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Avatar m tn I just want to know what is causing this. I can't even bring my blood sugar down at this point. My doctor is seeing me friday, but I'll push for Tuesday.
Avatar n tn Hopefully the insulin will start to bring her down quickly from those highs and she will feel dramatically better in a matter of days. I have heard of other people with similarly high readings on diagnosis (even higher!). She has a lot to learn and do, and again, the whys are just a way of staying in denial imho. In addition to the insulin she needs to learn about diet, exercise and weight loss.
349463 tn?1333575176 If im not mistaken the test measures the ability of how your body handles large amounts of sugar, non-diabetic your levels will get hi and your body will do what it is suppose to do to bring the levels back down to a normal level but quickly. When it takes your body longer to bring the levels down it could be a possible indicator of diabetes and your body may need some assistance to bring the levels down, like insulin or pills.
4250330 tn?1388624779 What Can I Eat For Low Blood Sugar I Feel Really Shaky And My Hearts Beating Fast And Everything This Happened Last Time I Thought My Blood Sugar Was Low.. Im 31 Weeks and 6 Days pregnant..
Avatar n tn Levemir should not increase your blood pressure. But stress and anxiety can. Your very high blood sugar is going to cause you complications. What is your correction factor? How many units of insulin does it take to bring your blood sugar down by say 20 points. But you can only test this properly AFTER you've adjusted your levemir and have your non-eating (basal) blood sugar stable. Becuase for now the humalog is replacing too low basal insulin.
Avatar f tn No matter what I eat my blood sugar will remain under a hundred and then quickly drop back down to the 56-72 range. This will last a couple of weeks before I return to the high levels again. I tell the doctor, but doctor doesn't look at my meter. He runs another a1c. This time it is 5.4. Normal he says. Go home. Can one of you explain to me what is happening? Many thanks in advance.
180395 tn?1287497597 Donuts are not good (I know you said this is not usual) because they digest very quickly releasing a lot of sugar, then your insulin levels will go way up and drive the sugar down. However, becuase the donuts are already digested there is not enough ready sugar available (and maybe your insulin response was very high) and then your blood sugars will be driven very low.
Avatar n tn my blood sugar is 245 b4 bed how do I lower it quickly to a range that is comfortable?
Avatar m tn Vienna is correct, it could just be genetic, in any case there are many medical options to bring your number down very quickly. Also, take a look at the DASH diet as created by the NIH to combat high blood pressure. Below is a link; This diet is designed to balance you diet and eliminate excess sodium, it's worth looking at.
Avatar n tn I have also seen a Cardiologist and had a EcoCardioghram (not sure of spelling), I have had a brain scan along with blood work. Was diagnosed with low blood sugar, a heart valve leak and a heart mumor and Anxiety Disorders. I do not feel as if I am getting any better, every day I feel awful. My Blood sugars when tested at home have been testing between (70's to 272 at highest) a couple of times 56 and 69.
Avatar n tn What do u do the quickly bring down high sugar without insulin any home remedy any advice would be great I am on metformin eating right or barely eating and my sugar is still high
Avatar f tn He did not tell me to monitor my blood sugar, but local supermarket was giving out free meters so I got one (tru2go) and some test strips and have been checking here and there, especially when I feel like I'm having a low blood sugar attack. I have never yet had a high reading when I checked at any time. However, I have been having a lot of low blood sugar attacks and readings.
Avatar n tn I had all the heart tests done and nothing came up abnormal. For me, peanut butter, muffins, juice--those kinds of super high fat/sugar things bring it on. I just try to eat peanut butter in small amounts and I've stopped muffins and juice all together. The digestive solution you presented is very informative. Thank you!
1548538 tn?1293875433 If I do give in, and scrape a few dozen of them off, I can get them out form under my fingernails (gross, I know), and they look like grains of sugar or sand. They are hard like grains of sand. You can not "squish" them. They are not husband is an RN, and he has looked at my scalp many times, and we are certain of this.
1088509 tn?1352239847 I too have high cholestrol, I MEAN high. I was 327. I went and had blood taken 2 weeks ago and I have dropped it to 247 still way to high but not as bad as it was. I did it though excersise and diet. Still have a way to go. ALso I was told that it runs in families as well. I am 5'7 weight is 155. It has taken me 6 months to get to this point and I have cut meds in 1/2 . I think once you are made awar you can do something to stop it. Best to all!
Avatar n tn I recently had blood tests performed for screening for a study testing the diet drug Remonabant (sp?).I was disqualified due to my High TSH results. My blood test came back with a reading of 13.8 for my TSH and 1.3 for my free T4. I do take 100 mcg of Levothroid, but I can't see that it does anything for me. I have been back to my doctor twice since I started taking the Levothroid about 18 months ago and he said nothing needed to be adjusted.
