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1815473 tn?1336174800 So since I haven't gotten many feed back on here like I do on babycenter I was wondering does anyone get cramps on only one side on your first trimester? Like I hadn't had them just yet and tonight I am having them cramps ok and off like contractions... But mild though. Is it normal?
Avatar n tn i recently had rotator cuff surgery and have been doing physical therapy for 3 months. During this time period, the last 2 months i have notice the breast on that same side getting larger. i have had pain on the outer chest wall due to the surgery and recovery which has resolved some, but the breast enlargement is more noticeable lately. Can the exercises be the cause of the enlargement? i recently had a mammogram and breast cancer does not run in the family.
Avatar n tn Have you been manually trying to express from that side to prompt this pain? I know every so often I would have pain on the right side, usually related to things I did or didn't do. In the shower, I tended to keep a hot compress on it to help soften things up a bit because of the odd dynamic with that breast, but if for some reason i didn't take the time to do that, it would become sore, almost as if it was engorged, but not exactly.
Avatar f tn My mammogram said asymmetry seen only on CC view (I guess this is top to bottom of breast) and not lateral or side view. Does this provide any diagnostic information as far as potential malignancy? Thanks.
498237 tn?1219873878 I also don't understand the pain I was feeling at the time. My breast is still painful and the bottom side of my left breast still feels like a grapefruit skin so to speak. Has anyone else experienced this? I guess I am asking 2 questions instead of 1 but it all is connected if you know what I mean. I am not one for the right words but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Any help on this would really be appreciated. I posted this earlier this morning but it didn't go through?
1031024 tn?1252341614 The pain is very sharp sometimes and I feel some bumps on the outer side of them. I've felt these bumps before, but they never hurt, only when my period was approaching, my breast got tender and plump with some pain. I got pregnant a year ago, and since labor I didn't get the pains prior to my period, just now and it's painful. I'm scared as to what this could mean.
358971 tn?1330892575 I have only only one sore breast and the pain is there it doesn"t go away,I have irregular periods I have regular sex and I think I might be preggo.Is there any possibilily from this been a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar m tn Sometimes I would feel tingling / numbness on my left foot, then the sensation would travel to my left leg shin, then I would feel it on my left hand, then on my left face, and then go back down to my foot. Again, all of these sensations would only be felt on my left side. Currently, the tingling (feels like electrical impulses on my legs and feet) and tingling on my left arm (feels like electrical impulses also, sometimes feels like sore muscles) is pretty consistent.
Avatar n tn I have had the pain on the side of my breast before too. It's kind of a weird pain though because I can't exactly pin point where the pain is coming from. I don't know if yours is similar but mine feels almost like my breast is stretching or ripping even though it's not. I always blamed mine of a pinched nerve or muscle. I always let my just subside or I massage it and it helps a little.
Avatar f tn i have a pain right under breast right side. it might be away someone picked me up last wenesday idk? and im 6 week pregnant..idk if that has anything to do with that.. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have also had on and off diarrhea the whole summer. THe pain (ironically) only seems to happen when i am having no other symptoms or discomfort. When I start having nausea/burning or spells of diarrhea, i do not get the pain. When i feel healthy again, the pain comes back, only once a day, but it is VERY painful and only lasts a couple seconds. Early this summer i was also diagnosed with a aprasite (giardia) which started all this mess. They says its gone, but i sure don't feel better.
341759 tn?1195798304 Why do my breast feel like the tissue/muscle is swelling? Can this be part of my costochondritis even thought I had it on the left side? Are these lumps on my ribs part of the costochondritis or what? I only feel pain when I apply pressure. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Can this lead 2 breast cancer as my aunt from my dads side has it and in remission, also my Gran on my mums side died from breast cancer yrs ago. I am really getting scared now. Thanks 4 readin my request. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259524'>Breast Cyst Pain</a>.
Avatar n tn they cause shoulder pain on the left, which is the side that I have breast pain on. Its also been 2 weeks since my period, but wouldn't that cause pain in both breasts not just one? I have 6 children , so of course I have fear about the pain being from something worse. I have no lumps, & no apparent swelling, but I am seing my DR. on wed. Meanwhile, I have a few days here to be paranoid, which I am. Thanks for any feedback!
