Breast pain in pregnancy

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1284945 tn?1295351265 I have felt that pain before in my pregnancy. I spoke with my doctor about it and she said many women experience pain like that in their breasts. I would suggest you speak with your doc about it, too. The other discomforts are common pregnancy symptoms, like Karen explained.
Avatar f tn Im only a couple weeks and my belly has been in so much pain and my brest are very sore y does it hurt so bad
358971 tn?1330888975 So I know this isn't a pregnancy related question but I wanted to hear your thoughts. For the past 10 days or so I've been getting this semi-painful sensation in my right breasts. It's not nipple pain like a lot of women say they have as a pregnancy symptom. This just kinda shoots across the middle of my breast and lingers for about 45 sec to a full 2 minutes and then subsides.
615477 tn?1236703736 ve been having this pain just below my right the top part of my ribs. I had the same thing with my first baby and they thought it was gallstones but when I had an ultrasound there was nothing. So I've been trying to ignore it thinking that it's just muscle pain because everything is so cramped. But I am very uncomfortable. It's really bad after I eat I assume because I am full and everything gets more cramped. It seems to calm a couple hours after eating.
Avatar n tn I am 7+3 weeks. Two things..I keep having a sharp shooting pain in my left breast to the point I cant breath. Is this normal? Anyone experience this? Second...I have had a very light tan mucous discharge when I wipe since last night. I've read some where its normal? Any ideas are helpful!!!
Avatar f tn Hi guys for about 3 weeks i have had a stabbing pain in my right breast. M breast is really painfull ive had to stop wearing a bra. The stabbing paing pain is not constant but when i get it it is really painful. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant ive contacted my midwife and she seems to think its ot pregnancy related. Ive also checked myself for any lumps and havent found any, but i am really worried as it could be something which may affect the life of my unborn child.
Avatar f tn i just got hit really hard in my left breast and it is now starting to bruise and in one spot it looks like some capillaries have burst, it is really starting to hurt around my nipple now.
676912 tn?1332812551 When I was pregnant with my daughter I had absolutely no breast pain. This pregnancy it feels like my boobs are on fire. Every pregnancy is different.
Avatar f tn Tmi im sorry last week me and my boyfriend were intimate and we had to stop because i kept getting pains in my lower stomach. Now im in so much pain with cramps in my lower stomach in my thighs just all down my legs. Im having back pain as well. If anyone can help i will greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 26 and am 30 weeks pregnant. I have extreme soreness on the right side of my breast near my armpit. It doesn't necessarily hurt unless I touch it, or if my arm brushes against it and laying on it slightly hurts. So, I've of coarse avoided lying on that side or touching it. When I touch it, it feels like a sore muscle would with a slight stabbing pain. My breast does appear slightly puffy where the pain is, but no discoloration.
Avatar f tn I got them while I was pregnant later on in my pregnancy and also while I breastfed in the first few months, but after that it went away. If you are just having it and you aren't pregnant or just have the baby you might want to just check in with your doctor. Just to make sure everything is ok.
Avatar f tn Oh yes, definitely! This was about the only symptom of pregnancy I had. It went away around 12 or 13 weeks.
Avatar f tn Hi, am 7wks pregnant an am having fluctuated symptons, my breast has reduce in size, stomach pain,being my first experience am scared. Pls I need an advise.
Avatar f tn s never been a problem and I saw my doctor to make sure and was reassured its doing no harm and said it has no proven link to m implant although the arm implant releases a pregnancy hormon that makes my body think its pregnant and not give out any more eggs any way i have recently grown almost two cup sizes over two days my nipples are sore I took a pregnancy test just in case as I can't tell from missing a period because I don't really get them just every six months or so no idea why ne
Avatar n tn Hello, The various causes of breast soreness are premenstrual syndrome, hormone therapy, pregnancy and breast feeding, fibrocystic disease, use of oral contraceptives and rarely a breast malignancy. Please consult a gynecologist and discuss these possibilities. In absence of pregnancy, it can be due to hormonal imbalance and should improve with time. Apply warm compresses and take some anti inflammatory pain killers. If it persists then get it evaluated from a gynecologist.
Avatar m tn i am 42 and i had my last periods in January.In February i experience severe low back pain and painful breasts, this was followed by frequent urination and spectrum from my breast, but i have gone for pregnancy tests and they are negative even the scan is negative, what could be the problem?
1438227 tn?1284267626 Lately I have been getting a lot of pain in both my breast, i do not know what is causing them however my periods was suppose to come on the 6th of september this yearand it has not come, i haven't taken a a Pregnancy tes yet i am waiting until the 17th of this month,my other symptoms are, i am feeling weak,have fever,going to the bathroom every 5 mins,and vomiting. Can anyone help me with this problem?
Avatar n tn Hello Dr, My wife have lot of puss in her left side breast and she got huge pain.When i went to doctor he told me to admitted in hospital because she is 8 month in pregnancy. i admitted her immediatly and he(Dr) removed puss from her breast it any thing related to cancer Or it is dangerous to her future health iam very much afraid about baby too becoz she is taking more tablet as advice by doctor please advice me regarding this problem and clarify me what i need to do.
Avatar f tn During pregnancy, completely normal. I always massage my boobs and use cold packs on my nipples.
Avatar f tn I get pain in my breast that actually stems from pulled muscles and pinched nerves in my back. Take it for what it's worth, I'm a civilian, not a doctor. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn I have a long fatty tumor along the side of my left breast that sometimes gets tender and the wrong bra makes it excruciatingly painful. I also recently had pain in my right breast that was caused by a blocked milk duct, warm compresses and a warm shower helped clear that up. It could also be something not so innocently fixed, so talking to your Dr about it as soon as possible would be my suggestion to help fix your problem.
551604 tn?1333983135 OMG, ladies!! I have this uncomfortable pain right under my breast, like my stomach area. I feel like if I'm carrying two babies instead of one. My back is also killing me, I'm so uncomfortable. I feel like if the baby(ies) are really up there and are doing something that they are not supposed to be doing LOL. I have an appointment tomorrow at 10am. I want to wait till tomorrow, but if it keeps bothering like this I will call my doctor. I also posted this on Pregnancy 18-34!!
Avatar f tn Does anyone get random sharp breast pains? I'm on my 8th week and my breast don't usually hurt all day long but I'll just get random sharp breast pains every now and then usually on one boob or tingling sensation. But besides this my boobs don't hurt. Does anyone else get that!?
Avatar f tn I am 37 years old and have been experiencing localized breast pain for more than 2.5 years. It started in the last few months of nursing my first child, continued after nursing, during my second pregnancy and again during nursing my second child. A few months back upon weening my second child the pain in this area became much more intense and then returned to the "normal" level upon completion of nursing. I have had two ultrasounds...