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Avatar n tn I have endometriosis, and I am allergic to latex. I have a long history of breast cancer in my family. I cannot have children, I have adverse reactions to hormone therapy and birth controll. I have an IUD right now but am in severe pain. Non latex condoms do not offer enough protection. I am 28 and thinking about having a hysterectomy, but am unsure if that will increase my risk for breast cancer, and other hormone issues, any feedback or help would be great!
Avatar m tn He said no estrogen is better than estrogen for endometriosis. I've suffered from pain and discomfort since I was 19. I've felt so much better after surgery. Just don't like what estrogen was doing to me, so I'm trying some time with nothing. I have no menopausal symptoms. I had my surgery with the DaVinci robot and came home the next morning with little pain. Good luck in deciding!
Avatar n tn I usually have seriously heavy periods, that begin with a lot of eating, a lot of breast swelling and tenderness, and on the day before and the day of my period, i have serious rectal pain and constipation, and am never quite right until I've had at least 3 painful bowel movements. after the first bowel movement is when the heavy heavy blood starts to flow. And, you know how you're not supposed to feel your organs?
Avatar n tn I have not opted for a hysterectomy due to breast cancer in my family and the fact that I do not experience abdominal pain. I do, however, have recurring bouts with sever joint pain. It seems that occasionally my body goes toxic and I swell in my wrists, ankles and fingers. I carry a low grade fever all the time (for the past 4 years) This past month this is what I experienced: 1-2 week long sever back pain after being asleep for about 2 hours.
Avatar f tn - Pelvic Pain - Chronic ovarian pain (right more than left); pain seems to be affecting upper abdominal areas causing what seems to be gallbladder pain, heartburn and nausea. I have had a little bit of difficulty with shortness of breath, chest tightness, have undergone allergen testing and been diganosed with asthma. Allergy tests showed multiple reactions to environmental things like dust, mold and ragweed - they started immunotherapy.
Avatar n tn I then had breast cancer in 2006 aged 34 and recommend all women get an annual mammogram because a study in 2007 in Europe identified a link in increase of breast cancer and other cancers in women with an endometriosis diagnosis - dont wait for ignorant doctors as they wont get off the fence yet unfortunately. I've had IVF and last week had a frozen embryo transfer and am hoping to be pregnant after 9 yrs of trying!
1324051 tn?1275418412 I started wondering if I could have endometriosis, and then I saw information about a form of endo that is called diaphragmatic endometriosis and the symptoms are pain in should and pain under rib, along with pelvic pain--all during the menstrual cycle. Does anyone know about this? I had a vaginal ultrasound that saw 2 functional cysts on my left ovary and a supposed ruptured cyst near my right ovary (he could not find my right ovary).
Avatar f tn I am in my early teens. Over the past month, I have been having abdominal pain/cramps, abdominal bloating that comes and goes, back aches, neck aches, trouble sleeping, spotting/heavy abnormal bleeding, sweating more often, breast enlargement/tenderness, nipple darkening, nausea, fatigue, a lot of white/clear sticky (and thick) discharge, and sharp pains in my pelvic ligament/bone region. I am not pregnant, I have never had sex, and there is no chance that I could be pregnant.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 28 years old and for several years I have had severe pelvic pain each month around my period. The pain has now started last longer. The doctors I saw always dismissed it and told me just to take advil etc. A couple months ago a cyst was found on my ovary and while talking to my doctor (a different doctor) about it he thinks that I may endometriosis. He is scheduling a laparoscopy. My mother had endometriosis when she was my age and by 30 years old she had to have a full hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn Diarrhea probably the day before and the first day of the period and of course the other regular symptoms, breast pain, bloated, sensitive to cold, I used to get nausea, vomiting and sweating when I was younger not anymore. The new symptoms since 3 years ago my periods became lighter and last less from 4-5 days now they are 2-3 days, but still 28 days, and last year I was having rectal bleeding a day before my period, it happened for at least for 5 consecutive months.
Avatar f tn my symptoms last for app 2 weeks per months where I feel terrible pelvic and lower back pain, headache, breast tenderness, water retention, mood swing, depression, fatigue, sometimes acne, insomnia. My cycle is irregular, my period is sometimes unbearable ( I still remember the most painful period I had from about a year ago... ) and sometimes it's ok... but most of the time it doesn't last longer than 3 days with heavy bleeding the first 2 days only.