1461017 tn?1285816382 I am 42 yr women I am experiencing pain on both my breast the right more than the left. On the left breast I have black fluid coming out and on the left gray to dark brown. I have no insurance. Should I go to the ER. In 2005 I had a partial Hysterectomy. I really don't know what to do..
Avatar f tn Dear memela, Breast pain is a common breast symptom. The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain. Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue. Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast.
272434 tn?1228610809 Today the leftover pain is sooo uncomfortable from the location of the pain all the way up my neck and collar bone and face on the one side. When I touch the collar bone and neck my face and eye sag a bit, my temple is very tender. It is on the surface, so I know it is not my heart but our dear old friend fibromyalgia. Are you familiar with Myofacial Pain? It is closely associated with FM and is like a sheet of thin muscle covering our whole body. * Dr.
Avatar n tn I have underarm pain and the side of my right breast. I just had a mamogram done and have not heard the outcome yet. The pain comes in waves and is not constant. It is like an ache.
Avatar f tn Hi thanks for the answer I only drink tea and that too just 2 times a day and no other drink, no smoking, no alcohol, but try to reduce this. Also,one thing i want to mention that i have no lump on that side and the pain is so severe that it goes to the back and is through all the upper back. I have taken ocid for two days, the first day it helped but after teh second day teh pain is teh same..
Avatar n tn hello my mom has been experiencing breast pain. the pain comes only from the left side of her breast. i think the pain started 3 or 2 days ago.. it has been one week since she finished her period thats just for extra information just in case. she also is not pregnant. what are the causes of the pain? what can she do? hope to get an answer soon thank u!
Avatar f tn i have had pain for about 3-4 months about twice a month when i went in to the drs my pain was like 2 times a week its only two weeks later and my pain is almost everyday keeps me up at night burning sensation almost feels like my breast is on fire :( i forgot to mention my brother died at age 28 from lymphoma ... i really thought the mammogram was a joke it seemed to me it didnt even get the spot i was complaining about it is twards my armpit but like the very top of my breast ....
Avatar m tn nearly 70% of women experience breast pain at some point in their lives. Breast pain may occur in one or both breasts or in the underarm (axilla) region of the body. The severity of the pain varies from woman to woman; approximately 15% of women require treatment. Breast pain is not normally associated with breast cancer, but the causes for this pain could be many, including pectoral muscle injury that can happen with certain exercises or arm overuse.
Avatar f tn I am a 29 yr old female, I had a lot of pain and tenderness in my left brest, nothing I did would make it better, not wearing a bra, putting hot or cold, its not dimpling or puckering or hot to the touch or changing colors or having discharge,I have ahd four ultra sounds and four mamograms, they finally saw a fibronoma, I had a fibronoma in my left breat removed, but shortly after it started hurting like it did before, I went back and went through the same thing only this time, the only thing th
280369 tn?1316705641 I have no nipple pain except for the initial latch and then it's fine, just the top and side of my left breast hurt. I just fed Jesse a bunch a times on that side and then even pumped. Nothing more is coming out and the pain subsided, but now it's back again. I remember my mom having thrush with my little brother, but his tongue was completely white and her nipples were so sore she cringed to think about feeding him.
Avatar n tn I also have pain in my back behind my breast. So, I'm not convinced that it's only my breast. I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E & A. I cut back drastically on my caffeine intake. I drink caffeine-free drinks/coffee..but they are still aching. I really feel like this is a hormonal thing possibly with arthritis. I have had recent gallbladder problems too.
Avatar f tn I am 33 years old and a hypochondriac on top of that. I have had left breast pain for 3 years now off and on. I have no insurance and I am such a worrier. My left breast when I push on it in a certain place it hurts. It's not something I can't live with, but I just want to know if it's normal. I have very lumpy breast anyways I feel all kinds of bumps and lumps in both of my breasts.