showed up at my wife's work very dehydrated. They'er all healthy and active now. All of the dogs and cats get regular visits to the vet for checkups and vaccinations.