Breast pain before ovulation

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Avatar f tn I have never felt it so open or soft before. It def. feels different than it has a few days ago. Also, breast pain has just started. its kind of the inside area of my breast. Really mostly my left breast and not as painful as my back. Light pain. Just started to notice that a few minutes ago. Although, my cervical mucus doesn't seem too different. It seems kind of like egg whites... but it doesn't seem to be much of an increase.
1150573 tn?1261968587 I have been taking my BBt every day, but really how do I really know if I am Ovulation. I only had 1 day of a pos OPk. that was on the 10 of feb last month I had 2 1/2 day of pos opk's.. but how do I know if im really O 12 - 36 hrs later.. Im very upset with my Ob so im going to find a new one.. Since my d&c in Sept my body just does not seem rt . like my breast are not tender b4 my Af comes. Im tired about 2ks bf Af showes up like that's how I feel rt now, so I bet im going to start..
Avatar f tn That's why I read it because I have those ovary pains when I'm getting ready to start, while I'm on AF, right after AF, then I get a short break until what I think is right before ovulation, during ovulation and even right after so it can be hard to know for sure based on that. Anyway, I'd take a look!! Maybe BFP next month???!!!
Avatar f tn That's the only time it happens when ur ovulating so if ur cramping its because ur ovulating or u have some type of infection
Avatar n tn My cycles since I stopped breast feeding 1 year ago have been consistantly 25-28 days long. For the past few months I have noticed a dull abdominal pain around my ovulation day, lasting 20 minutes or so. Last week, my husband and I tried again when I suspected fertile days (egg white quality cervical fluid) and I still had the abdominal pain. Is this dull pain a sign of missed conception or would there still be a window of opportunity?
Avatar f tn My symptoms this cycle are Lower Left Back Pain Lower Left Tummy Cramps Breast Pains Excited I think the Pregnacare Conception Prenatals are really boosting my Ovulation, as I havent had these prominent symptoms before :D Soon to be starting Gonal F (only 2 more weeks baby) Then IUI <3 baby dust needed x
Avatar n tn Yes, I do get a pain in which ever side I am ovulating when I ovulate. Tracking with temperature is a great help and will help you know more about what is going on with your body. The pain is called mittelschermz. Here is website that you can learn more: Here's a piece from that website: If you're a woman who sometimes experiences a pain on one side of your lower abdomen and you don't know what it is, keep track of its timing.
Avatar f tn The gynecologist said breast tenderness has something to do with ovulation like with your period or something but I never had pain in my breast before.
Avatar n tn I just got off my period 12 days ago and ovulation sticks say I'm in my ovulation stage. Its not 15 days since my last period. Is it normal to have sore breast during ovulation? I've always had sore breast prior to my period but not this early. Could I be pregnant?
162279 tn?1270604959 They are never sore before or during periods, never sore after ovulation--- my breasts have just never been sore at these times like they are for most women. So my question is: has anyone had this happen to them and it turned out that it was a sign of pregnancy? Or might it be caused by something else, like hormones from my lost pregnancy? Can a miscarriage change your hormones so that I might now be a person who DOES esxperience breast tenderness after ovulating? Or would this not happen?
Avatar n tn My question is, could that be the reason for the pain? Is FBD associatied with ovulation? I believe I read somewhere a while back that the pain/conditon sometimes starts with the first day of ovulation but im not sure if I am remembering it right. Its only been 3 months since Ive started experiencing the symptoms of FBD so im not familiar with my body's changes related to it. Am I over thinking on this or should I go see my doctor?
203342 tn?1328740807 Hi April. I get breast pain, but it's around the side and underneath. I am already through menopause, however. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so that could be it. But I have had this pain throughout my life, on and off. What I do is use ice ( I know it sounds bad) and take some Advil. I also get a red rash around my nipples and the doctor told me to put cortizone cream on it or neosporin.
Avatar n tn Make sure you get lots of rest and take care of yourself. Yes the pain does subside. The pain starts with Ovulation. About 2 days before. The worst of it is on the ovulation day. the next day i am better. however between ovulation and my period i have mild pain. more like the feeling of pressure being applied to much to my lower stomach. Between my period and ovulation I have no pain. I go to see the GYN in 3 weeks. I am going to ask him for a D and C.
