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Avatar n tn I was play wrestling around with my girlfriend a few days ago, and i tripped on something on the floor and my knee came straight down with all my weight onto her foot (yeah I'm real popular with her parents now). She had previously broken that foot about 2 years ago. Its hurt a lot for her to walk on since the injury is swollen. She went to her regular physician today who said the bones were probably cracked and there was nothing they could do. he didnt even bother xraying it or anything.
Avatar n tn I just think there should have been an X ray done, and I was wondering if its routine *not* to do an x ray for a broken foot (the doctor said the treatment/prognosis wouldnt change with or without an xray, which is why my gf didnt want to pay to do it). Just seemed werid to me, especially considering that there is obviously a bone that is broken or dislocated and I was hoping another doctor or podiatrist patrols the boards and would mind giving a second opinion on that.
Avatar m tn Yesterday i was at a track riding my dirtbike and I landed one of the jumps pretty bad. Ever since then there has been a bit of pain in my foot. after looking at some pictures of the foot bones im pretty sure the pain is coming from the joint of the 1st metatarsal and the medial cuneiform. I only get this pain when i push on that area or bend my foot. There is no swelling or bruiseing.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 10 years old and weighs just 56 pounds. She has had 5 broken bones in the last 2 years from slight injuries, such as stubbing her toe. She also has delayed healing. She currently has a broken elbow from being pushed into a wall. The orthopedic doctor ordered blood work because he was concerned why her bones keep breaking and healing so slowly.
Avatar n tn I fell 3 days ago, landing on my tailbone. The next day, the area was swollen... it is still swollen. I was xray'd and advised that the coccyx was broken. I was told to rest and take Tylenol 3 and Ibuprophen. I was told not to use cool.cold compresses, but to have daily hot showers to alleviate the pain. This has not been very effective.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately there is a delicate balance to the function of the foot, and once things are out of balance because of a broken bone or frozen joint the entire function is lost. I hate to keep passing people to specialists, but again, a good surgical podiatrist can do amazing things using orthotics custom-molded to the foot. Moreover, podiatrists work on a different pay scale than orthopedists; I have been shocked at times by the low bill of the podiatrist I have seen in the past.
Avatar n tn Also i have found that the Birkenstock range of shoes is very good as the footbed moulds to the shape of your foot. I have no arch left as my bones have all collasped. I also get 3mthly cortizone shots into my broken bones to relieve the inflamation the best pain relief ever. Are you still getting any treatment??
Avatar f tn Hello dear. Treatment of metatarsal fractures depends on the type and extent of the fracture, and may include: • Rest. Sometimes rest is the only treatment needed to promote healing of a stress or traumatic fracture of a metatarsal bone. • Avoid the Offending Activity. Because stress fractures result from repetitive stress, it is important to avoid the activity that led to the fracture. Crutches or a wheelchair are sometimes required to offload weight from the foot to give it time to heal.
Avatar n tn Now I'm taking beta blockers (Propranolol) to keep my heart palpitations under control until the nodule shrinks (I just underwent RAI - radioiodine treatment - the vibrating foot was there before the treatment). Anyway, that is all I have.. of course, the sensation is driving me crazy and scares me to death... (I've had enough being sick!!) Anybody else in a similar situation??
Avatar f tn Will i know I have a plate in my foot? will my foot bend correctly when i walk? ( it doesnt now, I hoping this will fix it) please give me some insite! Thank you!!!
Avatar m tn If the fracture is not out of position, a simple cast may be sufficient for treatment. If the fracture is out of position, then surgery may be recommended to realign the broken bones, and stabilize them with screws or pins. The calcaneus is the bone in the back of the foot, commonly referred to as the heel bone. Calcaneus fractures are almost always the result of high-energy injuries. They usually occur as a result of a fall from a height, such as falling from a ladder.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing some pain right where I broke my foot. Because I haven't had any prior broken bones, I don't know whether this pain is something that everyone experiences as years go by from healed broken bones or does the meds cause this type of pain anywhere there has been a prior injury. It happened the other day and then went away and now today it is back.I actually have a problem putting weight on it and have to limp.
Avatar n tn I straighter the foot and knew the foot was broken. Phy. ***. In Ed said I couldn't have straighten it and just rayed the angle. She said it was a bad Spain. I than repeated how it was and the bones were broke in the foot. Bone doc found the big toe and angle frac. I than tod him again how it was . 8 weeks toes pinky and next one still didn't move and than he listened and got. A cat scan. Bones under the two toes crushed. Operated bones out.
