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Avatar n tn Okay, so it turns out you can take Micronor after you are done breast feeding, but it is less effective than the combination pills (about 80% effective) according to my doctor. This may be partly because people don't always take it at the same time every day, though, and it is even more important to do so with this pill. The paper insert that comes with the pills says it is 99.5% effective if taken "perfectly" or that 1/200 people will become pregnant if they take it perfectly.
1035252 tn?1427231433 So my OB and I decided to try the mini-pill Micronor because it's the least likely to increase or exacerbate headaches. My question is...has anyone taken this? How did you like it? What were your side effects? the big much did it cost before insurance? Our insurance is screwy right now so I might be having to pay out of pocket for a few months' worth of the Micronor and I'm hoping it's not too expensive...has anyone done online pharmacies? are they cheaper?
Avatar n tn Since you are breast feeding, if you decide to try the birth control pill option, I would not recommed regular birth control pills but special birth control pills which are safe to take when you are breast feeding. These are the progestin only pills like Micronor. I would suggest that you have a complete evaluation for PID and have the tests for sexully transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. I would also suggest an ultrasound of your pelvis both abdominal and transvaginal.
Avatar n tn I know that I am not pregnant. I am taking micronor a birth control pill and still partially breast feeding my 12 month old baby. I have had three children and 37 years old. There is no pain when I experience the kicking sensation. Is there something wrong with me?
5961981 tn?1394036782 I use a low does progesterone pill. My dr recommended it over the shot. It's called ortho micronor tablet. I have no problems with my milk suppy. I have 1400 ounces in the freezer.
Avatar f tn At that point I had severe abdominal pain. This pain did not let up - it felt as if I was in labor. A few hours later the severity diminished. Now it feels as if the baby (which I am not pregnant) dropped. This with intermittent stabbing, cramp like pain continues. My abdomen is distended. It hurts to have a full bladder, laugh, cough, or push (as with a bm or flatulence). I also have pain in my peri area. I have seen my family doc whom took a urine sample to r/o pregnancy and UTI.
Avatar n tn ) started on Estradot 25mcg/24hrs (I think it's Vivelledot? in the US) and Micronor 1mg, which 'contains a progesterone hormone called norethisterone' according to the info sheet. I've been trying to find all Mary53's advice on bio-identicals - I've ordered the Christianne Northrup book!
Avatar n tn We also discussed birth control and I have prescription for Micronor, the pill that can be taken while breastfeeding. I'm reeaaallly not looking forward to taking the pill again. I don't think I have taken it for a couple of years now. It seems strange to go on the pill after struggling with infertility, but at the same time I don't want an unplanned pregnancy. Have any of you taken this type of pill? My Dr. didn't say anything about this, but a friend said, I hope it doesn't dry up your milk?
1454858 tn?1306787978 I love how nice my skin is when I take them. i love the short, pain free peroids. But, As i said, I am 33. I will be 34 when this baby is born. How much longer is it safe to take the pill? 3.) I heard of something that is inserted inside that causes trauma, making you unable yo conceive. Does anyone know what this is? Is it painful? Is it permanent? Is it effective? I know I don't want an implant or to be on a shot or any other hormone stuff other than the pill.
Avatar n tn I continued to have the pain, started bloating, gained 30 lbs almost IMMEDIATELY,had bad leg pain, constant back spasms and irregular bowels. Each time I went to the doc they did blood work, CT's, US and said I was fine. No one suspected anything gyn related. I missed my 6 month check by 4 months because I moved during that time and almost lost my mom just before Christmas. In the meantime I became more and more tired and then missed my period.
Avatar n tn I have a 8 month old daughter who is exclusivly breastfed right now, and has been for the last 2 months, before that she was mainly breast, with supplemental bottle/formula feedings while I was at work. Also, since the birth of my daughter, I have not had a period. Lately, I have been experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy; heightened sense of smell, nausea, tiredness, irritability, and some minor cramping. This has been going on for about 3-4 weeks.
Avatar n tn Then this past Oct about the time I was seeing the light at the end of a long road of recoving I began again to have hot flashes ( had went away right after my mom passed) would have severvely then chilled on my right side ( have a history of shingles on my face - rare to have gotten in my 30's and a history of MS in family so a worry of nerve reactions over anything - one reason for my holeing up and destressing past 2 years NO stress leads to a very healthy me) BUt this past dec I have starte
Avatar f tn It is ALSO used in a different form for birth control. I take Norethindrone .35mg (Micronor) as a birth control, but I have to take it every day and if I do not take it within the same 3 hours EVERY DAY it is not considered effective. What norethindrone does when NOT used as a birth control, is introduce regular, level doses of progestrone that can help your body begin to regulate on it's own once you have stopped the medicine and you will be releasing eggs with HOPEFULLY more regularity :).
Avatar n tn Weight gain has always been a problem for me since being on Micronor and Estrostep FE for three years. I've been off the pill for eight years now, but I wonder if it didn't alter my hormone levels permanently. I think my estrogen levels are high. Irregular or non-existent periods, stress, more facial hair, skin tags, possible ovarian cysts are a real concern, too. But nothing has been more frightening than what looks like permanent hair loss.
Avatar n tn On April 27 my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex (normal for us -- together for 4yrs). AF was to come on on the 13 of May and she didnt show. I usually get breast tenderness and swellness really bad a week before AF is to show but this time I did't get anything. Well AF was a week late and I felt nauseated, always hungry and constantly sleeping.
Avatar n tn i have felt so crappy. @ certain times of the day i get the nausea. i wake up and my breast are sore, and I have to have at least a glass of milk when i first wake up bc of the fatigue that i get. I took a test yesterday (11 days late) and it was negative, could i still be pregnant or was it too early to test the hcg levels?
363243 tn?1331037450 and to top it off i have soo much free testosterone n not enough estrogen that my female features don't really show too much like small breast. now me n my fiance' are ready to concieve but because of my cyst n PCOS it is very difficult for us. i really don't kno of any cures but i kno prayer helps. it also help to kno that we are not alone out here. do you have any children at all. if i could just have me one, i will be happy. god bless in ur quest....
Avatar f tn I have also found numerous articles about how exercise and diet can effect the length and pain associated with periods. I am trying to adapt to a new healthy life style. I hope this works!! Thanks again!