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1701959 tn?1488551541 So, she said that along with the anxiety could cause the pain in my chest. Since then the pain is more under my left breast, to the left. The area is not sore to the touch or seem more sensitive but I will get these stabbing pains, that are right in the area or sometimes shoot up. My doc thinks they maybe psychosomatic., along with the disc in my neck. But everyone I feel it, I get a panic attack and think it's my heart. Ever since I got diagnosed with PVCs it has gotten worse.
1024058 tn?1251941633 and you can take a deep breath or have a quickiy walk ,if yoyu feel dizziness,and the chest pain more severe than before that mean you left breast pain have cause by the heart the best solution is that you should go to the hospital to see a doctor and make a full check to make a clear diagnose.
214065 tn?1251288877 ( i also had a terrible migraine the past 2 days, which is finally gone, and my right upper arm was hurting several days prior TO THIS NEW PAIN, BUT IS JUST A DULL PAIN NOW THAT THE LEFT CHEST/ABOVE BREAST PAIN HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MIX.) PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I DONT KNOW IF I HAVE A PULLED MUSCLE, PNEUMONIA, OR I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!! IT HURTS EVEN TO MOVE/BREATHE!!
272434 tn?1228607209 He looked at me and in an exclamatory voice said You definitely are having breast pain from the muscles in your chest wall!! Then he went on to explain how pain can radiate and how the nerves are affected and how the breasts are included in the whole scheme of things. My mammograms are clear. I do get microcalcifications, had a few removed, henceforth scars, but no cancer, thank God. Have no fear, this is normal for fibro sufferers.
Avatar f tn I have a pain by my right breast, feels like heart attack but on the wrong side. Its a sharp stabbing pain. I have had it for 2 days now and it isn't getting any better. I think Indigestion but getting concerned now. It is behind the right breast but my breast isn't hurting at all.
Avatar f tn I am not sure that your nipple pain is related to congestive heart failure (or even your heart for that matter). I would start with your internal medicine/pcp doctor first for an evaluation. With the information (or lack thereof) that you provided, it is difficult for me to shed any further light on your situation. I'm sorry that you are having this pain but hope it can be sorted out by your doctor.
Avatar n tn The most common cause of breast pain is related to the menstrual cycle but there are other things, including gas, that can feel like breast pain. Most breast cancer is not painful. You might benefit from seeing a medical breast specialist. These are usually affiliated with large academic medical centers.
Avatar n tn Back in May 2012 I had an odd bout of pain, it was as if someone had beaten my upper back, I had pain that seemed to wrap around to the front causing what I would consider tightening in chest or sternum area, it lasted for 3 days,I did not go to Doctor or hospital, its a long story of husband out of town and daughter busy with two babies at home. Did not want to bother anyone. I did think I was having a heart attack, as I do have high cholesterol.
Avatar f tn ve had this awful pain on the bottom of my right breast. I get the pain when I lift my arm or touch the bottom of my breast in a certain spot.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if this question is under the right forum but here goes. I have been experiencing a dull pain and tightness on the side and under my left breast. At times I'll get the slightest sensation of being out of breath. The last time it happened it felt like something near my heart did a backflip. I'm a relatively in shape 21 year old with no history of any sort of problems. It's been happening a few times a month.
Avatar f tn s happening to me which has no pain involved. Below the left side of the breast bone area (not underneath the breast bone, slightly lower) I have something that feels like a tick. It feels like a muscle shaking spontanously for a few minutes. It's kind of the same sensation of a tick only I cannot see it since it's really underneath the skin. I believe it's the heart muscle or close enough to it. I believe it may be a heaart spasm or similar to it.
Avatar f tn A week ago I had a shooting pain at the top of my breast, then the shooting pain went away but my entire right breast hurts to the touch. It even has effected the ribs right under my breast. Before all of this started I had a cough. Do I have a chest cold that went through my right breast and right ribs?
Avatar n tn several years ago i had heart pains so i went to the doctor and checked my heart but the doctor said i have a very healthy heart.. so im wondering what can cause this pain??!
