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Avatar n tn titanium or metal, and my partner has been having radiation therapy....since he started I have had bad pain in that breast......can his radiation affect me?
Avatar f tn The pain is in the area of the incision, (around the edge of the nipple), and radiates down. The breast feels heavy, hard and sore. Can anybody tell me if there is anything I can do to speed up my recovery. Massage? Warm compresses? Some exercises?
Avatar n tn It's been one year but my breast is still sore even if I don't touch it or slightly press it during breast examination. The breast surgeon said it's normal as there is inflammation after radiation and she said it will never go away. Is this true? Is there anything I can use topically to reduce inflammation and will I feel like this the rest of my life?
Avatar m tn Correction: The results from the original study showing benefit from radiation after breast-conserving surgery were reported in 2005. The results from the study quoted above, indicating radiotherapy should not be delayed, were reported in 2010.
Avatar n tn Nausea and shoulder pain are not common side effects of radiation to the breast, but it is possible that there is a relationship. Shoulder pain may be related to the recent surgery or to positioning on the table for the radiation treatment. If these symptoms are ongoing, they need to be investigated as to the cause - and then treatment. You might let your medical oncologist know about your symptoms to see if appropriate treatment recommendations can be made.
Avatar f tn I am getting ready to start 32 radiation treatments. Will the radiation intensify the nerve pain that I already have? If so is there any medication that I can take to ease the pain.? It really gets bad at times. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1017203'>breast cancer</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have just finished an intense course of radiation therapy for left breast cancer. This included the supraclavicular field too. I now have been diagnosed with a radiation pneumonitis/pneumonia and have been given a month long course of prednisone and 10 days of antibitocs. Is lung fibrosis and damage inevitable for me now and will this become a recurrant problem?
Avatar n tn I agree with you that this can be a very late radiation side effect especially if that is the exact area irradiated during your treatment for breast cancer. Pain resulting from radiation generally stems from some form of nerve injury during the radiation process, in conjunction with chemotherapy drugs that may also cause nerve injury. This can usually be treated with oral anti-pain medications as well as rehabilitation.
Avatar n tn I will be caring for my neighbor during her treatment for stage 3A breast cancer. She will be receiving chemotherapy for 6 to 8 months followed by radiation. Aside from taking her to her appointments, I need to get an idea of just how much attention my dear friend will require as a result of the chemo? Will she need someone to stay over night, for instance. Can I expect her to be very ill or is chemo less sickening these days? It just helps to be prepared. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi guys I finish my breast radiation 3 weeks ago ,but my breast still hurt me so bad, I can touch my nipple,hurt me so bad. It's this normal ??? I have stabbing pain, sharp pain.
Avatar f tn That pain is gone now but in the last 4 weeks I have noticed I have developed breast pain in completely different areas of the breast than where the surgery was done. Wearing a bra tends to make it very tender but going without is not that painfree either. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Following a lumpectomy and just prior to radiation I had fluid in the breast and 200cc were drained off and another 100 cc two days later, the day I started radiation. I could feel and see the breast enlarge during the 7 weeks and knew the fluid was building but they didn't want to drain it because of possible infection. After the booster doses of radiation I was quite enlarged and I had two more sessions of draining over the next month or 2.
Avatar n tn Esophageal complications usually arise if the primary aim of the radiation is to cure something in the lungs, and less likely from breast or chest wall radiation. Abdominal pain, coming from organs like the stomach and intestines are very unlikely to be due to radiation in the chest area. However, I suggest that you still have this seen by your doctor so that this can be evaluated. Regards and God bless.
Avatar f tn One is the intake of pain medications during the acute attacks of pain and heaviness. Not putting too much stress on that arm may also prevent pain. Another is through exercises that can loosen up the fibrous tissues in your breast that may avert future pain. These exercises and maneuvers can be thoroughly discussed with you by a rehabilitation specialist (or rehabilitation medicine). Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I had breast CA 6 yrs ago w lumpectomy radiation and chemo. Now having pain in the breast. Burning pain, chest discomfort. Mammos are clear.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to still be so sore this long after radiation? The breast is so sore, I can barely stand to have mammograms. I tried asking my radiation oncologist some of these questions and she never gave me any answers. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn That's interesting that you use a cream on your breast during radiation treatment. I was specifically and emphatically told NOT to use anything on it. When showing I have to use a mild, non scented soap and apply gently with my hand (not with a washcloth or poof) and to pat dry. They told me that if my skin on my breast starts to peel or gets itchy they may give specific recommendations of creams to use but that I am to do nothing on my own without permission from them first.
Avatar n tn Endocrine - Thyroid issues are very common after radiation for breast cancer. I've had radiation and also the boost to the mastectomy area. I wasn't happy about having to do it. I had late stage cancer and would have chosen radiation anyway. I wasn't going to give breast cancer any opportunity to come back. I hope and pray that they will find a way to stop cancer or at least cure it without causing it at the same time. Best wishes while you decide what's best for you. RESEARCH!!!
Avatar n tn DCIS can recur locally following breast conserving surgery and the risk of recurrence in the breast can be significantly reduced with radiation therapy and further reduced with tamoxifen which also reduces the risk of a new cancer in the other breast. Although risks and benefits of the various treatments must be determined on an individual basis, many women undergo radiation and take tamoxifen following surgery for DCIS.
Avatar n tn Dear underfortypam: As long as everything is progressing as expected, there are usually no blood tests needed during radiation to the breast. The nipple "flattening" you describe could be from surgery, radiation or from a combination of the two. You should discuss with the radiation oncologist and your surgeon as they will be better able to tell you what they believe is causing this and what you can expect.
Avatar f tn I lost my period obviously which stopped during January 2010 during 1st Chemotherapy. I had one so-called period (it was heavy and long) in early Jan 2011. In between then and now, I've had two intercourse times with my husband of 20 years (yay I know, but you would understand if you've been through this) :) and both times I did bleed. The first time, it was so heavy it actually dripped out of me. That cleared up within hours. The next time was not as much, but I did bleed.
Avatar f tn I am much more tired also now than I was during radiation, like you and for me it's been several month. (I also take Tamoxifen) Often, with radiation, late effects show up as many as ten years later. So, what I mean is that I don't know the truth about this, (and most anyone won't know for sure) but that it is very possible. With my strange later 'stuff', I was pretty much told, "we don't know...possibly, or unlikely, or very likely".
358486 tn?1294779988 You should try to wear lose clothes, try some breast massage, breast exercises and OTC pain killers for a few days - to help relieve the pain, till you are able to see your doctor. The chances that this is cancerous or malignant are minimal and you should not worry about that. Do let us know about your visit to the doctor. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I just had my first radiation treatment yesterday. lumpectomy was done July 6, reexicion for margians on July 27th and was reopened on August 17th due to an infection. the shooting pain in my breast finally went away 2 weeks ago and now after just one treatment of radiation I can feel the pain coming bacj and a tearing feeling under my arm. I am very concerned about how this will go. stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma tumor size 1.7 cm, clear margins no lymph node involvement. Any advise for me?
Avatar m tn All I know is that there are usually no immediate side effects from each radiation treatment given to the breast. Most patients develop mild fatigue that builds up gradually over the course of therapy.This slowly goes away one to two months following treatment. Most patients develop dull aches or sharp shooting pains in the breast that may last for a few seconds or minutes.