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Avatar f tn i just got hit really hard in my left breast and it is now starting to bruise and in one spot it looks like some capillaries have burst, it is really starting to hurt around my nipple now.
1284945 tn?1295351265 hi for last three days i had a slight pain in my left side of my breast. but it is not a continuous pain. then there is some indigestion problem. i.e sensation of burning in my chest.from yesterday evening onwards , no fetel movements.i worried lot. but from todays afternoon i feel the fetel movements. now i'm in 23 weeks.pls friends give u'r views and help for me. is it normal?
3145189 tn?1343157421 I remember the pain after my third was horrible. I felt like I was in labor for the following week. Now having my fourth... Should I expect worse? Has anyone found methods to ease this??
Avatar f tn I have this sharp pain in my left breast almost between breast and armpit. I have had it for a week now, it comes and goes and is especially sharp and painful when i lie on my left side. if my breast moves, it is painful. I am on the pill and have never had children. We have no cancer in the family. I have been on the pill for 7 years and NEVER experienced such discomfort in my breast. It feels like i am being stabbed. Sometimes it is around for a while, sometimes, just for a few seconds.
Avatar f tn I saw my Dr. a few days ago because I began to have pain and tenderness in both breast. They felt like a woman's breast might feel during pregnancy, but I am absolutely not pregnant. This pain came several days after my period, and was almost constant. Dr said breast felt fibrocystic, but pain after menses was not normal and has reffered me to have a mammo/ultrasound in a few weeks. Pain has subsided a bit, but I have noticed my areolar glands are much more noticeable recently. I am 34 y.
8398640 tn?1398042546 That being said, my grandmother died of breast cancer, my only aunt had breast cancer, my mother died of breast cancer she contracted in her 30s, and my father died of glioblastoma multiforme (eg brain tumour) contracted in his twenties. Yeah. I'm not having kids. Whether or not *they* get it, *I* might get it and speaking as an orphan, it's not fair on my hypothetical kids. Autoimmune conditions are a challenge. No two ways about it.
1909177 tn?1322240830 I mentioned to my gynecologist today at my yearly exam that I have had constant breast pain. They ache and ate tender to the touch and it does not go away. Sometimes there is sharp pain in small areas on one breast below the areola. When she did the breast exam she found a lump in the same area under the areola. And is now sending me to have an ultrasound. I guess she chose that method because my breast are small and won't work with an ordinary mammogram.
Avatar n tn Everything was fine for about 6 months. Now in my right breast I have a blueish discharge. Can this be caused by medication? I am currently taking a pain medication that is almost the same color of blue? Also in my left breast i am having a creamy white/yellow discharge that seems to be thick. I have had NO bleeding just different discharges. What can this be from? Whats the next step for getting rid of this?
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm 20 years old and I've been experiencing sharp pains in my right nipple for the past few months. At first, these pains didn't happen that often, about a couple times a week, and now, the pain has worsened and it happens daily. If I don't have these sharp pains, my nipple is still super sore. My breast doesn't look different and there isn't any discharge. Extra Notes - I don't have any children, if that matters.
Avatar f tn I get pain in my breast that actually stems from pulled muscles and pinched nerves in my back. Take it for what it's worth, I'm a civilian, not a doctor. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn I have 4 children previous to this pregnancy, and am 38yrs old. I have never had this much breast pain..must mean I am about to be the milk machine I am only 13weeks and fear the rest of the pregnancy if they remain this sore.
Avatar f tn In your initial post you didn't mention pain in your axillary area. The Ultrasound could also include this area if that is also involved. It could be related but also could be due to something entirely different. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for several reasons one being an infection somewhere in the body. It is true that women who have not had children have a slight increase in risk for developing breast cancer but the cyst wouldn't increase the risk.
145992 tn?1341345074 Well this isn't exactly related to maternal & child but I figure some of you may have some answers. I have been having pain in my right breast now for a while. I don't feel any lumps but when I push down or lean on my breast it hurts. I know I should go to my doctor and perhaps she will make me get a mammogram, but has anyone ever experienced pain out of nowhere?
1416108 tn?1282813225 m 23yrs old , female, married but dont have any kid and from past few months i used to have very small bolls like thing... like...lipoma in my breast and it also used to pain. It was more than an often. But now, from past 1 month, i'm still feeling the same thing in my breast on both sides and it pains a lot. i have got a lot of pain in my nipples also. Can anyone suggest me, what's this? Do i have to visit the docot or is it a normal thing?
Avatar f tn 10- how many were breast feeding mothers? And if you have small children how old were they in relation of time when u received a diagnosis?
Avatar m tn Does this happen normally to women my age? I have sharp pain in my breast and it is much worse when I take off my bra.
Avatar n tn i went to docs with stabbing pain at the side of my left breast near my rib cage.....the doc sed it could be a pulled muscle but the pain is un bearable....i also suffer with cysts in the breast and four years ago had a doulbe biopsy where they took out breast issue to test....came back wondering if this has caused it....consultant told me i had fybrocystis...
Avatar n tn // I agree with our Community leader that it's not unusual to have all sorts of changes in the breast/breasts when a woman is pregnant.(Hormonal changes) I think you should stop pushing the painful area as you might cause even more pain.Applying warm compresses might help.