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Avatar n tn I have had a lump in my breast for over 6 months, but no pain or soreness. Should I be concerned??? Does no pain equal no worry? The lump is about one inch long and half an inch wide. I am 34 years old. My mother had breast cancer 8 years ago.
Avatar n tn Breast cancer as a rule does not cause pain. You said the doctor examined your breast and this may be a lump. Did he or she actually feel an abnormaility/lump in your right breast? The intermittant pain that you are feeling in your left armpit may be due to many reasons. Have you nicked a hair follicle after shaving your armpit? Have you had an infection/virus lately? This may also be muscular. All in all,,, again pain in the breast as a rule is not associated with breast cancer.
632991 tn?1222693540 Hi Dr. Paul! Thanks so much for your quick reply! Your answer made me feel better! ^^ Mabuhay ka. pero po... I have to ask this one question for you.. If the lump will disappear after my period, do I still have to see a doctor? I don't feel any pain right now in my left nipple but it's still itchy in some area and the lump is not becoming bigger......What will I do? Maraming Salamat!
Avatar n tn it is about a finger width and length and runs horizontally across the top of my breast, about an inch above my nipple. i am a dd cup, and i am no stranger to pain from swelling, but this feels like a deep bruise with a dull ache. i went to my general practitioner this week, and she found it by feeling the area - it is raised in the light, but she said it is hard to feel due to my dense breast tissue. she was pretty sure its a fibroadenoma.
Avatar f tn Hi thanks for the answer I only drink tea and that too just 2 times a day and no other drink, no smoking, no alcohol, but try to reduce this. Also,one thing i want to mention that i have no lump on that side and the pain is so severe that it goes to the back and is through all the upper back. I have taken ocid for two days, the first day it helped but after teh second day teh pain is teh same..
9314345 tn?1409636047 I had breast pain on my right breast that has always been smaller then the other I finally went to the drs and they basically said it was a lump but not a cancerous lump.. and the I need to keep checking it.. Once a month tho as to no agitate it. If ur breast are bothering you do self exam and maybe just go to ur drs. It could b serious or it could b like a fatty tissue tumor!
887689 tn?1247893057 I have HS had two surgery to remove a lump and sweat glands from under right arm in 2006, had a lump (not cancer) removed from left breast in 2008 and now i have two lumps ( one hard, not painful and other small and painful) in right breast. on US lump is shown but not on mammo. doc thinks it may be something because he saw a shadow but lab said review in 6 months ( lump location for lab review was at the wrong location so doc is going to do the US himself in one month.
11598376 tn?1431600333 I go back to the dr the 31st to meet with a breast surgeon to talk about a needle biopsy. I was just wondering if shooting pain is usually associated with breast cancer? Since I have found the lump I have been getting shooting, stinging pains from where my lump is over to my shoulder and sometimes down my arm. I am scared to death that's it's something serious.
Avatar f tn Is the lump painful to palpation? Is there more pain after an exam than there was before? If the lump itself is painful, you can treat it with evening primrose oil supplements.
Avatar f tn I am a 48 year old woman, just before my last perion I started feeling pains in my right breast into my shoulders and i also felt a lump in the inner part inside my right breast but after a few days the lump disappeared and pain left. What was that?
1909177 tn?1322240830 Also I have not had any injury to my breast. But also coinciding with breast pain and lump, other lymph nodes hav been swollen. Also my mother had breast cancer at age 30 which is also a bit young, all she needed was a lumpectomy. My doctor Got real concerned when she heard my mother had breast cancer. Can anyone tell me my chances of this being breast cancer? or could this just be some sort of cyst or fibroids? I go next week for ultrasound, how long before I know results?
351724 tn?1267537018 ntm found lump just below the nipple . i got the burning sensation /pain 2 months after the TAH . but felt the lil lump months n months before . but didnt think anything of since gyn didnt notice it ! anyways my hysterectomy was a suscess and everything came out just fine , but like i said except this burning in left breast . I was just wondering if its due to lack of or maybe change in hormones or something along those lines or is it possbily more than that ?
