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Avatar n tn when did you guys start breast pumping?
Avatar f tn I have a pain under my right breast, under the ribs, but it also really hurts to the touch (no bump or anything). could i have pulled a muscle, possible during labor? I have had 2 babies in the last 14 months...or what else could it be?!
Avatar f tn ll have pain. The truth is that the latch itself may hurt but once baby starts draining the breast the pain should subside. I didn't know that with my first two daughters and BFing went down the drain. This time I've stuck with it knowing all of that and am having an amazing BFing experience with Zoƫ. Hope that info helps, even though it has nothing to do with your original question.
Avatar f tn I wentwalking today along with the past week. I also used a breast pump twice today to stimulate my nipples. My baby boy has also finally dropped some time within the last 24hrs. I have been feeling tighting and sometimes painful cramps in my lower abdomen and back since using the pump about 1hr ago. Im also very sore "down there". Could I go into labor soon? Like tonight?
Avatar f tn The pain isn't on the lower part but hopefully it means labor soon to happen
280369 tn?1316702041 Did you have antibiotics prior to giving birth? You could have a yeast infection IN you milk ducts...I did and the breast pain was excrutiating! BUT it went undiagnosed for almost 2m because I didn't show any signs on my nipples... Your chills etc sound mastitis-ish though... Maybe a day of rest will help BUT if your breasts keep hurting, see a dr... read this and see if it seems like your symptoms...
8906457 tn?1406849110 # At how many weeks did your breast start too leak & Is it a sign of labor?? Please Comment!
Avatar f tn s just as smart and independent as a breast fed baby. But, if I pump milk for this baby, does that relieve the pain in the breasts after birth? I'm really not looking forward to it.
3145189 tn?1343157421 I remember the pain after my third was horrible. I felt like I was in labor for the following week. Now having my fourth... Should I expect worse? Has anyone found methods to ease this??
Avatar f tn After 12min of pushing our little boy was here =) right after he was born he had trouble breathing and was sent to the nicu for an hour but bounced back..... Latched right away when breast fed...
Avatar f tn So I was in hospital for two weeks an on all kinds of pain an nerve meds a week after coming out of hospital I found out I was 8 4 weeks pregnant( due to herniated disc an have had two back surgeries an this was my 3 rd herniated disc). When I went to dr an confirmed pregnancy I quit all meds except a low dose muscle relaxer an Ibuprofen til I was 30 weeks monitored by my dr. I have since delivered 5 weeks early due to placenta abruptoion witch put me in labor.
7408946 tn?1405998035 I just had my baby on 4/21/14 and I went naturally till I hit 6cm and started back labor that was a lot pain!! So I got an epidural unfortunately the machine was broken so the meds didn't come out so after 45 min of no pain it all came back at once...Baby was born at 9:34pm after 15hrs in active labor with no pain meds in the end.
570399 tn?1224296128 Iknow that contractions can make you leak but I am not having contractions now and I am still having this really bad breast pain. It feels like I need to relieve this pain. Thanks for reading!
Avatar f tn I'm honestly more scared about the pain from breast feeding more than I'm scared of labor!
Avatar n tn Also the hospital has ways to make u more comfortable throughout ur labor so try not to stress about pain bc they can and will help but u have to ask for it!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm hoping someone can help me. I have Hashimotos. This seems really weird, but has anyone had symptoms of daytime exhaustion and breast pain/heaviness? I've been so exhausted and have experienced breast pain. I feel like I've also been retaining so much fluid? Can weird symptoms occur when we need our dosage increased? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar f tn ll probably be ruined from bleeding and I can just toss them), socks, slippers, flip flops, hair brush, hair ties, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, deodorant, make up, tooth brush, tooth paste, razor, lip balm, lotion, pillow (I personally hate hospital pillows..
5615074 tn?1378316840 Me and Ryder are doing great. I was undecided if I wanted to breast feed or not so I breastfed for two days and stopped. Then tonight my boobs hurt so bad I decided I was going to take a bottle and hand express the milk out. I have only been doing it for 20 minutes and I already have an ounce. So tomorrow when I go to wic I am going to get a pump and do half and half.
Avatar n tn But i feel like if i go into labor befor the scheduled csection so what it just means they gotta do it befor then. Im really thinking bout using my breast pump to start labor bit im scared to cuz my dr/hospital is 30 minutes away. N the biggest problem right now the weather here im ohio is crappy. Flooding n tornado warnerings until sunday afternoon. I feel lile im in a mo win situation right now.
9020929 tn?1401224392 My water broke and didn't have any contractions so I ended up being induced via pitocin. No epideral or any other pain medications. It was awful pain, I'm not gonna lie but it was short lived and after I felt like superwoman.
Avatar n tn I'm 38weeks been told that nipple stimulation helps 4mins on each nipple or try using a breast pump bc its supposed to cause contraction I've tried the breast pump, pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, sex, evening primrose oil tablet, hot bath and nothing happening yet :( think they will just come when they are ready x
7975661 tn?1403095318 How long after giving borth do you breast feed your baby, do they put them on straight away?
Avatar f tn They say sex and nipple stimulation (use your breast pump) are the only proven ways. To follow that statement though, it will do absolutely nothing if your body nor baby is not ready. I know the last month is miserable but enjoy these last few precious moments with just your bump. Enjoy being the only one to feel you baby moving and I biting others to feel only if you want because once baby is born everyone and their mother thinks it's an open invitation to bumbard you..
Avatar f tn Been in labor for 20 hours the first 12 I was natural then I finally got my epidural now I can't feel a thing literally, lolx kinda scary but I'd rather not be able to feel what's going on instead of going through all the pain I was in. Some women are Truly amazing but in my case I just couldn't do it. I am 7 cm and 100% effaced ready to meet my little guy 3 more cm can't come soon enough, I will continue to let you ladies know how things go.