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9590250 tn?1452835284 I don't know about the fenugreek, but I do know my supply drops when right before my period when I'm pmsing. So keep an eye out for that, because if that's it itll pick up right after your period starts.
395769 tn?1318453282 Then I got pregnant with DD after 1st AF, she is 7 months and still breastfeeding. So I have only had one period since Jan 2004. Four years and one period....crazy huh!
Avatar f tn Its all very dependent, what you're eating, how many liquids you're drinking (water every day all day), your hormone levels (birth control and starting your period can make your milk supply seem to drop a bit for a few days but mine has always picked back up). Most importantly, just be patient. Hopefully it'll all work out for you and baby. But if it doesn't dont stress, some babies need extra help with their latch and some women just can't make enough milk. Good luck!
Avatar n tn From what I've read, making sure you're letting down BEFORE you pump is important, so make sure you're relaxed enough, or you'll just get what's left over in the pipes. Also, the pump may be okay, but if the sucker part isn't big enough, you might not get much milk. Also, do you alternate which breast you feed from first? I'd call a lactation consultant to get to the bottom of things from the start.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if it's true? Someone told me that when your breastfeeding you burn 500 calories! True or false?
873692 tn?1337279333 I was not in a good place, and the breastfeeding was making it worse.... after 7 weeks I returned to work, and I stopped breastfeeding... I actually didn't like the breastfeeding- probably not a normal response, I was looking forward to the "bond" thing, but I just didn't feel it.... so I pumped exclusively for the 7 weeks, then I stopped when I returned to work, and my mental state got MUCH better!
543966 tn?1234739568 I started my period last week, which I know is rare when exclusively breastfeeding, and that seemed to diminish my supply further. Has anyone heard anything, or better yet, tried anything, that boosts supply? I have heard a lot about fenugreek, I think it's called....has anyone tried that? But I also read that it makes you and your baby smell like maple syrup (SO bizarre!!) which is unfortunately one of my husbands least favorite scents.
Avatar f tn I can't get in to see a nutritionist until the 5th of july and I think my lack of calories (bc of limited diet) is decreasing my supply. Here's why.. I normally put her to bed at 8pm then pump at 10pm and she usually doesn't wake up to eat until 4 or 5 am, so my 10 pm pumping I usually get 3 to 4 ounces out of each breast. The last 3 days I have only been getting 2ounces out of each side at the 10 pm pump. So yesterday was my first day back at work, I pumped every 3 hours and I got 2 to 2.
Avatar n tn The fact that you are only breastfeeding 2x per day, though, might mean your supply will adjust to the amount you are feeding. If you want to maintain a good supply, just make sure you are drinking a lot of fluids still, eating healthy, taking vitamins and that you nurse for as long as possible during those two nursing sessions. If you are doing this because you are unable to nurse at the other times (i.e.
Avatar f tn Hi girls. My baby is 3 months old and I just got my period back. I am breastfeeding and still want to continue. Did you dry up soon after you started your period again or were you able to continue breastfeeding? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn has anyone gotten there period while breastfeeding? my baby is 10 weeks old and i breastfeed but i got my period the other day...
Avatar f tn I had a baby almost 4 months ago and Im currently breastfeeding. Ever since I gave birth, I have not had a period. Is this normal? Should I see my dr? I also want to try for another baby, is it ok to be breastfeeding while pregnant? Thank you!
280369 tn?1316705641 As far as the period while breastfeeding I don't know. I didn't have a cycle the entire time I nursed my first and then with my second it started immediately after the first month like clockwork while exclusively nursing. With the pumping thing, I would guess that it was most likely affected by being sick. Just keep drinking plenty of fluids and eating well. Good luck.
Avatar f tn - Take lot of fluids (water and fruits Juices) - Try massaging the breast gently as you nurse - Offer both breasts at each feeding - double pump for 5-10 minutes after you nurse - Breastfeed frequently. Frequent breastfeeding is the number one key to boosting your milk supply - Continue breastfeeding even when sick unless otherwise the doctor advise not.
659471 tn?1229463290 Honestly, YOU aren't doing anything wrong more than likely and your supply is probably fine. (given you are drinking enough fluid and eating healthy) Most babies less than a month old will take a bottle if offered even after nursing because of the natural urge to suck. She is probably going through a growth spurt where they want to nurse all the time- this is how they increase your supply.
336902 tn?1242009690 I am 8 days post partum and have been exclusively breastfeeding my son. The problem I have is I struggle to keep up with his demand. There were many times I have to rock my boy to sleep because my breast wouldn't be able to yield milk for him - he would suck and suck and then cry cause nothing or very little comes out. Now looking forward as he grows I assume he would need more. I started to doubt I am able to continue to supply.
1654035 tn?1332428778 I just want to say that it wouldnt have been anything that you did wrong, its extremely hard to keep your milk supply going when you return to work and have to pump, usually, just as you experience your milk supply slowly starts to dwindle, all I can say is just to try and put baby to breast as often as you can, it will be hard if you have to suppliment as baby stays fuller longer as formula takes longer to digest and also pump more regularly if you can :)
147172 tn?1226761778 I want to share with you fellow breast feeding moms out there how to keep your milk supply up, if interested. You can take 2 natural herbs, which are perfectly safe for both you and your baby. They are Brewer's Yeast and Fenugrrek. I take 1 500 mg capsule of Fenugreek a day and you can take anywhere between 4 and 12 tablets of Brewer's Yeast, also 500 mg a day along with your pre-natal vitamins.
492921 tn?1321293496 It could be the return of your period, which is notorious for dropping supply for a couple of days. You may be fighting off an infection/cold. As for fullness- it actually is normal to lose the feeling of fullness after a couple of months. I don't know much about Spark energy drink. You can try eliminating it, and you can also look at what it has been substituting, especially if your drop in supply coincides with starting it.
Avatar f tn the general rule for pumping is that you have to pump frequently for the first 12 weeks. that's when your supply is considered established. 8-10 times a day is optimal in that time period. you can go a little longer for the sake of getting some sleep, but make sure you pump at least once between 1 and 5 am since that is when there's higher prolactin levels. i cut down to 6 pumps/day at 8 weeks pp, and did ok, but many people don't that early.
Avatar n tn Not as far as I know. Breastfeeding just makes your period irregular. My partner still breastfed after her period made a return, at least on the two who weren't hospitalized. And I think I've read plenty of people here who continue to breastfeed after their period returns. I think your period stopping is just a perk of breastfeeding, not a physiological must.
Avatar n tn I've heard of things like eating oatmeal helping. For me whenever I had my period my supply would take a hit. Just keep working through it and keep a consistent pumping schedule. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn iv been breastfeeding baby since he was born but I feel like my milk supply is going low should I just which too feeding him formula or should I just keep trying too breastfeed?
Avatar n tn I haven't been on the pill since before my first baby, so no advice on that end, but as for the breastfeeding, I started my first period exactly one month after stopping. But you started the pill while you were still breastfeeding... I don't know if that affects your cycle ?
Avatar n tn Hello ladies. I hope everyone is well. I have a question about my milk supply and hope someone can help me. My little Isabella is 3 wks old tomorrow. I had been feeding her from the breast. But when she was only a few days old, her jaundice got really bad and the Dr. had me supplement formula for a few days. I would still breast feed along with it, and pump when she was bottle feeding. She got very confused, but i was able to get her back to the breast after a day or two.
374593 tn?1257883550 If you're on the pill and have/had AF - that can affect your supply. When I would get my period my supply would go down. Are you pumping for time or until the last drop? Good luck.