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Avatar n tn I was having increasing breast tenderness for about a month and then a heavy period-like occurance with immediate relief of the breast pain. I went to my gyn about this and he said that because of the breast pain, the post menopausal bleeding sounded hormonal which would likely mean the ovaries are involved, even though he said he didn't feel any ovarian thing during my exam. I am having a transvaginal ultrasound and he said we need to do a d and c.
Avatar f tn 6 cm cyst via ultrasound - it has two smaller cysts attached. The results of the CA 125 was 35. Family history of breast and uterine cancer. I am experiencing recurrent pain and constant abdominal bloating and have lost my appetite. I can't get in to see a gynocologist until next week (no gyno within 900 miles). Does this fact pattern warrant waiting to see what happens or a biopsy? If the answer is surgery, how soon should it occur?
Avatar m tn not to worry because breast cancer lumps and bumps do not cause pain. However, my doctor has scheduled an ultrasound and diagnostic mammo... just have to wait 2 more weeks.
Avatar f tn The CT showed a 23mm adnexal cyst (possibly ovarian). Symptoms listed were fatigue (severe), bloating, polyuria, and abdominal pain as if a period is coming. (to name a few) I also had breast tenderness for the first time in a long time. I got a call that all is OK with the CT. I am to see an endocrinologist about the hypercalcemia but am worried that nothing further is being done about the adnexal cyst.
Avatar f tn ) The last few days I have been having lots of lower back pain and groin pain. Asked doc for pain med's and was told we have to do another scan to see what is going on. She told me again that removing it might be the direction to go at this point but has also told me these things can go away own their own. Have an appointment for yet another scan next week and then a consult with her go over results. I just wish it would go away, really do not want surgery. Not that anyone does!!
Avatar n tn Thought that I was in the clear until today. Called GYN because pain is still intermittent and still having breast tenderness. Could these cyst be malignant? I'm concerned after reading internet sites that indicate the CA 125 doesn't show early cancer. I'm very concerned - any insight would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn I would have to factor in how much pain they where causing me if I was you, if its constant, severe , if on pain meds very often, you may want to consider a LEEP this is surgery to remve fibroids only, usually same day home. A hysterectomy for fibroids is a last resort. Sometimes a injection called Leupron can be give it puts one into a chemically induced menopause which, in theory should shrink your fibroids.
Avatar f tn Breast infection can also occur in women who are not breastfeeding.In postmenopausal women, breast infections may be associated with inflammation of the ducts. Also hormonal changes in the body can cause the milk ducts to become clogged with dead skin cells and debris.These clogged ducts make the breast more prone to bacterial infection. It's very important that you take all the antibiotic prescribed by your doctor to prevent recurrence. I hope that you'll feel better soon. Best wishes... P.
Avatar n tn Not on any HRT. Went for checkup with a breast dr in early 08 found cyst in breast with mastectomy. Did sono in office found to be a simple cyst. Now 5 months later and the cyst( still very small) is still palpable, but has not changed size, etc. What is the follow up now. She will have another sonogram to check cyst. Should she have this aspirated even if simple cyst on sonogram? What followup is needed. My mom is afraid of implant being punctured.
Avatar n tn I have left this with the Lord, but still don't want pain, and have fibromyalgia, so the pain is a real factor for me. In any case, I see the new surgeon at a regional breast care center on Friday, and we go on from there. I have a dear friend who works in the lab there, so will have my biopsy cared for as quickly as possible, I believe.
Avatar n tn Hi, Nipple discharge is a common complaint in women and is not necessarily abnormal in premenopausal and also in postmenopausal women. Some women are more prone to have a discharge if they take certain medications especially, blood pressure medications or major tranquilizers because they increase prolactin levels in the body.The lump could be a cyst, an infection or maybe a ductul.
Avatar f tn Mastalgia (breast pain) is the most common breast-related complaint and rarely an indication of breast cancer. Most of these complaints are cyclic in nature. Cyclic pain usually is normal in menstruating women or in postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy. For some women breast pain remains unclear, and unfortunately no satisfactory treatment exists to completely eliminate it. Non-cyclic pain tends to be unilateral and described as localized, sharp, throbbing, stabbing, or burning.
Avatar f tn A recent study confirmed the long-term superior efficacy and safety of anastrozole (Arimidex) over tamoxifen as initial adjuvant therapy for postmenopausal women with hormone-sensitive early breast cancer. It is apparently considered likely that this would hold true for the other AIs, such as Aromasin, but if you wish, you could ask your doctor about the possibility of trying Arimidex in place of Aromasin. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain and swelling on my right breast for the last three days. The pain came very sudden and each day the breats is a little larger. A few years back I had a small size lump on the right side between my breast and armpit. A sonogram proved it to be benign. And eventuslly it drained. I am very concerned because it is very sore and the nipple is sensitive to touch. I am 33 yrs old with no children and no history of breast cancer in my family tree.
