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Avatar f tn my daughter who is 11 broke her knee cap snapped off one of the minscus ligaments right at the knee cap and the cartilage that covers the knee was torn..she wasn't doing anything except standing when this happened..she recently had surgery on Nov 30Th to repair it.her orthopedic surgeon said that with the repair he is not optimistic about the knee cap staying in place due to bone shifting and as well as tissue degenerating..
Avatar n tn The problem with knee surgery is the fact that most surgeons don't want to perform the surgery on someone young, they believe it could hinder the recovery process and may actually cause more reconstructive surgeries in the future. It's also a matter of if the insurance will approve the surgery or if you would have to pay for a large portion of it out of pocket.
Avatar n tn No, there is no grinding or anything like that. But when I move the knee cap and the leg is totally relaxed there is a vibration (I can’t think of the right word). It just feels like the knee is vibrating when I move the knee cap up and down. It fine when I am sitting walking and doing basic movements. But when I jump and run in basketball, thrust forward on a bike, kneel, or do exercises such as squatting or lunges. The pain is pretty bad.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. Gross, I had a total knee replacement 1 year ago for severe arthritis. The pain is still there and I can't walk right, also my knee cap keeps going out and I fall or almost fall. My Ortho gave me a brace to wear and PT to go to, to streng. then muscles around the knee. It hasn't helped. My knee cap is still my own. Why wasn't that replaced with the total knee also? Is that a norm? I am so upset and will be getting a second opinion. Any ideas why this is happening.
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
Avatar f tn Hello & welcome.....When one minute it's fine & the next it's not, it's usually a "Luxating Patella". What happenes is the knee cap pops out of place & they limp. At this stage it's painful...Then it pops back in and feels fine.....It's very common in toy breeds....Your girl must have had this trait passed from her parents which means the breeder was NOT doing his/her job! Patellas are graded from 1-5....
Avatar m tn I am falling regularly and dont know what to do- any ideas and could this Knee cap be the problem all these years and the docs missing it because I had no acl from an early age and the joint seemed to be unstable to them?? At a total loss right now .
Avatar m tn I have a quick question: I just broke my femur snowboarding new years eve 2012 (mid break femur snap with a few big pieces floating) and I can't bend my knee past 30 yet. I had my IM surgery (two screws in the hip, one above my knee) on jan 1st (yes New years) and I cant even sit in a chair yet. It's now the 3.5 weeks out and I cant bend my knee yet!
Avatar f tn My question is can the cartilage and the knee cap be from that one injury? I never had problems with my knee prior! Workers Comp is saying that it is a genetic defect and I was born with this.
Avatar m tn on investigating they found that my femor and knee cap was in a bad way and worn and in time i will need a knee cap replacement, however thankfully not at the present time. Iam a fit person who teaches amrtial arts. My problem is that it has been weeks since my operation but the knee is still badly swollen and sore and i am still struggling to straighten it and bend it behonf 40 degrees..
Avatar f tn About 30 minutes later just below my knee started to throb and swell. I now have a lump about 2 inches below my knee cap and it is swollen and extremely painful. It is warm to touch and slightly red and bruised. It is very painful to bend my knee and it hurts to walk. Could I have torn something or broken something? I’m very worried as I am a very busy wedding photographer. Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Patellar chondroplasty is a similar term for cartilage on the undersurface of the patella or the knee cap; while plicectomy refers to removal of the plica (fold in the membrane which lines the joint). For the exact details you would need to discuss this with your doctor. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn s at the point where it needs to be fixed. Recently saw the best knee guy in kaiser and getting surgery soon. He is taking out the plica, its gotten calcified and it pushed out my knee cap, so its not technically sublaxation because the plica is making the cap out of place. I appreciate your response and thank you for caring.
Avatar f tn I have a question. I had a knee scope (to clean out scarr tissue underneath knee cap) on 3-26-2012 I only took a week off of work & started PT 9 days after surgery. I am walking better & the bending is getting easier. My question is (my PT guy could not answer) why do I still have fluid on the top of my knee (left side) if the holes are at the bottom sides of the knee cap.
3147730 tn?1343154021 Did you do your PT after surgery? I had surgery back in Mar 2012 for this. I had intense thearpy 2 x weekly for about 2 months. I have my full range of motion BUT like you my knee cap gets off track & I have to jerk my knee back in a quick motion or try to maunevere it until I can hear the pop. It is called an unstable knee cap. Look on line for knee excersices you can do to strengthen your knee muscles & ligaments & even the knee cap. You need thearpy, not pain management.
Avatar n tn I just got home after having my broken knee cap put back together (knee surgery with screws and wire). I am on the couch with a lot of pain and at least for the next few days I am taking 5mg of Oxycodone, every 3-4 hours, depending on pain levels. I am really struggling to get my blood sugar levels even close to normal. For what it's worth, I am on an insulin pump and have great control (I avg. 5.8 A1C's).
Avatar f tn I have minimal swelling above the knee cap but no redness, warmth or presence of a fever. The pain is worse when I am sitting, climbing or coming down stairs, and extending the knee from 90 to 180 degrees. I have major weakness in the joint when standing (almost feels like it's going to "give out" if that makes sense). In the past 3 weeks it has started "popping" when I attempt to extend it. It cracks and makes funny grinding noises.
1855569 tn?1319669473 but the bump has seperated into teenie tiny bumps and hav over 7 YEARS relocated to beneath my knee cap my left knee has began process over the past 2 years im a 19 year old female and this began in the 6th grade for me and my doctor said it would go away in 6 months - 1 year its began to be VERRY painful in my right knee and all around my knee up to about my mid thigh down to above my calf it shoot through my knee when i lift my leg.
Avatar f tn Today I was walking inside from my lani and my left foot was wet, as I stepped in with that foot it started sliding forward (I was bascially going to do the splits) and I lost my balance and fell on the inside side of my right knee cap with my entire body weight! It hurt but I was able to get up and walk around on it. As the went on the pain got worse and worse and now anytime I walk on it or bend it, it pops. The poping is uncofortable and will not stop.
Avatar m tn This is the second surgery I have had on this same knee. The previous surgery I had a medial meniscus tear about 5 years ago. I am very active and cycle about 5 hours a week and about 5 hours a week of more weight bearing exercise. I have not been able to regain full flexibility to the knee, I am lacking 10 degrees of motion. I ice my knee most every day after exercising. I completed a series of 3 shots of Euflexxa about 6 weeks ago and have felt no difference from that.
Avatar n tn hello i am 16 and male in the past week my knee has been hurting when ever i put weight on it it hurts right under the knee cap and i cant stay sitting for too long or both knees start to hurt i have also realised that i can no longer touch my heels to my butt my quads feel very tight when i try please help this has been bothering me for a while now thanks