Breast pain before ovulation

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Avatar f tn That's the only time it happens when ur ovulating so if ur cramping its because ur ovulating or u have some type of infection
Avatar f tn it started out as a pinkish light color to a bright red to a darker red and i am cramping really bad, i could even feel pain in my lower back and my breast are slightly tender but i can only feel the pain when i push on them..i took a pregnancy test on the 14 in the late afternoon and it said i was not pregnant, it was negative, did i take the test too late in the day or is it too early for the test to detect the HCG..
Avatar f tn Thanks in advance for your help. Just a quick question, I am 5 days post ovulation and due for my period in one week. I have started cramping today and a slight pain down my leg and an ovulation.pain every so often. Breast feel slightly sore. be too.soon for pregnany symptoms or.could.this be implamentation feeling?
1150573 tn?1261964987 I used to have irregular periods until my first m/c. Think they got more regular - around 34-35 day cycle. Before m/c, used to get breast tenderness before period too. I tracked cm and bbt's and while the chart is a bit different each month - after a while you might notice a trend. Good luck , hope to hear good news from you soon !
Avatar f tn good day, second day after i finished my menstruation, i am feeling pain in a breast, not the two, and is 3days ago now.
290867 tn?1333569278 The ultrasound just showed a cyst that got bigger than normal, before it burst. This occurs during ovulation anyway, but if it gets big, it can cause more pain. Once it burst, she felt relief. Just one more think our bodies have to do, to remind us we are female....ugh. We get all the breaks, don't we?
Avatar f tn The gynecologist said breast tenderness has something to do with ovulation like with your period or something but I never had pain in my breast before.
Avatar m tn My breast have been sore as well. I am on birth control so I hope it not ovulation...that would mean my pill isn't working. Is it possible that this is implantation??
203342 tn?1328737207 Hi April. I get breast pain, but it's around the side and underneath. I am already through menopause, however. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so that could be it. But I have had this pain throughout my life, on and off. What I do is use ice ( I know it sounds bad) and take some Advil. I also get a red rash around my nipples and the doctor told me to put cortizone cream on it or neosporin.
613471 tn?1244201788 I have never had this even before ovulation they have never felt this way. And they are usually this way right before my period starts and as soon as my period comes they deflate ha-ha which they did this time and then like day3 they swelled up again and never went back down they keep getting tighter in the bra and more swollen any input or experience with this???
1546303 tn?1295342869 -) Good luck!! I hope you get a positive soon!
Avatar f tn Sometimes an estrogen surge can make your breasts hurt. Mine used to do that right after ovulation. The times I've been pregnant, I haven't had any breast pain or tenderness before my missed period. If you think you might be pregnant, you may get a postive test in a couple days.
613471 tn?1244201788 I have never had this even before ovulation they have never felt this way. And they are usually this way right before my period starts and as soon as my period comes they deflate ha-ha which they did this time and then like day3 they swelled up again and never went back down they keep getting tighter in the bra and more swollen any input or experience with this???
Avatar f tn But remember that sperm can live for up to 5 days in ideal conditions (although probably more like 3 under normal conditions), and you have a better chance of becoming pregnant when you BD before ovulation, so if you did BD in the last couple of days, I'd say you have a pretty good chance this month! SSBD!!!
615651 tn?1233707108 19 as early as a week or two after my period I had been experiencing cramps similar to pms followed by nausea/vomitting, breast pain, watery yellow discharge and frequesnt urination. it's weird cause I 'am thinking it is too early to have a pregnancy symptoms for I've red that ovulation occurs 14days before the next period. I took a PT twice both are negative I know I have to wait before I actually miss my period w/c is 10 more days to go. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hi! It sounds to me like you may have developed a cyst in that side. I would definitely reccommend a mammogram! Most hormonally related symptoms change with the changes in the hormones--for example, breasts become tender right before the period because of swelling related to fluid retention caused by progesterone. This goes away after the period because there is no progesterone produced again until the next ovulation. That's why I say a cyst--because the pain remains after they cycle.
615651 tn?1233707108 I had been experiencing pregnancy symptoms (nausea/vomitting/yellow discharge/cramping/breast pain) for about 2 weeks now but now that my period due is about to approach I'm worried that the cramping might be a pms, what is unusual is I'm having an untolerable breast pain, I'm loosing apetite at meal times but I get really hungry before I sleep and in the morning and just no I'm feeling light headed. I would appreciate an opinion. Super Thanks!
1629552 tn?1299641688 Generally speaking, symptoms don't start so early and you stated you've had them since around the time you last had sex. The earliest they can start is around a week after ovulation when implantation occurs. Your birth control or impending period can cause the cramping and breast/nipple pain, even if you've never had this before. Wagering a guess, I'd say pregnancy is unlikely just because failure of both the pill and condom wouldn't be likely.
Avatar f tn You can note down few signs of ovulation like during ovulation the cervical mucus(discharge) increases and is of watery or raw egg white consistency; there is increase in basal body temperature; breast tenderness. It can be detected by an OPK (Ovulation predictor test kit) which is tested with the help of urine. I hope it helps. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
5762170 tn?1373820526 My boyfriend and I had sex on the 7th and 8th of July. In these two days we had unprotected sex 4 times. All 4 times led to him ejaculating inside me. According to several apps and websites the 7th and 8th are my most fertile days. Then the 9th was supposedly my ovulation day. Now a week later, I have severe breast pain, back aches, cramps, and headaches. My period isn't due until next week. This is my first time having unprotected sex and trying to conceive.
Avatar n tn I have the same feelings and according to my research this is due to ovulation. During this time we experience cramps, headaches, Breast sensitivity etc...
Avatar f tn t feel any lumps and there is no rash. could this be related to normal hormone fluctuations before ovulation? is this a common occurence? i had a manual breast exam by a nurse practitioner last november and she said everything felt fine. i am 35 yrs old, not on birth control pills, never had a child by choice and am not pregnant. my periods usually run 26 days apart (sometimes a few more days)... should i be worried?
181789 tn?1269794404 I have had sharp pain in my breast several years ago. I have been on BCP for about almost 12 years. I went to my gyno and she checked out my breast and felt some dense tissue. So I had a breast ultrasound and showed a mass that is benign..I changed BCP to one that has less estrogen in it. I also cut out caffeine, soda and meat to experiment with the pain. I haven't been eating much meat only if it is free of hormones and pesticides especailly beef..which I rarely eat.
978164 tn?1249435402 Pregnancy symptoms are so common they could be associated with any number of issues. The biggest clue to pregnancy, though, are breast changes. Breast changes typically don't happen except during ovulation, when pre-menstrual and during pregnancy.