Avatar n tn Hi, Most breast lumps are not cancerous.A cystic pituitary tumour cannot cause breast cancer usually and the pituitary cancer cells are not documented to travel / reach the breast. Irreguar margins of the nodule could be seen with both a benign and malignant lesion but it definitely needs to be investigated further and a malignancy ruled out. In case of a sloid nodule , the further management would depend on the size , whether the size is increasing, are there any associated symptoms or not.
Avatar n tn html Mastalgia (breast pain) is the most common breast-related complaint at both primary care clinics and breast referral centers. Most of these complaints are cyclic in nature. Cyclic pain usually is normal in menstruating women or in postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy. Fibrocystic changes represent the most common cause of cyclic breast pain and symptoms are typically bilateral and described as diffuse, dull, full, achy, and heavy.
Avatar n tn The risk of your cancer coming back depends on a number of factors including the size of the tumor, number of lymph nodes involved, histologic grade of the tumor and your age. For postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive invasive breast cancer, approximately 5 years of Arimidex prevents close to half or the recerrences that otherwise would have happened. The benefit of one year of therapy is unknown.
Avatar f tn it has smooth contours and not fixed to underlying tissues. it is likely a fibroadenoma. i have never feel any pain but feeling pain in that breast for two days which makes me more worried. does it cause cancer or tumor? should i put it out from surgery?
Avatar f tn I have been having pain off an on for months, but the last few weeks the pain has stayed and gotten horrible. The pain is on my R side, mostly below my ribs but radiates around to my side and over to my spine. I literally feel like there is some kind of knot or lump in there and feel alot of pressure and pulling pain. I went to the urgent care who sent me to have an MRI to rule out kidney stones.
Avatar n tn Treatment with an aromatase inhibitor after 5 years of tamoxifen has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrence for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer. As you have implied, however, aromatase inhibitors can have side effects such as joint aches and pains as well as bone density loss.
Avatar n tn didn't understand me when I tried to explain it to her. What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this kind of unbearable pain? If the pain lasted even a min. I feel like I would just pass out and die from the pain. Honestly, it's worst than labor pains. I never know when it's going to occur. And when it does happend, I have to be standing to get through it, I can't be sitting. I've also noticed that after the pain passes I'm out of breath and dizzy. What is going on?
Avatar n tn Femara is also approved for the extended adjuvant treatment of early stage breast cancer in postmenopausal women who are within three months of completion of five years of tamoxifen therapy. In the adjuvant setting, commonly reported side effects are generally mild to moderate. Side effects that are comparable between Femara and tamoxifen include night sweats, weight gain, nausea and tiredness. Side effects seen more often with tamoxifen versus Femara were hot flashes and vaginal bleeding.
Avatar n tn This is all in my right breast. My left breast seems to be normal. Can you tell me why I am only getting these cycts in one breast, and not the other? If I have a fiborcyctic breast I would think that I would have this in both breast. I hope you can help me to understand this.
Avatar n tn I waas diagnosed with LCIS of the right breast after having breast reduction surgery. I have been on Tamoxifen for 8 months and have no side affects - actually, a lot of women say that it has made them lose weight, and I certainly have.
211940 tn?1267884866 Hi, has shoulder bursitis been ruled out? I have copied and pasted some information on this below. If it is shoulder related (and you have "transferred" pain), the fact you put "pressure" on it at night from lying down could explain why your pain increases at night. "The Causes of Shoulder Pain Defined Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa. A bursa is a tiny fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body.
Avatar f tn I am 52, postmenopausal and now have my 2nd abnormal ultrasound in two years. The first was a thickening of the endometrium. I had a biopsy, and it was benign. Now, my recent ultrasound was abnormal due to fluid in the pelvic cavity. I also have had pain, like menstrual cramping, not often though. Also, both my mom and grandma had breast cancer. I am really afraid. Are these symptons of ovarian cancer. I made an appt with GYN but I couldnt get one quickly. Please be honest.
Avatar n tn This may also affect some nerve and blood supply of the breast causing several problems and all sorts of pain. Be sure to have right amount of tightness to avoid irritation of the underlying breast skin. Regards.
Avatar m tn Study links migraine sufferers to low breast cancer rates Dear Friend, Anyone who's ever suffered from the debilitating pain of chronic migraine headaches would be hard-pressed to find any benefit at all to that blinding agony. And no matter what the "benefit" may be, I'm sure many migraine sufferers would happily exchange nearly any health benefits for the chance to live migraine free. Until now, that is.
Avatar f tn These reports have not been specific in relating the bone pain to sites of prior fractures. In some cases when pain (joint/muscle and/or bone pain) has been debilitating the recommendation would be to avoid use of these medications. As you state the risks and benefits would need to be weighed – which are best discussed with your oncologist, who would evaluate the bone pain in context of your situation.