Avatar f tn ve had sharp pain in the left breast (same spot as the other two times), dull pain in my right breast, some random, dull/light pains in my arms and left thigh, and some achiness in my lower ribs. It doesn't seem to make a difference if I'm exercising, sitting at the computer, laying down/reading (although I notice the pains more if I lay on my sides). I had one, instant-long, sharpish pain in the center of the chest and near my right scapula.
Avatar n tn Breast pain is very common and can be related to a variety of things. Most breast cancer is not painful. Your mother should bring this to the attention of her doctor to help her sort through the problem.
237053 tn?1258828426 It causes sharp pain in the costosternal joint — where your ribs and breastbone are joined by rubbery cartilage. Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions." Of course, it would be wise to have your heart checked to make sure it's nothing serious.
Avatar n tn I had a heart cath(right wrist entry) and was told all clear and heart good except for arrythmia. Questions are I am having writs pain that will not go away and chest pain on the left side on the breast bone are. Should I be concerned. I am on fish oli,carvedilol.
Avatar f tn Breast pain is different from breast pain, and I'm not sure which you mean. Breast pain is female related and could be caused by a whole set of other issues. Chest pain can be from anxiety and can often feel like you're having a "heart attack" in that you can become short of breath, or feel like you can't take a deep breath, and feel pressure.
Avatar f tn ON the way, Guy was driving and I got feeling faint and a little dizzy (typical anxiety pain for me) then I got a pressure point in the middle upper back and a flashing pain over the left breast (the flashing pain has been there for a few weeks now on and off and I think anxiety related). The next day we did house cleaning then went for a trail walk and near the end I got a strong back pressure and over the left breast pressure then my lower right side of my face got numb.
1757088 tn?1312650075 as i sit here reading all this, it's good to know that others are going through the same thing i'm going through ,5 montha ago i was hopitalized with breast, rib, should pain so bad i thought i was having a heart attack, every test you can think of was ran on me stress test, all kinds of heart stuff. aftera 6 day stay i was no closer to knowing why i was having the pain. i was sent home with pain pills and mucsle relaxers. and it's been 5 months and i'm still in horrible pain.
Avatar f tn While I agree with what bbxx is saying, I'm going to have go with the doctor on this one. There are many reasons why you might feel pain in the region you are referring to, but "cramps in the arteries that go to your heart" isn't one of them. You experienced these pains after an EKG, so if something was wrong your doctor would have seen it. Electrode placement for an EKG is across your chest and on the intercostals on your side.
460830 tn?1347219306 For the last 2 nights after supper, I have had pain in the left side, under my breast, going to my back, and heartburn; If it had been on my right side, I would have thought it was the gallbladder. After I took Pepto-Bismol AND Tums, it eventually went away. Last night it happened again, after supper, but this time the pain also went into my left arm down to my elbow. I took the Pepto as before, then started thinking maybe heart?
797375 tn?1256231262 When I cough I get this really sharp pain in the left side of my chest upper part at top of breast area. And it was happening every now and then but here lately. It's ever time and the pain is worse and stays longer. I thought at first it was gas pain. but wouldn't that be all the time not just when I cough. Like so many others I don't have insurance and we don't have a local clinic that is income based. So going to the doctor is a last resort for me.
Avatar f tn I have also not had periods at all. I also have a pain over the top right- left breast (right where a valve is I believe) that hurts when I cough or move my upper body. Almost like a broken rib - but not as painful. I't prevelent enought that when I cough, I try to lessen the effect, to stop the pain. I am aware of the dull ache there most always. I do not smoke, I have Asthma. My lungs are clear according to a recent film.
Avatar n tn what concerns me is your chest pain particularly because it radiates to your shoulder and arm, this along with stabbing pain indicates 2 possibilities, if its on the left your heart, if you have radiating undre breast pain on the right it could very well be your gallbladder, you need to have your parents take you to a doctor.
Avatar n tn I feel they should have done an MRI w/and without contrast at least, rather than just a plain cat scan- or did they use contrast to check the blood vessels in the head for signs of stroke/TIA?