Avatar f tn I also had very discomforting pelvic floor pain/groin pain and constipation while on my period. The pain feels like stabbing, and then also a dull aching at other times. Also, is it normal for your uterus to feel tender if you push on it with Endo? Can it become inflamed or cause pain at ANY time during your cycle? Are all of my symptoms common with Endometriosis, do you think I have it, and should I seriously consider seeing a specialist?
Avatar f tn I was floored that no other doctor had told me about a medical breakthrough for endo pain. It's actually a drug used for breast cancer and also to promote ovulation for some infertile patients called Letrozole. A lot docs aren't using it yet because they don't feel there's been enough studies done BUT the studies that have been done are absolutely remarkable. The patients who have used it have a 95% success rate and it does NOT cause side effects or put you through menopause!
Avatar n tn But those aforementioned areas are relatively more painful only relatively. Because actually there are pains focused on my entire right side, plus pain on left side of breast bone, upper left side of my buttocks.and left hip.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with a hemorrhagic cyst of the right ovary. . I was doubled over in pain and sent in for an ultrasound. I have been placed on the Evra Patch and told to await another ultrasound. Problem is now that I am in more pain than ever but on the left. I am aching into the left leg and my doctor is now considering sending me to a GYN.This could take months.
Avatar n tn I was scheduled for surgery this past Friday for to see if my endometriosis had come back. I had the surgery 7 months the doctor wasn't sure that it was the endo that was causing my pain, since he had tried all sorts of medications, including depo-provera. Well in the mean time since I found out I was supposedly having the surgery, my dad found an article about sports hernias in the paper.
Avatar f tn This past December I had a laproscopy and I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I also have suffer with IBS for over 15 years. I am currently taking Elavil 10mg for my IBS which has helped my chronic diarrhea but not cured. I have been on BC since I was 18 years old and still having no plans of children but leaving the option open until age 35. After my endometriosis diagnosis I am taking BC contiously without a period.
1221435 tn?1271779343 I have had pain similar to my endo pain, but that rarely goes away, so I don't really know how to distinguish any differences between that and what could be implantation cramping. I will say that the pain did not get as bad as it usually does the 1st day of my cycle, where I am basically knocked out in bed on a heating pad wanting to die, so i just dont know what to think. I have been online quite a lot and it seems like implantation bleeding varies greatly from woman to woman.
Avatar f tn I am in my early teens. Over the past month, I have been having abdominal pain/cramps, abdominal bloating that comes and goes, back aches, neck aches, trouble sleeping, spotting/heavy abnormal bleeding, sweating more often, breast enlargement/tenderness, nipple darkening, nausea, fatigue, a lot of white/clear sticky (and thick) discharge, and sharp pains in my pelvic ligament/bone region. I am not pregnant, I have never had sex, and there is no chance that I could be pregnant.
Avatar n tn There are many possible explanations for breast pain. Most of then are not related to cancer. Likewise, arm pain can be caused by many things and may or may not be related to your breast pain. The best way to sort this out is to have a thorough examination by a physician who can review your history and films and make the best recommendation based on those findings.
Avatar n tn fatigue in my legs and soreness/ pain in my knees. Family history: mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 44, and then with stage 4 breast/ov ca (unclear which) at 61. Both my mother and I tested negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2. I have never been diagnosed with endometriosis before and am not aware of any family history of endo either. My gyn has recommended surgery in her office, and I am having trouble getting in to see a gyn oncologist before 2-3 weeks from now.
Avatar n tn (I have no uterus, but did have severe endometriosis prior to menopause.) I am worried that the breast pain may be more than fibrocyctic disease. This is a new development for me, but I was on a 5 month course of Lupron eight years ago. Could this be breast cancer?
Avatar n tn Yeah that sucks. Cant imagine that happening in Ontario. My pain has gotten worse since my daugther.. I havent fully recovered since having her 3 yrs ago. I never got the breast tenderness back until she was almost three, not like i miss that or nothing, but even that i get it once every like 3 months. I am in severe pain. everytime i eat my bowel are on fire. I cant explain it. Periods, man even advil doesnt work anymore and that was my lifesaver..
Avatar f tn Also another problem I have been having is with my breast. I do my exams and I can feel small knots and @ times my breast gets inflamed and get these sores on them that really hurt and fester up. I think I'm falling apart.
Avatar f tn for a few years now I have been having a problem with nipple discharge from one breast. Was diagnosed with duct ectasia and had surgery about a year and a half ago. Fluid will still build up and breast/nipple would become very painful, until all of the sudden a whole bunch of stuff would come out, then the cycle would continue again. Got tired of this, it was like when your milk letdown while breast feeding.