Breast pain before period

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Avatar f tn Before if im goin to have my period i have breast tendernes but no abdominal pain now i dont have breast tendernes but severe abdominal pain... I dont know whats going on... Any girls who have desame problem is this serious case!?
Avatar f tn I had normal symptoms like my period was about to start like the bloating, mild cramps, breast tenderness but it seem like the breast was a little but more sensitive than the normal period signs. and then I felt like a sharp pain one day that felt like something was pulling only for a few seconds and then a release feeling. it felt like after the release feeling I was going to start my period, like I was about to bleed so I ran to the bathroom and nothing was there.
Avatar f tn Now my new question is will I get the period on the day I should which is tomorrow or did taking the first pill before my period affected the new period and it will occur later (when i take all 21 pills) ? Still having abdominal pain and breast tenderness.
Avatar f tn Hi there, i'm a 21 year old female, and for the last 4 or 5 years my periods seem to have got worse than before, the main symptons are severe nausea, trapped wind and anxiety.
Avatar f tn I keep having spotting two weeks before my period every month, this has started happening ever since I had a miscarriage in January. I am breast-feeding, but get my period on time every month. We are still trying to get pregnant, do you think that I am having miscarriages every month and that is why I am spotting? Please help me understand what is going on with my body!
Avatar n tn I normally get breast pain right before I am going to have my period. Since you had pain before your period also it could be from hormones trying to regulate itself. So many changes are occurring in your postpartum body, the pain in your breast is probably one of them. I just had my baby 8 weeks ago and right now I am a terrible mess too. Things should get better for you soon since your are 10 mths out.
Avatar f tn Just a quick question, I am 5 days post ovulation and due for my period in one week. I have started cramping today and a slight pain down my leg and an ovulation.pain every so often. Breast feel slightly sore. be too.soon for pregnany symptoms or.could.this be implamentation feeling?
1406151 tn?1281196674 t like period blood at all. it was very Dark and blotchy?? a about a week before this all happened my breast where hurting badly. w/ a little nausea here and there. i was afraid i was pregnant or could be.. i am about to be 19 in September. & my mother was also 19yrs when she miscarried with her 1st child. :[ soo yea kinda scary.. if anyOne has any answers for me I'd really appreciate it!
Avatar f tn Hi i have a problem my cycle is 24 days i always spotting 6 daya before my period start and my breast get sore 2 or 3 days i after i think i am O. And i get tired n headaches i always think am preg. Am trying to concieve and the spotting worries me.
Avatar n tn So are you saying that you have never had a period before? I just want to be clear.The pains you are feeling could be that of a period.
Avatar f tn I am 31 years old and am experiencing pain in my right breast that goes to my armpit and down my arm. The doctors have done an exam and 2 different doctors felt a small lump but mammogram & ultrasound revealed nothing. I haven't had my cycle for 7 months and I am not sexually active. I need some direction and ideas here. The last doctor thinks it has to do with my hormones but I am wondering if the hormones have something to do with the lump and pain.
1010313 tn?1250717902 I'm 15 & I have breast fullness & shooting pain & occasional nipple pain. I am on my menstrual cycle & its been a month since I had sex. I used protection. My period is normal this month. But I never had breast fullness & pain before or during me period. I also feel tired & I have headaches. No nausea(that was before my period started). I looked like I gained weight(bloating?). I took a pregnancy test & it was negative.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, When is the earliest that someone could experience nauseau/ morning sickness? Is it possible for someone to have this a couple of days before a missed period or has anyone experienced that.
9314345 tn?1409636047 I had breast pain on my right breast that has always been smaller then the other I finally went to the drs and they basically said it was a lump but not a cancerous lump.. and the I need to keep checking it.. Once a month tho as to no agitate it. If ur breast are bothering you do self exam and maybe just go to ur drs. It could b serious or it could b like a fatty tissue tumor!
Avatar f tn Never in the 14 years have I ever had sick pain like I do now in the past year. 2 weeks before my period both of my breast swell up and get dark blue rings around the nipples. They hurt so bad that I can't sleep and it even hurts into my armpits. Not sure what it could be. I haven't been on birth control.fir 6 or 7 years now and need some insight!
203342 tn?1328737207 Hi April. I get breast pain, but it's around the side and underneath. I am already through menopause, however. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so that could be it. But I have had this pain throughout my life, on and off. What I do is use ice ( I know it sounds bad) and take some Advil. I also get a red rash around my nipples and the doctor told me to put cortizone cream on it or neosporin.
Avatar m tn Years ago I had alot of breast tenderness, and it was not necessarily related to my period. I usually experience breast tenderness about a week or so before my period, but there were months at a time where my breasts always hurt. I think this is probably your body sorting out what size of breasts it wants you to have. Have you tried more supportive bras? I would look into them, as they will help stabilize your breasts thus minimizing their movement.
Avatar f tn Any moms find out they were pregnant and never experienced any breast pain??
181789 tn?1269794404 I have had sharp pain in my breast several years ago. I have been on BCP for about almost 12 years. I went to my gyno and she checked out my breast and felt some dense tissue. So I had a breast ultrasound and showed a mass that is benign..I changed BCP to one that has less estrogen in it. I also cut out caffeine, soda and meat to experiment with the pain. I haven't been eating much meat only if it is free of hormones and pesticides especailly beef..which I rarely eat.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend and i have been having sex and i went almost two months without having a period but my period came fifty two days later. im confused because before my period i had a dot of blood in my panties and after my last period which was sometime in june from then to my current period which came aug 6th i was cramping had bad back aches headaches and i have white bumps around my nipples literally 20.
Avatar f tn Yea but, my boobs have never hurt while I was on my period and they hurt two weeks before my period. But i am going to a doctor if they don't stop Hurting soon.
Avatar f tn My period just came this morning which rules out pregnancy but breast still a bit painful but not as before. Nipple discharge small fluid if seriously pressed.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I do not take any medications at all. But I get such breast pain. They swell up and so tender to touch worse than they would hurt before a period. If my Fiance' touches me between my breastbone I scream.....Will this ever go away. Oh I do have breast size 36DD.
Avatar n tn hi i hAVE pain in breast before periods i always suffered from this before periods is there chance of pregnency in this
Avatar f tn Don't know if this is helpful or not but I've read and been told by my mother - a breast cancer survivor, that cancer lumps are not painful. I've also heard that ultrasounds can detect lumps in the breast before a mammogram can so if that was negative it's quit possible it's nothing. I get pain in my breast that actually stems from pulled muscles and pinched nerves in my back. Take it for what it's worth, I'm a civilian, not a doctor. Best of luck.