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Avatar f tn after 20 min of horrible pain I managed to hobble w/ only one shoe on back into my work... other foot so swollen couldn't put shoe on it... my ankle I can't move and has a huge knot or something sticking out of the side and is blue... so is the whole side of my foot... swollen and blue also. I don't have insurance so will be going to get x rayed at hospital if I have to.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I had a sensation of the floor vibrating under one foot. Since then I have realized it is my foot. It is felt in bloth feet, one at a time. Never both at the same time. I feel it when I am standing r walking. It is like an intermittent buzzing sensation. It comes in short bursts on after the other then stops. It will happen when walking and I will feel it with every third or fourth step. What could be the cause?
Avatar n tn 30 seconds later I felt a slight nip at my ankle. I looked down and saw the dog running and nipping at my foot. I stopped and the kids ran up to get their dog back. There was no blood, so I am thinking that the skin was no broken. Should I be concerned about rabies or anything. In a foreign country, but I have health insurance. I am thinking since the dog belonged to the kids that it was perhaps healthy. Looking forward to your comments. My school has a nurse, perhaps I can also chat w/ her.
954005 tn?1304630205 Bruises on both kneecaps, sore hands, wrists, sore left foot, only on the heel, AND.........I'm almost sure my nose is broken. I have scrapes on my face and nose, and the nose is incredibly tender to the touch, and makes a clicking noise when hardly pressed....hard to explain... The last time I was that terrified was when I fell and broke my coccyx bone...the sheer terror of how severe the "target area" was hit. How it just knocks the wind out of you.
233616 tn?1312790796 I had my foot/ankle X-rayed several years ago after a motorcycle crash, and fortunately my foot and ankle were not broken. But then the doctor asked me if I had ever broken a toe before. My little pinky toe had apparently been broken in the past and had healed. I told him I had never broken one to my knowledge, but he was showing me on the x-ray where the break and fused bone was.
Avatar f tn Can you determine that the leg isn't broken? Will he let you move the leg at the hip joint? If he isn't acting like he is in severe pain, will eat and drink. I would try keeping him quiet and only take him out to potty. You know your dog best so you would have to make a judgement call as to if he needs the Vet.
318181 tn?1336447096 My dog's nail was broken - possibly when I stepped on her foot on a walk. The nail broke clean away (halfway up the quick). There was no damage to the quick or bleeding. The quick is drying hard, but if I bandage it she'll just take it off. Should I just let the nail grow out? She doesn't seem to be in pain - the outside digit doesn't touch the ground.
Avatar f tn You are absolutely right, I hate my AFO too. I stopped using the plastic AFO and bought a device called Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace. I found this on It's certainly not perfect, and my poor atrophied leg gets really tired lifting but still like it better than the plastic one. I lost my foot due to a bone fragment from a disc. I didn't even have back pain. I was just standing in line at the grocery store and suddenly didn't feel my foot any longer.
Avatar n tn Kibbles n Bits for a couple of years until about the same time as the foot problem she didn't like the hard parts and would pick out the softer pieces - now we have her on Purina Soft n Moist. She still eats her dog biscuits & chew sticks also carrots at dinner.
3131950 tn?1351778243 When do you get your broken collar bone set? I admire your strength dealing with broken bones and trying to NOT take opiates for pain.
Avatar n tn Have you tried palpitating his leg and flexing it slowly? Just like when you twist your ankle and need to stretch it out. There are 4 joints: hip, knee, hock, and ankle. Check each of them.
Avatar n tn One of the other questions I want you to consider is how she managed to get a broken jaw. Was she hit by a car? Was she attacked by a dog or other animal? Was she kicked or hurt by a child/person? (The latter is the most likely.) You need to keep all of your animals inside for a while until you are able to effectively answer this question.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your comments. Actually, no, I'm not doing very well with this to be honest. Lucy was long ago by a trainer determined to be a "prodigy dog", meaning, one that leans certain things almost instantly by observation. The slang many use would be a "Lassie dog" type of dog.
Avatar n tn it is still swollen. I was xray'd and advised that the coccyx was broken. I was told to rest and take Tylenol 3 and Ibuprophen. I was told not to use cool.cold compresses, but to have daily hot showers to alleviate the pain. This has not been very effective. I am unable to work and in constant pain I understand (from family members who have had a similar injury) that this injury can be very painful and that the pain can last a long time (years).
686059 tn?1293837427 We have a quite a few people struggling with the aftermath of a broken relationship and now struggling with a broken heart? How did you handle the aftermath of picking up the pieces and the sting of a broken heart?
Avatar n tn I have three pins in my little finger, three pins in my ring finger, my middle finger is broken also but didn't require pins. They are all broken diagonoly in the first bone right above the knuckle. I'm in a cast to my finger tips down past my wrist. I have the pins removed in a week. I am scared that it is going to take me forever to get movement back in my hand after. If a little finger injury takes so long to I looking at double or triple the time??eeekkee.