136986 tn?1232403430 Also as soon as possible pls get an x-ray or MRI foot(shows soft tissue injuries) done. There are 26 bones in the foot.Without an x-ray it is very difficult to say if there is any bone involved even a hair line fracture.Depending on the bone involved in fracture (which is shown in the x-ray) and the severity of fracture,treatment is different.
Avatar n tn hi im garry from uk ,I crushed my foot in accident at work ,over a tonne of steel crushed my foot. I broken 2ndmetatarsal,six months later still of work,swelling foot, goes blue when cold ,only looks good when foot is elevated, docs think I have rsd ?
Avatar m tn You mentioned radiographs, not exactly sure what that is but Ive had my sergion look at few X-rays, he was looking at the space between the bones in tha ankle, his concern was wether or not to put a screw in, cause apparently my fractured fibula can cause swelling in the the ankle and thus spreding the bones out of posistion causing instability but he thinks the x-rays look alright, so he sent me home after 6 weeks and asked me to come back in 3 weeks, should i be pushing for a sooner date.
Avatar f tn I bruised my shoulder, and have suffered cuts by falling on furniture, but never needed stitches nor have I broken any bones. I live alone, and try to be as safe as possible. My friends comment on how worried they are about that. Do any of you drive a vehicle with hand controls? I was in a car accident about 3 weeks ago. My car stalled as I approached a red light, and I did not have the strength to stop it without the power brakes.
Avatar m tn the malleolus in 3 places (trimalleolar fracture) and the tarsus in multiple places (talo-calcaneal and comminuted foretarsus breaks). breaks are well aligned and i avoided surgery. i was put in an emergency cast, then some days ago i returned, i was put under sedation then the emergency cast and shoe were removed and the new cast applied. when i woke up i was shocked to see they made a full leg plaster! how is possible to cast the entire leg for a foot?
3131950 tn?1351778243 When do you get your broken collar bone set? I admire your strength dealing with broken bones and trying to NOT take opiates for pain.
Avatar f tn I had a crush injury to my left foot two month ago and i don't believe that the doctors know what really wrong with my foot. I've had several x-ray's but none found any broken bones. The doctor started me on physical therapy but that made the pain worst. So I made a doctor appointment to see what the problem is and he put a short cast on it. I still have pain and swelling and I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn After 5 months, alot of blood work, and hard work by my doctor the only thing that has turned up is an active thyroid. Hypothyroidism is what we "think" is the concern. It has been checked 3 times, and twice it was off. My doctor proscribed some medicine(Levothyroxine, lowest dose possible for now- .25 or 25) for 2 months. In 6 weeks we'll do blood work again and see if I still have the inner cold feeling.
Avatar n tn This is nothing to play with. I broke my foot, just walking across the floor due to that medicine, it can make your bones weak. You swell so much it hurts, I bruise very easily. If you don't get a hold of your dr. I would if I were you begin to cut the dosage down. I cannot believe someone put her on so much and for how long, I would not let this go to long. I am not a nurse but I have worked in and around the medical office/hospital since I was 17 and I'm quit it just 3 yrs ago.
Avatar n tn Nothing was broken and the emergency room doctors could not explain why this took place several days later after the injury. The swelling was so bad, my foot had broken blood vessels and bruising. I didn't even think the injury was that bad when I did it and I still wonder if that even had anything to do with this flare up. It has been a month and this foot is still more swollen than it has been in previous years.
Avatar f tn Impingement of the ankle joint between the bones of ankle and foot is another possibility. The clue to right treatment is right diagnosis of the cause of pain. You can consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!
Avatar n tn If she does have a broken jaw, you need to have the bone set. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN DO BY YOURSELF.
Avatar f tn you need your Fib bone, you would be surprized at how much you use it. I got lucky both bones were clean break, so he said the two Fib bones are coming together very nice. said i should be able to walk on my own in 2 months.
Avatar n tn Don't break your PIP joint! Broken joint medical treatment is still in it's infancy in 2009 and a broken PIP joint means that joint stays that way for the rest of your life according to the doc and all I've spoken too. The bone is healed, but big deal - I bump it at least once a day and am reminded of it daily.
Avatar n tn Been hit with the same symptoms as you are all describing several times now, pain killers alone were not helping and most things I read said a cold compress may help (didn't) however a heat pad, the large ones that you can get wrap around ones for back pain, tied around the foot for 6 hours really improved it, obviously try and rest the foot during this treatment, and as it starts to improve, gently stretch the foot. Don't know what causes it and at the time when it hurts I don't care!