Avatar f tn I searched on the internet and found the explanation that my immune system was misidentifying sugar in my blood as an invader and would them generate histamine to combat the invader. To me it made since because a single antihistamine pill worked fairly well. I spoke to my family doctor about the "invader theory" and he agreed it could be correct. I asked if it would get better with time and he said "no it could get worse".
Avatar n tn Large amounts of insulin are required to bring the blood sugar down. And when the DP weakens, all the insulin-on-board causes a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. You have commented on this. And your are right. It is a pain! The sensible way to handle this, is to reduce breakfast carbs. Instead of feeding him cereal, give your son eggs, cheese, sausages etc for breakfast. His blood sugars won't go so high, you won't have to use so much insulin, and the late morning lows should ease off.
Avatar f tn I just got my blood test results back and my cholesterol is high. I'm 31 and very active my cholesterol is 202, HDL 75 and LDL 110. I was hoping for rock start results and even though these don't seem too bad I am wondering if someone might be able to shed some light. I have a love affair with cheese of all/any kind - could this be affecting it?
2033435 tn?1329947108 Your thyroid levels actually are not all that bad... . It's incorrect to say that the inability to convert T4 to T3 causes RT3.... The body naturally converts T4 to both, T3 and RT3. The problem comes in when too much is converted to RT3. RT3 is inert, meaning it does nothing. I don't completely understand the dynamics of RT3 (researching it), but apparently, RT3 can dock in the T3 receptors, which prevents the FT3 from getting in.
Avatar n tn This last blood work really threw me for a loop. Anyone else have high AST?ALT's? I don't drink or smoke, don't do any drugs and have been on a vit. regimen since dx in 01. Happy New Year and good health to all of you.
Avatar n tn I turn 35 next month. TTC for 3 years. My RE called with my Day 3 FSH blood results and it was 84, E2 was 44. I did Clomid for 6 months, I have had 6 IUI, one ectopic pregnancy in March, Last month I did injectibles for the first time and my RE suggested to take a month off in between to give my ovaries a rest. According to my RE he is baffled because I responded well to the injectibles and had 4 follicles, the dominant one was 20mm the day of my HCG trigger.
Avatar m tn I was looking forward to maybe finding out why my pulse rate has always been so high, especially in the last few years. The night before the test I measured 120 while rested and at rest using an automatic blood pressure checker. I just got the letter with results and it is Greek to me. It says my Nuclear Stress test was normal, Myocardial perfusion scan with no evidence of myocardial ischemia or infarction. The left wall motion is normal.
Avatar n tn For the past few weeks I have eaten nothing but sugar packets. Thanks to Halloween I have candy but my blood sugar continues to drop so quick. It use to 2 hours before my blood sugar drops now it is every 30 minutes. Candy nor sugar is keeping it up. I live off $7/mo. Any advice?
6850426 tn?1385502685 ) Thank you. My blood pressure has come down and isn't so high since the doctor took it. I will monitor it like he suggested and forward him the results. May be I should do the same with the traces of blood in my urine! I keep detecting traces of blood in urine from time to time. There was some last night, clear this morning, but no leucocytes or protein. The 24 hour urinalysis seems like a good idea. Best wishes.
171267 tn?1199874189 Lying down or sitting quickly can bring them on for me too, it means nothing. Just sit slowly, and sit down before lying down. Try your right side before your left when lying down too, some people notice the left side makes it worse, or at least more noticable. You'll find this comes and goes, most likely. Sometimes it won't happen and sometimes it will (usually right when you've stopped noticing ;) You sound normal, if anxious, to me. I also have anxiety issues.
863754 tn?1239148355 I told the doctor that if he gave her two different antibiotics (the strongest he could find) and gave her high dosage for a short time (2-3) days, then it would definitely shut down her kidneys, but they'd have a chance to "bounce back." And if they didn't, well the pneumonia pretty much guaranteed a 0% chance, so we had to try something. It was a tough 3 days... Everyday I was wondering if I had made the right call.
Avatar n tn Since the stress levels suffered by EMTs in emergency situations, your heart rate may prevent you from getting and keeping a job. Alot of time exercises that are aerobic bring down the heart rate. Biking, swimming, low impact aerobics and power walking are good exercises that will give you a good workout without raising your heart rate too high. If it continues to be high, then have the MD order a PET stress test to checkout the stress on the heart.
Avatar n tn I have many of the triggers most of you have. After meals, quickly bending over, belching, quickly lying down, sneezing, holding breath, stress, anxiety, etc,..... And the frequency is never the same, as well as severity. Three years ago I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. On my way back to bed I consumed about a quart of ice water. Then went back to bed. As I laid down on my back the palpitations started and would not stop.
Avatar m tn For the past two weeks he has been whimpering in the evening. We had x rays and blood work. Two years ago Toby was laying down and wouldnt walk so we ran blood tests and they mentioned "Lupis" and they said it would come and go. After they treated him that time it didnt come back until now and it's not the same. He is normal during the day but cries at night (im not currently working so I am with him all day).