Avatar m tn i unknowningly put my feet on the dog. the dog bark and run over my feet and i feel something wet sensation as far as i my question is... ... can i get rabbies without my skin broken with a slight scratch as i would have surely known the dog bite ... pls help me...i am attching my feet photos....pls its already 11 days and it was a stray dog ...
Avatar m tn Good day folks and Happy Holidays, when Lisa was on the bed yesterday, I went to pick her up and she made a dog scream. I didn't know what was specifically wrong because it was routine. I noticed a few hours ago she was licking her paw and she only does that when something is wrong... Lisa is also 4 years old and a Yorkie-Terrier of 12 pounds. I picked her up and noticed her nail (please see attachments) was broken and about to come off. I have been so busy, I did not take her to get groomed.
Avatar n tn Last week my wife broke her foot - while we were on holiday! A huge dog jumped on to us on the street, she lost her balance and apparently made a wrong twist. Seeing the swollen and purple foot, and her pain, we went to the hospital, where she was X-rayed. The doctor said the foot was broken and that there isn't much to do. She put some kind of a protective sock on her foot, said that the foot would heel in 6 to 8 weeks and let us go.
Avatar f tn Are you certain there isn't a break in a bone in there somewhere? There are so many tiny bones in your foot. It took the drs 5 months to find the break in my foot. (This was many years ago. Ended up being a sesamoid bone on the bottom of my foot.) I'm telling you this because those breaks can be hard to find. Or it could be some type of nerve damage. I don't know. My best advice is to see an orthopedic doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi all. Question... Back in early June I took a stumble down a couple of stairs chasing my dog and son and rolled my foot up onto the inside of my shin and "fracturing" a bone in my foot and the ankle bone it's self. It was treated just by immobilization with 2 short leg casts for a total of 8 weeks. I then proceeded to have PT for 3 more weeks before I returned to work.
612551 tn?1450025775 I tell this for inputs, especially on the prescription dog food which I will object to in any long term arrangement, and to let those I have advised with my diet/probiotic/foot bath efforts and methods that they have not worked for me, or my dog. If the food change doesn't work she recommends blood tests for allergies. I have no idea how a blood test can establish was a dog or person is allergic too..
203342 tn?1328740807 Nobody can really say how much time your dog has. We had a dog who was supposed to last two weeks; she lasted two years. Same with a cat who had about one week and lasted four years. The one big thing your dog has is that he has been with you and your family all his life (I think). Dogs who have a family tend to live longer than those who get put into shelters, etc.
Avatar n tn I found out once I was there that the break was actually seen on the xray from 2 weeks prior - apparently whoever read the xray and did the report overlooked it so in essence, I had been walking around with a broken foot for 2 weeks. The MRI simply confirmed everything. I was put in a cam walker and told it was 6 weeks minimum to recover. I was instructed to only take it off to bathe and the rest of the time I had to wear it.
Avatar n tn Vet x-rayed paw and saw some white bumps on bone. My dog has been taking Cipro and Amitriptoline. Took dog today and vet wants to send xray to a specialist in another state to look at. Vet believes it could be a number of different things. Vet stated could be bone cancer or maybe it was really fractured and licking has made it worse. Do you have any idea as to what is wrong with my dog?
Avatar f tn Your story breaks my heart as I lost my 14-year-old dog, Chica, to this exact disease on January 4. The vomiting is so awful to watch in the end as it just goes on and on and on... There are many anti emetic meds to try. Has your vet not prescribed anything? Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood.
Avatar f tn Hi, my dog has been licking her leg and paw like crazy. it seems as if it is irritating her. What r the reasons for this? She's a healthy teacup poodle. Is it itching her?
1696394 tn?1316238875 Well, I'm not sure I am understand this right but seems he has problems with the leg/foot that was broken? I would think, the only you can determine what is going on for sure is take him to the Vet (possibly another one or an Ortho Vet if you have one in your area) and get an x-ray on that leg to see if they can see what's going on for sure. Other then that, no way to tell. I had a puppy break a leg years ago and had it casted but it stayed on!!
612551 tn?1450025775 Actually, my daughter has a dog with pancreas issues and the diet is very limited. However, I think she buys the little Blue Buffalo treats, they are small and come in a little bag. You might want to check that. You can always poach up a couple of chicken breasts, no skin, cut those up into small pieces, divide into small bags and freeze them. Take out as you need them. Have you tried diced carrots or grean beans?
82861 tn?1333457511 After a couple of months allowing them to sleep anywhere in the house, I dealt with vomit on the carpet, trash cans overturned, pee on the carpet (even though house-broken), and near sleepless nights due to constant scratching/chewing/collar-jingling from mange. It's not their fault, really (except for the trash can raids)...after all, both the pups were sick with kennel cough and demodex after I brought Bryce home. They've just recently overcome the worst of the problems. Thank goodness.