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Avatar f tn My son has sucked the skin off my nibbles and I am still breasting him even with the pain. I understand other reasons why people cant breast feed but pain cannnot be one ofthem. I do have a production problem due to my thyroid. So I understamd if you can breast feed for legit reasons but it its a reason like pain. Or you dont want your boobs to sag that is not a good enough reason. i have friends who formula feed so I jave nothing against it but if people use selfish reasons.
Avatar f tn ) Oh the pain of breastfeeding is different than the pain during pregnancy. And I'd recommend a warm compress for now and any moisturizer should help with the itching hopefully.
Avatar f tn She cant latch on to the left right with out causing me sever pain. So is it ok to only use one breast as soon as my nipple heals I plan on pumping that side. An when she gets bigger she wont have such a problem ot bcus her mouth is super tiny.
Avatar f tn They have some nipple numbing cream... it is very hard the first few days to breast feed... take warm rags and sit them.on your breast... that helped me.
11970398 tn?1443138202 I had my son a few days ago, i just got out of the hospital this am, i had no complications but ive noticed i have pain in my chest(heart area) when i feed him, anyone have this?
Avatar f tn Now im on my 2nd and im breastfeeding her too. I think its better to try your hardest because breast milk is healthier for babies.
Avatar f tn I breast feed for six months,its hard at the start and it does hurt a bit but hotish flannels over the breast when u rest i found to help stop the pain,and the pain was worth it,breast milk is priceless when breast feeding it gives u one to one bonding time with ur little one they grow up so fast so enjoy every minute u can just the two of u, all the best and just remember to stay strong :)
Avatar f tn Then I know it hurts but keep it up, this will also help. My lil 1 is now 3.5wks my breast feel normal, no more pain. To increase milk all u need to do is nurse. Nursing will produce the amount of milk u need. u can also pump-but be careful too much pumping you'll start to over produce milk & start to get encourged. Call the hospital u delivered at they usually have a lactation nurse u can talk to. Or talk to Ur pediatrician for help.
Avatar f tn What I did to prepare my breast for breastfeeding was squeezing the nipple and playing with my breast. I also bought this cream that u apply onto the breast it's made for breastfeeding it helps heal your nipple you can use it during pregnancy as well. I know this one may be kinda weird but I asked my bf to suck on my nipple and I would already start to use the breast pump I know you won't get anything out of it but it helps prepare for the sensation and pain.
8778737 tn?1413831023 Breast feeding can be so painful when we start out, I breast fed my son exclusively for until he grew out of it... The pain wont last forever and it is well worth it. Hang in there <3 There are nice gel nipple pads that I loved but they are expensive from the mercy mall, also la leches league sells similar pads along with lanolin (like vasaline) to help with pain.
Avatar f tn Lumps during breastfeeding may be caused by blockage of ducts which carry the milk from deep in the breast to the nipple openings. Milk that builds up behind the blockage causes the lumps and makes the breast sore. Warm compress may help provide relief. Gently massage the lump toward the nipple during and after feeding and cold packs after a feed may help relieve pain and inflammation.
Avatar f tn Does any you breastfeeding mom have an idea why my breast be hurting n burns... I had my baby girl, she's almost 1months now n nothin seems to relieve this pain :( just wondering what it could be.
296027 tn?1287762643 I don't have a breast pump yet, so me and Greg pumped using our hands and a breast milk storage bag. I still want to breast feed her, but since they have become swollen I've been pouring my milk into her bottle. It seems like she gets the milk to fast. Are there any suggestions on how to slow her down, and should she burp after each feeding? Hopefully it all gets easier, as I'm still enjoying every minute of it. I guess I'm just looking for some breast feeding advice.
Avatar f tn I just had my daughter the 17th but i decided to start breastfeeding today bc shes not liking bottles and latches on my breast really good. But they are giving me motrin and percaset for pain and they said its safe to breastfeed while taking these meds, but its making me nervous anyone else taking these while breastfeeding? & does anyone else know how safe this is for my baby.
Avatar f tn I'm a ftm and I'm definitely breastfeeding for at least a year. Breast is best lol you get the bonding of skin to skin contact, breast milk is better for your baby than formula and its better for the mom because you recover from giving birth much faster. Plus its free..
Avatar n tn Any medication I take I can still take and when giving you medications the Dr will give stuff safe while breastfeeding. I only had pain in the nipples for a week or two until I realized how to care for them a.d the only thing that is uncomfortable is the milk let down. Breast feeding is great I have breastfed four of my five and am still nursing my two yr old and will nurse number six due in February. Buy a nursing pillow, breast pump and lots and lots of nipple cream that is baby safe.
Avatar f tn No. You have to do what's best for you and baby. Breastfeeding isn't for everyone. I only breastfed for 5 weeks and I just didn't like it so I stopped. Of course I felt guilty about it and felt like a bad parent but it's what worked for us and my boy is healthy.
Avatar f tn It can be painful & annoying. I had a friend that her son would bite her & she would bleed. It can get annoying if ur out & about or u pump, but the person watching ur child runs out of pumped milk. I did not have issues with pain breastfeeding my daughter. There were times I was at work & had 2 pump bcuz my breast filled up with milk & hurt. Or I would have to pump bcuz I was leaking. Breast pump didn't hurt 2 me. Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn Breastfeeding does not hurt if you are doing it correctly. The lactation nurse at the hospital will help and there are lots of support groups- go to them!! You can rent a breast pump from the hospital and it's 1/2 the price of buying one.
Avatar f tn I plan to breast feed. I've heard to give it a month and the pain will go away, but to stick with it.
8835615 tn?1410095011 Lanolin cream to sooth the nipples and possibly a breast feeding cover if you plan to breast feed in front of people. Also a nipple shield just in case baby has trouble latching.
Avatar n tn You will find there is less gas, spitting up, and the baby get's the antibiotics from the breast milk. Formula is expensive and sometimes a pain in preparing (keeping cold then getting warm, etc.) and keeping bottles cleaned. I found breast feeding to be a wonderful experience. The milk was always ready and very convenient. I did not use a bottle at all and when it came time to wean them, I didn't have to fight with getting the bottle away from them.
6421706 tn?1382933759 easiest for me to feed my bundle of joy when she gets here. Any of you ladies prefer breastfeeding? Does it hurt? Everyone that I know told me that it does. Please Help!!
9156053 tn?1406063254 ok anyone breast feeding I dont want to my doctor said I should idk… though it actually hurts to me
Avatar f tn anyone can bottle feed only us moms can give them our breast . I had a wonderful experience breastfeeding I did it for a year and was so sad when I stopped but I will definitely be doing it for rest of my kids .
Avatar f tn If you choose to bottle feed, I doubt the baby will say no lol. It's an easy transition to go from breast to bottle, but you can't go from bottle to breast, so it's worth it to give it a try.
Avatar f tn Mine too im worried about that too mines a re flat im definitely gunna have to look into that but i recently went to a breast feeding class and the instructor told me it was diffrent for everyone sometimes they do latch on or sometimes they dont and sometimes its pain full so its better for some moms to just pump.
Avatar f tn Any moms on here have any breastfeeding experience because I'm looking for a cream that will be helpful when it comes to soothing sore nipples and keeping my skin from cracking. Wasn't prepared for all that when I had my daughter so needless to say I gave up on breastfeeding. Just want to be successful this time around.
Avatar f tn Congrats! Yeah its not easy and its painful but try maybe pumping you breast first for a bit with a breast pump, so you canget your nipple more in shape ready and pointing out more.