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old, last october my gyno felt a lump on the underside of my right breast and ordered an ultrasound. The technician felt the lump, but my results were normal. This year (two days ago infact), I went to a new gynocologist, she informed me that the lump is scar tissue, most likely from the weight of my breast causing the tissue to stretch and scar over time.
Avatar f tn i have been to hospitial 3 times to have different lumps checked out and all have been clear, this time i feel different, i have a lump in my left breast but this time if i touch it it is painful. i dont want to go to hospitial again because i feel as if i am wasting their time. what could be wrong with me ?
Avatar f tn For two months now I have been having breast pain under the nipple in the lower quadrant of my left breast. It started with the pain being in this area only. I felt around, no lump,but it felt like thick tissue there. I grabbed what had to be a quarter size of thickened tissue and felt around to see where the pain was coming from and it was from there. Since then I have experienced a series of different things like random shooting pains.
Avatar n tn This is a benign condition and often there is no lump associated with it. It generally responds to drugs like Danazol. Pain felt primarily under left breast is often due to acidity and gastric reflux. It can also be due to costochondritis. Your mother should wear good support bras. Eat healthy. Avoid excess salt intake and excess caffeine. Do discuss this with your mother’s doctor and get her examined. Take care!
Avatar n tn I am wondering if the lump I found was just a coincedence, since the pain seems to be inside, behind my breast. It is very hard to describe the pain, but it is not like a pulled muscle or anything. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!
Avatar f tn t had any symptoms, no skin changes, no discharge, no symptoms of sickness. Except for a few days ago I experienced a sort of pain on the right side of my body. I had a headache, I couldn't hold anything with my right hand because it felt weak, and I had an aching pain in my foot. Would any of those symptoms be caused by that lump, or was it just a phase? I apologize for the grammar errors, but please respond as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I am a 30yr old female who has not had a baseline mamogram yet but have been experiencing real sharp pain in my left breast today. Upon that I did a self breast exam and feel a hardened mass at the top of my breast. What could this mean? I have also been experiencing headaches for the last week and have been extremly tired the last week as well.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy a few years ago (still have ovaries), and I am also have intense breast pain. It seems like they're really swollen as well, but no detectible lumps. I'm concerned, but no one seems to have an answer for me. I've been told that it's possibly menopause-related (I'm 50), however, everyone I know who has gone through it has told me they didn't have the breast pain. Sorry I couldn't be of more help; just wanted you to know you're not alone.
Avatar f tn On the left breast there is this large painful and hard breast lump. It immobile. However, after three days of pain the pain is gone, and it's no longer growing. But it's still hard and the lump is definitely still there. This lump also appeared a short while after menopause began. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have never had a mammogram and no family hx. for breast cancer. I have neglected to go to the doctor(partly out of fear) but now I am having sternal pain on the same side. This pain kept me up all last night and radiates all the way through to my back. The only other change is that this breast is fuller than the other one. I have observed this lump for a while and it does not change with my menstrual cycle.
Avatar f tn I have been having breast pain on my left breast for a long time already. The dr has felt a lil tiny lump on it, i have gotn 2 sonogram and they both came back fine! i dont know whats wrong. I have had 2 babies and while this has been going on. While i was breastfeeding i didnt feel any pain at all but when i stop it came back. This has been going on for 2 years already. The dr told me to stop caffine and take vitamin E pills everyday.
Avatar n tn breast pain can have many causes. Fibrocystic Breast condition certainly is one of those. This condition is very common among women of any age. Caffeine can be a factor and it's not only in what you drink ... chocolate contains caffeine also. you might ck. on the internet for foods that contain caffeine. Since the films were all negative I'm not sure what the Surgeon can do but perhaps he may have some additional advice.
Avatar f tn i went in to the drs feeling pain in my breast drs did a breast examine felt nothing he went back to the paper seen my mother died at 57 of breast cancer so he came back asked where it hurt i laid down pointed to the place he and a student found a lump right away... he immediately scheduled me for a mammogram and ultra sound i am only 29 they came back negative nothing ... shouls i be concerned the technician said my next step would be an mri...