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Avatar n tn 2 nd wk of pain in back right ribs toward right breast
1757088 tn?1312653675 as i sit here reading all this, it's good to know that others are going through the same thing i'm going through ,5 montha ago i was hopitalized with breast, rib, should pain so bad i thought i was having a heart attack, every test you can think of was ran on me stress test, all kinds of heart stuff. aftera 6 day stay i was no closer to knowing why i was having the pain. i was sent home with pain pills and mucsle relaxers. and it's been 5 months and i'm still in horrible pain.
Avatar f tn Hi, So I woke up this morning at about 3am and had a sharp piercing pain under my right breast on my rib. The pain has eased off and it's not sharp now but it's still there and aching. The left side when you push you can feel rib on the right it's abit squishy then ribs. So I don't know if there is fluid or what's going on. I have a ante natal app tomorrow and will ask but has anyone else had this? Could the baby have bruised me on the inside?
Avatar f tn Hi can you please help me, I do not have health care right now, About a week ago when i got up from bed i had very bad pain in my right breast and rib, I do not remember doing any thing to bring it on, I have been taking tylanol every day and that is not helping! So any thing at this time you could tell me would be great!
Avatar f tn This also loosens the fascial tissue that is causing the pain in the rib area. Google self breast massage and have her give it a try.
Avatar f tn What do you girls do for rib pains. I am having pains under my right Breast and they haven't gone away for the past three days.
Avatar f tn Im 12weeks tomorrow. But for the past few days iv had on and off rib pain on my right side under my breast it hurts almost every time I breath. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar f tn I have really bad rib pain in the middle of my rib cafe right under my breast. I've had it all week. I'm 19 weeks along and I don't believe the baby could be pushing me that high already. The pain is constant and only abates when I move and then only temporarily. What could it be?
Avatar n tn For 2 weeks I have had a pain at the base of my left breast. It is sore and feels bruised but nothing is visible. It hurts to breath deep, cough, sneeze or blow my nose. My doctor thought I had a cracked rib. The xrays revealed nothing abnormal. I do not sleep well at night because when I move certain ways it also hurts. I am at wits end.
Avatar f tn After openheart surgery - it has been 9 weeks and I am doing pretty good but still have a strong achey pain in my right rib/breast area. Right now I have a little cold and the cough has really made it worse. It is not in the center or left side at all. Is this common - why? How long til it passe?
Avatar m tn im 25w pregnant and the past 5 weeks been getting really sore back but tha went away now i get really bad tooth ache and the past 3 days been getting really sore rib and my breast left side it sing feels like skin been streched and bruised when i touch it. this morning i woke up because it was the wors one i cant sleep on sides only facing up but its too uncorftable. i know its normal through out the pregnancy but what can i do o make it feel better i hate missing out on sleep ??
Avatar f tn anyways i'm 37 weeks pregnant tomro with 2nd baby and am suffering from really bad rib pain under my right breast, midwife said theres nothing to do and to wait till baby drops lower but i cant cope with the pain anymore anyone else experienced it? Please help!!
Avatar f tn I've been having this constant burning pain under my right breast on top of my ribs.. I can't find any relief for it. Has any one else experienced this & do you know what it is??
Avatar n tn Now I am experiencing pain in 2 of my ribs on the front left side and a spot on the back of my rib cage on the right side. My oncologist thinks its pulled muscles but I really don't feel much pain unless I touch that area. What is this? Has anyone else experienced this with this procedure?
Avatar f tn It happens when Im tying shoelaces or lowering myself into the bath or bending down.My mum gets the same pain but she has a rib that clicks over onto another rib and her cousin has the same problem.Do you think thats what it sounds like?
Avatar f tn I'm 26weeks pregnant and have been having rib pain for a week now.. I went to get it checked but the Dr said its just pulled muscle but I haven't done anything strenuous to pull that part of my body. The pain goes from under my right breast, to my sides leading to right under my right shoulder blade. I could be sitting down or laying down and I would feel that intense pain... Anyone going through something like this but have a different diagnosis?
Avatar f tn My daughter has been suffering from severe pain in her entire rib area on both sides, nobody seems to be able to come up with a treatment, diagnosis or plan for her. Her rib cage will swell and she has severe pain. We think she injured her ribs playing in a flag football game several years ago, they healed wrong or something. Please can you help?
Avatar f tn It is a benign, painful, nonsuppurative localized swelling of the costosternal, sternoclavicular, or costochondral joints, most often involving the area of the second and third ribs Other possibilities are fibromyalgia(musculoskeletal pain) ,lower rib pain syndromes(pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen, a tender spot on the costal margin, and reproduction of the pain by pressing on the spot),pain due to gall bladder or other GI pathologies and chest trauma and fracture of the ribs.
Avatar n tn For about a week now i have been suffering with terrible pain under my right breast which seems to be coming from my rib cage and is now affecting my upper right back. I have been sent up to A & E by my doctor and had a blood test and x-ray but all came up fine apart from the doc said i had extra calcium build up on my ribs. She is baffled by my symptoms and isnt quite sure what is wrong she is thinking that i may have ripped the muscle from my ribs which is causing the pain.
251831 tn?1240424525 The sensation itself is the result of tiny muscles between each rib....( Itercostal Muscles) going into spasm.. I have this rib pain right under my left breast ..I can rub the area and its so tender and painful right between the rib area, I have had EKG'S , you name it, trying to find out whats causing this pain SO, I think What i am experiencing is this MS HUG... I do know it is very uncomfortable..... Also Ihurt around to my shoulder blade.... I hope this Info Helps....
Avatar n tn Since that time I have had pain right under the breast area between two ribs. The pain will radiate to a spot on my back near the shoulder blade. When I drink something cold too fast the area in the front will actually burn. Had an x-ray taken the other day which came back fine. Doctor told me to take Bextra 10mg. once a day for 10 days and come back and see him.
Avatar f tn This was about 3 weeks ago. It does sound a lot like rib pain. I know that with my first pregnancy I never felt any rib pain while pregnany but afterwards when my ribs started to pop back into place...WHEW it would stop me dead in my tracks it hurt so bad...fortunately the pain then only lasted a few seconds.