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3145189 tn?1343157421 I have four children also. I was told that it's just after-pains. They are excruciating though!! I also have endometriosis so I think that contributes. The only medication that has ever helped me with severe cramping is naproxen. I'm not sure if you can take that if you're breast feeding. Breast feeding can also make the pain worse because your uterus contracts as you're nursing. The first week that I nursed, I kept a heating pad on my stomach.
8398640 tn?1398042546 That being said, my grandmother died of breast cancer, my only aunt had breast cancer, my mother died of breast cancer she contracted in her 30s, and my father died of glioblastoma multiforme (eg brain tumour) contracted in his twenties. Yeah. I'm not having kids. Whether or not *they* get it, *I* might get it and speaking as an orphan, it's not fair on my hypothetical kids. Autoimmune conditions are a challenge. No two ways about it.
1909177 tn?1322240830 Also I have not had any injury to my breast. But also coinciding with breast pain and lump, other lymph nodes hav been swollen. Also my mother had breast cancer at age 30 which is also a bit young, all she needed was a lumpectomy. My doctor Got real concerned when she heard my mother had breast cancer. Can anyone tell me my chances of this being breast cancer? or could this just be some sort of cyst or fibroids? I go next week for ultrasound, how long before I know results?
Avatar n tn I have searing breast pain and noticed a bit of a concave indention under my right breast. I have a spot that is very tender there and have shooting pains throughout the day. I have scheduled an appointment for the 20th of Feb. Has anyone else had this before without it being cancer? What could cause this? This discussion is related to Searing pain in breast.
1284945 tn?1295351265 hi for last three days i had a slight pain in my left side of my breast. but it is not a continuous pain. then there is some indigestion problem. i.e sensation of burning in my chest.from yesterday evening onwards , no fetel movements.i worried lot. but from todays afternoon i feel the fetel movements. now i'm in 23 weeks.pls friends give u'r views and help for me. is it normal?
Avatar f tn In the meantime apply lots and lots of cold compresses to the breast to draw out the inflammation and take pain relief as recommended on the packet. I find apply cold natural yogurt also is great for drawing out inflammation and helping with trauma to tissue too. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I have 4 children previous to this pregnancy, and am 38yrs old. I have never had this much breast pain..must mean I am about to be the milk machine I am only 13weeks and fear the rest of the pregnancy if they remain this sore.
Avatar f tn In your initial post you didn't mention pain in your axillary area. The Ultrasound could also include this area if that is also involved. It could be related but also could be due to something entirely different. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for several reasons one being an infection somewhere in the body. It is true that women who have not had children have a slight increase in risk for developing breast cancer but the cyst wouldn't increase the risk.
151462 tn?1359172276 t sound like a lot, but once I get the pain it stays with me throughout the day. Lately the pain has been more severe. My breast specialist has put me on Tamoxifin which I have been off and on for the past four years. He last put me on this in November 2009. This medication is not helping. He said to give it a few more months. I had a hysterectomy in 2004 (at age 30) and have since had both ovaries removed at two seperate times (2005 & 2006), plus and ovarian remnant in 2006.
Avatar n tn Hi, Fibrocystic breasts change, is very common and it's a benign condition and affects more than 60% of women between the ages of 30 and 50.As a rule, fibrocystic breast condition tends to be affecting both breasts,but it's not unheard of that the pain can start in one breast first and often the less affected breast "catches up" over the years.These changes are mainly caused by hormonal changes in the body particularly if you are on birth control pills or have gained weight.
8004667 tn?1408302108 I had a c-section and got my size back, did take a while, didn't work out more than I did before. I breast-fed until my son was 18 months, though, meaning that I kept some extra weight on until that was over.
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old female. i have been experiencing a sharp pain inside my right breast for a couple of days. it is especially "active" with movement and stretching of the breast. It feels like a "crunch" I can hear and feel. This feels like my nipple is attached somehow inside and is being torn away from its attachment with the movement. There are also a couple of bumps present in the area which are raised but with indented centers.
Avatar n tn Hi, Birth control pills can also cause breast tenderness. Also sometimes the pain in the breast may be originating from the underlying chest wall eg muscular or skeletal pain. Plaese get yourself thoroughly examined by a doctor.
Avatar m tn that poster is a 19 year old male and his issue is not similar to yours. Now .... you need NOT have breast fed or have had children to have some type of breast discharge which comes from the ducts located beneath the nipple area. Since this is an ongoing problem I suggest that you see a Breast Specialist for a second opinion. I do not think that this has anything to do with Breast Cancer. Problems involving the milk ducts are not all that unusual and can be treated by various methods.
Avatar f tn I have this sharp pain in my left breast almost between breast and armpit. I have had it for a week now, it comes and goes and is especially sharp and painful when i lie on my left side. if my breast moves, it is painful. I am on the pill and have never had children. We have no cancer in the family. I have been on the pill for 7 years and NEVER experienced such discomfort in my breast. It feels like i am being stabbed. Sometimes it is around for a while, sometimes, just for a few seconds.
Avatar f tn Hi there, well. I breastfed both of my children and that is not anything I experienced. Foot pain would not be associated with breast feeding and I've not heard of frequent urination either. I think these are unrelated.
Avatar f tn My hand got really tired when I used a manual pump and it takes longer to pump. I used the Ameda Truly Yours with my two previous children and loved it. Medela is also a good brand from what I hear. Whichever pump you decide to go with check out their warranty before you buy because even the best can break unexpectedly.
Avatar n tn I've had 10 children and my last one is six months old. I am breast feeding her and using cloth diapers for her. Breastfeeding hurt me every time in the beginning but after a week or so it doesn't hurt anymore. My first child I only breastfed for 3 months because of the pain and then I made the mistake of giving him formula. I made it a point to never feed my other children formula like that and I didn't. Stick with breast feeding. It's best for you and baby.
Avatar n tn i am 26 years old and i have 3 children and since the birth of my second child i have had constant pain in my left breast on all sides and sometimes i also have pain in the underside of my left arm with a warming sensation and tinggling fingers, also pain in my left armpit as well. it comes and goes but it doesnt stay gone for long sometimes a day or 2 but that is it. i have had xrays done the docs thought it was a blood clot but found nothing.
Avatar f tn I am 52, I dont have my period since 2 years ago. I nurse my children until 8 yaers ago and I never stop produce milk, it didn't bother me , it only came out if I pressed hard. I did a lot a testes before and they said that what I had was milk. Now I found a lump over the aureola and I squeezed hard and a liquid that looks like milf and some transparent came out and after dry it was yellow came out and my breast started to hurt. What that could be?
Avatar f tn The symptoms you describe do not indicate Breast Cancer. I would think it is a hormonal thing which isn't unusual. Breast pain and tenderness is quite common and especially if your breasts are fibrocystic. Fibroadenomas can cause considerable discomfort and it may subside but can occur at any time during the menstrual cycle. I'm sure your upcoming tests will answer your concerns. Regards .....
Avatar n tn I am also very sorry for your loss. I agree with XxBrokenInsidexX that your nephews rocking is a form of self-comfort. I also wholeheartedly agree that he should get some therapy to help deal with his grief. A good child psychologist won't be able to stop his pain, but he will learn that ALL his feelings are normal, and that includes, most especially, the anger. I think that is probably the most damaging stage of grief for children.