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Avatar f tn Slight shooting pain in left breast, starts in breast and ends in nipple. Also have cm from wet to dry Its evening time, just ate and now i feel like I want to throw up. My head is hurting and I just dont feel right, Went to the bathroom and noticed I had a little bit of spotting, was light pink in color.
1284945 tn?1295354865 I have felt that pain before in my pregnancy. I spoke with my doctor about it and she said many women experience pain like that in their breasts. I would suggest you speak with your doc about it, too. The other discomforts are common pregnancy symptoms, like Karen explained.
358971 tn?1330892575 So I know this isn't a pregnancy related question but I wanted to hear your thoughts. For the past 10 days or so I've been getting this semi-painful sensation in my right breasts. It's not nipple pain like a lot of women say they have as a pregnancy symptom. This just kinda shoots across the middle of my breast and lingers for about 45 sec to a full 2 minutes and then subsides.
Avatar n tn I am 7+3 weeks. Two things..I keep having a sharp shooting pain in my left breast to the point I cant breath. Is this normal? Anyone experience this? Second...I have had a very light tan mucous discharge when I wipe since last night. I've read some where its normal? Any ideas are helpful!!!
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have pain in your breast? I just had my period this oats weekend, now my left boob feel like pinching. What does that mean? My period was really short for only 3 days and my fiance and I had sex on the 1st day of my period. Does it have to do anything with it?
Avatar n tn My wife started getting this pain in the left breast, started two to three days ago. And stats that it is in the breast and not above, below, near the arm pit, in the neck or upper back. Not even in the right breast, just the left. She's taking over the counter drugs like tylnol, motrin, etc.. but doesn't really work, a hot compress that helps for a little bit she says. Are there any suggestions????
Avatar f tn If nothing is unusual,then the pain could very well be related to the hormonal fluctuation with respect to your menstrual cycle. Pain in one or both breasts can be due to many benign causes,(including pregnancy) and it's rarely associated with breast cancer. Fibrocystic breast condition,infection,oral contraceptive pills,injury to a muscle could also cause the pain you are describing.
Avatar f tn My GP thought the pain was more in line with a fibrocystic breast so she sent me to a breast specialist/surgeon. He assured me that my breast was normal & again said it was probably "arthritis in the ribs." So I tried ibroprufen 3x/day for about a month, no relief. Then I tried naproxen 3x/day for a month. Still no relief. So far I have been unable to find any concrete info concerning "arthritis of the ribs.
Avatar f tn Yes :( and I'm only 13 weeks. But I'm noticing a trend here first pregnancy my breasts up a cup Sizein first 2 Months and again this one :( I go from a reg 34 dd to a 36 ddd. Then by the time I gain weight and get milk I just wanna cry. But I think about the women out there who are naturally Much larger than me and I'm like I just gotta suck it up outs not forever lol. And they hurt esp when wearing a bra.
Avatar n tn Nipple pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,but I wouldn’t ignore it and urge you to see your doctor for an exam and medication,if needed.Anytime you notice something odd or unusual in one breast and not in the other it is something to check into. Best wishes… P.S If warm compresses don't work,try cool ones and see if it helps okay?.
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies! I got nervous because all of a sudden I woke up and they didn't hurt. They almost feel normal again!
Avatar n tn im 23 and been suffering from really sore nipples, they seem to hurt whenever i knock them or if i were to push my nipple inwards both are equally as sore but my left breast seems to be getting a sharp pain when i breath!! i always seem to have tender breasts ever since i can rememeber. i check them for lumps but havent noticed a change.
Avatar f tn Is there any ways to relieve the pains in my breast, they hurt all the time. Im 11 weeks and this is my first pregnancy....everything is pretty new to me and i don't have anyone giving me advice.
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I am of 27 year old this will be the first time I am going to give birth to a baby. and this is the 6th month of the pregnancy.from the 2nd month on-word I am feeling pain in both the nipples and a transparent and sticky fluid is coming out all the time. I went to a Doctor to consult this. But the Doctor said that it is normal.Now just 2 days back both the nipples were bleeding.
Avatar f tn Bilateral breast pain may be related to physiologic changes in hormone levels in the body like during menstruation or pregnancy. Over the counter pain medicine may help alleviate the symptom. However, if there is persistence or worsening of symptom, you should consult your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care.
Avatar f tn Ok so I have a lot of signs of pregnancy. I haven't had my period in two months, but the test come back negative. I have a pain in between the middle and left side right below my stomach every now and then. I'm always exhausted and tired. I constantly want to sleep. I have this milky discharge that smells. My breast are bigger than usual but I don't have any pains. My jeans are slowly getting tighter. I may just be gaining weight but I'm not sure. Can anyone help and suggest things?
Avatar f tn My breast have increase in size tremendously. Will they get any bigger whenever I start producing milk? I'm only 20weeks + 4days. I'm afraid that I will get back pains from having big breast.
Avatar f tn Hello, There are many causes of soreness of breasts,premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy being one of them.Other important causes are fibrocystic breast disease,ductal ectasia,mastitis(inflammation of breasts),galactoceles,benign and malignant pathologies of breasts,referred pain from liver or musculoskeletal system,arthritis of the ribs,costsochondritis and inflammation or sprain of pectoralis muscle. I feel that an examination by a gynecologist will be the best.
Avatar f tn Fatty acid imbalance, oral contraceptive pills, antidepressants all can cause breast pain. Women with large breasts may have noncyclic breast pain related primarily to the size of their breasts. This type of breast discomfort may be accompanied with neck, shoulder and back pain. Though pregnancy is unlikely since you have your tubes tied but there are very rare chances of failure in any method of contraception and birth control.
Avatar f tn They are not tender or sore just having pain in them. Has anyone else experienced this? This is my first pregnancy so I'm still learning what is normal and what is unusual.
Avatar f tn I got them while I was pregnant later on in my pregnancy and also while I breastfed in the first few months, but after that it went away. If you are just having it and you aren't pregnant or just have the baby you might want to just check in with your doctor. Just to make sure everything is ok.
Avatar n tn i just had my daughter april 1st and after my breasts returned to normal size since i am not breast feeding i found a lump in my right arm oitt close to my breast. its round like a marble and is some what pain full, i am only 16 and this is my first baby 3rd pregnancy. there is a history of breast cancer ion my family. should i be worried and get it checked out? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/261577'>Breast lump after pregnancy</a>.
Avatar f tn I'm 21. First pregnancy. Im 10 weeks. My breast are very sore and sensitive. It's like there irritated to the point that I have to pat them for it to feeling to stop. They are forming white buds in the center of my breast. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn During pregnancy, completely normal. I always massage my boobs and use cold packs on my nipples.
712894 tn?1229531790 But i've been having some severe pain in my right breast, on the underside. When it bounces, the pain radiates into the nipple. I also notice a white ring around the areola, like on the skin, not touching the nipple in any way. I was doing heavy lifting last night, and i did pull a muscle in my right shoulder. i was wondering if the pain could be coming from that, or if localized breast pain and weird white rings could be a sign of pregnancy so early on.