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Avatar n tn It is correct to think that male breast cancer appears increasingly with age. The median age for breast cancer in men in 67. There is most probably no cause for worry in your case, since the small lump and pain that you have can be due to normal growth and development of your body at this age. As you would know there are changes taking place in your body at this time and some of the changes do happen in the breast tissue which is also present in a less developed form in males.
Avatar n tn (and I mean just mine) More men have breast cancer than the statics show for any number of reasons, mainly ignorance. If you think there is something wrong with you, there may well be something wrong with you, you know you own body: listen to what it is telling you. Do not accept dismissal from a doctor about your complaint, because some diseases are unusual. If you think you have something going on in your breast, speak up, I WANT TO GET A MAMMOGRAM. Period.
Avatar f tn Rich PS Though mostly seen in men, a medication called spironolactone can sometimes cause breast discomfort. If this medication was recently started, this would be a consideration.
Avatar n tn Besides the fact that the chances of women getting breast cancer is approximately 200 times greater than men (250,000 women vs. 1,500 men, average numbers contracting the disease per year), why isn't there more alarm in the man's side of this equation? I am a male those regular physician dismissed the tumor in my breast for three years in a row. I recall him telling me not to worry about it. He even dismissed my concern that my left nipple had become inverted.
1617139 tn?1298659552 You are relatively young to get breast cancer and so was your mother if she got it at that young age as well. BRCA men and women tend to have a much higher risk for certain cancers, for women it's breast, ovarian, colon among others and for men it can be prostrate, colon, breast among others. Please contact your physician and get a PET scan done if they will do so. I would also have a transvaginal ultra sound done along with MRI.
Avatar f tn i was told about 10 years ago i had systs in both of my breast. I am having lots of pain in them, with very warm to the touch my left brest areola is very enlarged and bulges out. From time to time i have discharge from both. I am 36 and not preg. Is this just normal for having " lumpy breasts" ?
Avatar m tn Could be anything from a heart valve defect to gastrointestinal tract problem to chest wall muscle inflammation to breast cancer (rare but still happens in men). It is worth going to a competent licensed medical doctor about.
Avatar f tn It is very rare in men but is a symptom of breast cancer, not to worry or scare you. Please consult your doctor immediately. Let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn Breast cancer in men is a rare disease. Less than 1% of all breast cancers occur in men. ( If you notice any persistent changes to your breasts, you should contact your doctor.
Avatar f tn The doctor pescribed me 1mg risperidone and i have taken it for about 1 month. But for the past week i have had pain in my right breast ( i am a male thats a little overweight). The issueright now is very complex. I have right breast pain specifically near the nipple area but my main concern is i have a lump there. According to my knowledge i've always had this lump underneath and near my nipple for as long as i can remember. maybe 7-8 years.
Avatar n tn The past few days my right nipple on my breast has stayed erect for a long period of time, the breast feels sensitive and sore, and sometimes I have a tingling of pain in it. It is not the same as my left breast. I am a bit scared as to what could be the problem. Has any other men here experienced this?
1646080 tn?1303568511 At the tender age of 19 you are buying into the ridiculous notion that bigger is better. It's an easy scam to get caught up in. As women, we are constantly having it shoved in our faces (and minds) that if we don't have huge breasts, men will not be interested. Men HAVE always and WILL always act like teenage morons around a woman with large breasts. Apparently they just can't help themselves.
Avatar f tn Hello am only 19 years old and I have problem in my chest its to big and it makes me feel ashamed am little bit fat not much but I wanna lose it I wanna have nice breast like my friends do so please anyone can help me or advice me ? Please tell me what should I do !!?
Avatar n tn Best wishes...
Avatar m tn If I had to guess, I'd say that nipple pain is completely unrelated to cardiac pain. That is if the pain is solely in the nipple and not deep inside the chest. I get nipple pain too, but I'm a female and this is due to fluctuating hormones. Men have ducts and breast tissue, so it's entirely possible that you are experiencing discomfort there because of the breast anatomy. Do you drink soy or take any herbal supplements?
Avatar f tn However if you did not qualify and still cannot manage, look into local charities or clinics for women/men your age or for specific diseases/conditions/problems. For example, women with breast pain could reach out to a local mammography clinic or breast cancer charity for medical care assistance.
Avatar n tn Surgery has a lot of issues including pain, cost, an outward sign of something unnatural about you as men can spot boob jobs a mile away, replacement every 10 to 15 years for life, etc. But they are a quick fix in general.
Avatar f tn I noticed mild breast pain yesterday but didn’t feel my breast heavy, I usually get tender breast before my period so It didn’t concern me that my left breast felt in pain. Until today when it was in more pain, I decided to go to urgent care, and dr told me I have an infection. She told me she was concerned because I’ve never been pregnant and I’m not breastfeeding. She says it concerns her that I developed an infection, she will send me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound.
Avatar m tn Men can get breast cancer, so please see your doctor. No one here can confirm if it's cancer or not, but it's not worth the wait and potential consequences if it is.
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1376656 tn?1279113771 Well, man and woman are designed simliar, they are EXTREMELY different in many ways, and each man is different from other men. Some men, in a sexual sense, are attracted to breasts more than buttocks, but some find breasts obselete and just want buttocks, and some just want the vagina and nothing else. To answer your question, men are tempted because of the arousal, and because of the general media's view on breasts, it's somewhat of a "shock value" thrill.