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Avatar f tn last week i started weaning from breastfeeding and one morning , after not feeding for 12 hours, my 4 year old daughter ran up to me and hit me pretty hard on my left breast causing severe pain behind the nipple. Now i have achy pain behind the nipple all the time and everytime i hold my 13 weeks old it gets worse and lots more pain when the breast is pressed against . what could this be????? i am a 31 y/o female who has a history of graves, ra, and lupus.
Avatar n tn although cancer can cause breast pain, most things that cause breast pain aren't cancer. It could be any number of things from fibrocystic change (very common at your age, and harmless)to a cyst, or even infection. Things that affect the pain associated with fibrocystic breasts are caffeine, time of the month, some other dietary issues, kind of support bra, etc. Stopping caffeine and taking vitamin E can help.
Avatar n tn It began with sharp stabbing pains which seemed to travel from behind the rib cage toward the nipple and over the next few days became an intense pain behind the bone structure which, it seems strange to say, felt like a trapped pocket of air to the upper right of my breast, nearing the edge of my armpit.
Avatar n tn Dear anita papita, Breast pain is a common breast symptom. The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain. Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue. Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast.
Avatar m tn small,hard,tumor-like tissue behind the nipple painful when touch. what will be the problem now?(since i'm self medicating do i need other medication to regulate this"growth"?caner,tumor,etc...cause by unnaturally hormone intake?male breast grow result cancer?is this a normal "problem" for male to female HRT transformation?
Avatar n tn The nipple isn't irritated or inflamed or anything and the pain is more inside the breast, behind the nipple, not the nipple itself. I have taken Ibuprofen which seems to help, but I will make an appointment to see my doctor.
Avatar m tn i have pain(behind) the left side of the nipple. my age is 21. please send solution to this problem.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for surgery to remove calcification behind nipple in 2 weeks. I'm just looking for information regarding the procedure. Dr. explained process and that they have to insert a needle through the skin a couple hours before surgery. Can't remember why and I'm wondering how painful this is.
Avatar f tn It started sort of above the breast in the thicker tissue there, but since then has mostly been a low-grade burning pain behind my nipple that comes and goes and is more distracting than anything. I'm planning a trip to the doctor, but I'm pretty sure she'll blow it off as nothing since I'm so young. However, I don't want to overlook something that could be serious, even if there's a very small chance. Should I push for additional tests, like an MRI, mammogram or ultrasound?
Avatar n tn feels like thick cord in some areas just touched the wrong way sends me to the moon. md did sonogram---shon-- darkening thickening behind the l nipple sent for mammogram radiologist md came in says no ca. but he is not quite sure what it is.-- says some kind of tissue sppears to be trying to break through regular tissue behind the nipple wants me back 4-6 months for more studies mammogram songram... I have been treating for an enlarged prostate that was and is giving me great problems.
Avatar f tn She should order a breast MRI or Ultrasound to check for mastitis (infection behind the nipple) or to see whats going on under the surface. A warm compress or bath can help with the pain. After that an ice pack surrounded by a washcloth or thin towel for 10 - 15 minutes might help too. Keep the area clean and dry. Wear a gym type stretchy bra - no underwires or pushups! You can put some gauze or cotton around the nipple area to take off some pressure and to keep material from rubbing there.
Avatar n tn Had a good mamagram 2 years ago and now have breast pain behind the nipple area. When wearing my bra it hurt and felt irritated. I didn't feel any lumps. I'm so nervous and cried my eyes out over the weekend.
Avatar f tn My left breast nipple is a blue-green colour and has been for quite some time but latley i am getting pain just behind the nipple.I got a benign lump removed about 18 years ago can you give me any advice. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/discoloration-on-left-breast/show/1086830">discoloration on left breast</a>.
Avatar n tn I can feel it when I lay on my abdomen, but not during a normal breast exam. It is just behind the nipple. It has been there about 5 months but for 2 weeks I have noticed a bloody discharge from that side. No pain. I am big breasted as well.I had called my insurance to ask how they paid for a mamogram. They say I should be seen by a surgeon first and get the order from him. I can do that but how concerned should I be. I am in the health care field but still want to put this off.
Avatar n tn Small-ish mass (benign) was deep behind breast, against chest wall. Clip was left behind. Bleeding took a week to stop fully. I was still having considerable breast discomfort/pain 2 weeks after the biopsy, so I visited primary care doc who gave me cephalexin just in case an infection was brewing in there. I'm 8 days into the 10 day course of antibiotics and the discomfort is still there- most noticeable in the nipple. Painful and VERY sensitive.
Avatar n tn i have scist behind the nipple on one breast. i have alot of discomfort pain in it. 1 side of the nipple has white milky discharge and the other has grey discharge both on the same breast. should i be concerned? This discussion is related to <a href=''>darkened nipple w/milky discharge</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, You previuosly started a similar thread and received an answer: Best wishes....
Avatar n tn My breast feels like a burning sensation and I am not sure if it is related, but I feel pain directly in my back behind the breast that hurts, but since they didnt find anything a month ago, am I being a big baby or should I contact my doctor again. I dont want to waste her time and I dont want her to think I am a hypocondriact, if you know what I mean, but this is really bothering me.
Avatar f tn I also have a 'tender' spot on the side of my breast, that if touched makes my breast and under my breast ache. I also experience 'pain' that is similar to breastfeeding - if that makes any sort of sense! (It's not really that easy trying to explain this in writing! lol) Other times it feels almost like an internal itch right behind my breast. I thought that this might have been related to a possible thyroid problem.
Avatar f tn I was taking a shower and doing my monthly self breast exam when I found a pea sized lump. I scared me to death! It was directly behind my nipple. I had my husband feel it to make sure it was really there. I accidently squeezed it and dark blue like ink discharge came out of my nipple. There was no pain. I suddenly noticed I could make the blue discharge come out of BOTH my nipples when ever I gently squeezed them. That was 12 years ago.
Avatar f tn Okay so for about 2 weeks now or maybe more. My right nipple hurts when i touch it & sometimes when it touches with something or when i take of my shirt sometimes. Its only my right one. It also feels like there is a lump behind it. It is also pointier than my left one. My left one doesnt hurt at all. I am an 18 year old male. What could it be? Some guy on yahoo answers said it could be nipple cancer? It concerned me. Should i let this slide & see if the pain goes away by itself?
Avatar n tn Since day 3 of my missed period, the breast that has the fibriadenoma lump has been hurting and the nipple of that breast has been super sensitive to a point where even wearing a bra hurts it. My nipple on this breast usually does hurt within 10 days before I am supposed to get my period but this is way after that time period. This month my boyfriend and I have been extra with condom n he has always cummed outside.
Avatar f tn I am having a breast MRI tonight . I do have pain behind my nipple and in my left armpit and shoulder/ breast. My lungs showed calcifications but so far no one seems too concerned about that.
Avatar n tn His right nipple became inflamedswollen and very sore to the point where he couldn't stand nothing to touch it, we applied topical antiboticskept it covered for two weeks, this barley helped, he then took a prescripiton of antibotics by mouthit has gotten some better, but he is still having flare ups where his clothes irrate it, at it's worst it is swollenand yellowish behind the nipple, no lumps around the surrounding breast tissue or under the arm, no breastpain, only the nipple when it touch
Avatar n tn Sorry your in pain and a that you a so worried. If this is breast cancer of some sort early treatment is very important. Do you have a breast cancer center near by?
Avatar n tn The soreness is not in the nipple itself, but appears to be sore behind the nipple. Could this be a sign of breast cancer.