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5265722 tn?1402523832 I was diagnosed with granuloma mastitis after three months of two ultrasounds, a needle aspiration and two biopsies. I'm taking two antibiotics and nothing for the pain. My breast is very red and painful, I've been hearing about the Calcium enzonite clay is this okay for a breast that's inflamed and red??? Also I want to change my diet as well anything that will help me, I'm only 28.
Avatar f tn For about a month in a half I have had pain near my right breast and right shoulder, now the pain is a constant, dull ache that is worse with every movement and breath I take and pretty localized to my armpit with pain radiating into my right breast. I have had it worked on by a chiropractor without any relief. I have iced, heat, tiger balm, biofreeze, EMS, adjustments, graston all without relief. I do not have any changes with my beast size or shape or anything like that, just pain.
Avatar f tn I am 25 almost 26 weeks pregnant and I really was adamant on breast feeding my son u don't know how to tell if I am getting milk in or how long it will take for my milk to come in.
Avatar f tn (or healing clay) also from a Health Food Store. Applied to the breast like a poltice. Draws the infection out. Soothes the pain. Calms the inflamation. 4) Sleep! Your body needs LOTS of it.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning with a very painful breast. There is a portion of my areola that is very swollen and red. I cant touch it to see if there is a lump or not. I stopped breastfeeding about 3 months ago. Im not sure what to do. Ive been using warm moist compresses but it seems to not help at all. The pain radiates up into my armpit. What could this be?
Avatar f tn Usually women who have breast pain( fibrocystic breast conditions) are recommended to take Vitamin E, in doses ranging from 400 IU to 600 IU per day.Other vitamin suggestions include Vitamin B6, a B complex, and magnesium.But I would,if I were you,check with the breast surgeon before taking any supplements,including the Flax seed pills. Since I am not a medical professionals I cannot advise you to take any supplements before consulting with your doctor first.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if over-the-counter natural hormone remedies are linked to breast cancer risk?
8494190 tn?1407615430 But it seems i'm having back pain a nd i've gotten more uncomfortable than before. boobies are tender again and i have a lot of fatigue...anyone have any home remedies I walk a lot and sing on the praise team at my church...
285896 tn?1237211227 ***1) Black cohosh- alleviates the pain and distress associated w/ pregnancy and stimulates uterine contractions. 2) Butcher's broom- aids in the treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins, cramps, and edema during and after pregnancy. 3) **** quai- helps tone a weak uterus, clears blockage, restores fertility, ensures an easy delivery by providing smooth muscle-relaxing qualities.
Avatar f tn Different breastfeeding positions Hot compresses to "loosen" the milk The landolin lotion cream thing Vaseline Ice pack for the pain. Neosporin on the scabby nipple area Hydrogen peroxide And right now I put witch hazel pads directly on my nipples and has been there for 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if over-the-counter natural hormone remedies are linked to breast cancer risk?
Avatar f tn I guess my milk came in bout two days ago and not only am I in some of the worst pain ever but I am very worried bout my breast and implants.I dont no what to do,Any remedies for engorged breast?How long will this last?Is there anything I can do to stop it or make it quicker?
Avatar f tn It's due to stretching skin I use lotion and vitamin E oil.
Avatar f tn It does sting but only intermittently. I noticed a pain a couple of weeks ago under the full breast. Since then this little node has appeared under my right breast naval. I am going thru a divorce and wonder if it is caused by stress. Also, I am having sweating during the day and that's when the stinging of the node occurs. I am fifty, do you think I am going thru the change and this is a symptom or something I should be worried about?
Avatar m tn Hi, Before starting tamoxifen treatment, make sure you tell your doctor about any medications you are taking (including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.). It is advised not to take aspirin, or products containing aspirin unless your Doctor/Oncologist specifically permits this. Please talk to your doctor if you can continue taking low doses of aspirin. Take care...
Avatar f tn Two weeks later, January 15, I had partial mastectomy and Sentinel biopsy with removal of 1st lymph node (NO Cancer). I am about 4 weeks since second surgery and I am still so uncomfortable. My breast feels so heavy and hard. During the day my arm brushes against my breast and by the end of the day I feel very sensitive and sore. Actually, the only time I am comfortable is when I am laying down. I am still using ice packs...should I switch to heat?
Avatar f tn s not safe to try to induce labor on your own, BUT I have naturally been having early labor symptoms. I am having irregular contractions, back pain, menstrual like cramps, my mucus plug has came out, nausea, and of course pressure. I am curious to know what are some Natural remedies to help jump start the labor, considering my body is giving signals it's ready.
Avatar f tn they can give you something to help dry up your milk , I know along time ago they use to bind your breast (not recommended) home remedies include Cabbage leaves (cool) , Drink sage tea, Take vitamin B6. Avoid nipple stimulation, as this will trigger milk production. Other ideas: start wearing the tightest sports bra you can , When you shower, face away from the stream: hot water will induce milk supply.
Avatar n tn Normally, I have my medication which can save me throughout any given day that the pain is too severe to deal with, but of course that is not an option now that I am pregnant. I have tried everything you can imagine from natural remedies to medical services in the last 15 years and nothing seems to helpSo I have suffered with chronic migraines for almost my whole adult life (15+ years now), and unfortunately, they have continued throughout my 2nd trimester (15 weeks preggo).
Avatar f tn Don't know if there's anything to be done :( I was terribly sore right off until maybe 10 weeks or so it gradually got better. I'm really enjoying the break right now because I'm sure it'll come back!
Avatar m tn I would also like to hear about what homeopathic remedies have been tried. I took silica on the recommendation of the naturopath - it hasn't seemed to help after a week, but I will give it more time before I stop.