Avatar n tn ) Can anyone describe for me the difference between an ovulation pain and an implantation pain? Or is there pain at implantation? I had a horrible, but brief pain on the 16th that doubled me over. It felt like a pinch or "catch", it was awful, but just for a second or two. I have had this feeling before, but never thought to document anything until after my M/C on 10-31-06. 2.) can anyone tell me if it is possible to have implantation with no bleeding? TTC.....
Avatar n tn This time it's been different I've had breast pain right after ovulation and now its 10 dpo I've had slight nausea on and off and some pressure this morning in my stomach the breast pain was really bad but is now on the sides and under my boobs anyone know If this is pregnancy related? My bbt this morning was 98.6 which is higher than this week with 98.
Avatar f tn No not ovulation again but could be a sign of pregancy as i also had EWCM before i expected AF, but i am pregnant! have you had any other symptoms?
Avatar n tn My breasts feel tender for about two weeks before my period and i start to feel the pain of ovulation around that time too. It could just be that your period is changing or possibly because you are no longer sexually active.
1386249 tn?1303095696 That is confusing! We are also back to TTC since Sept, after a D&C in July. But my cycles are 34-38 days. I think there are plenty of people who experience ovulation "pain" or a twinge on one side or the other, but many people (like myself) really only experience EWCM. Many also experince lighter AF symptoms, like breast tenderness. For me, the EWCM occurs about 2-3 days prior to seeing a positive OPK.
Avatar n tn I'm 29 and have heart pain / heart vibrations and palpitation during ovulation and about a week before period, I also have something which feels like there is air around the heart, once my period starts the palpitations gets relieved. I have Aortic insufficiency on a Mild degree.
Avatar f tn Before, during, and after my period I had a dull pain on near my left ovary, breasts sensitivity, and some light abdomen cramping. Now after my period I have increased vaginal discharge with my breast sensitivity. Sometimes they hurt and feel heavy. I usually have cramping right before my period but I didn't have any this time. Is this change hormonal, stress related or am I ovulating early? Thanks.
Avatar n tn You could be ovulating. Breast tenderness often happens as well as mood swings, nausea, stomach pain...Usually you will have non stretchy mucous first but it varies woman to woman. A book that clearly explains this and the one I refer to each month is "The Billings Method". Very helpful. It has pictures of each stage of mucous and helps you chart your cycle so you know whats going on each month and are more in tune.
Avatar n tn Since then I have periods of significant pain in that breast. It seems to occur around ovulation and menstruation. My recent mammogram was clear as was my physical check. What I want to know is has anyone else experienced this? My surgeon doesn't seem to have any explanation except for saying he removed a lot of tissue. Am I unique or have others experienced this? Is it likely to continue forever?
Avatar f tn it started out as a pinkish light color to a bright red to a darker red and i am cramping really bad, i could even feel pain in my lower back and my breast are slightly tender but i can only feel the pain when i push on them..i took a pregnancy test on the 14 in the late afternoon and it said i was not pregnant, it was negative, did i take the test too late in the day or is it too early for the test to detect the HCG..
613471 tn?1244205388 I have never had this even before ovulation they have never felt this way. And they are usually this way right before my period starts and as soon as my period comes they deflate ha-ha which they did this time and then like day3 they swelled up again and never went back down they keep getting tighter in the bra and more swollen any input or experience with this???
Avatar f tn This goes away after the period because there is no progesterone produced again until the next ovulation. That's why I say a cyst--because the pain remains after they cycle. Also, cysts can be squishy and hard to feel, or too deep to feel. They can also easily be aspirated and removed if necessary. Mammograms are not that bad, and the information they give is worth the effort! Good luck!
491527 tn?1214491403 stomach pain, boating, breast soreness, gas, constipation, back pain and discomfort during sex. I never related any of this to my ovaries. I thought it was my diet, the new man in my life was just larger than my exhusband, and I had prior untreated injuries to my back from cheerleading, limbo and a car accident. Last year I saw 2 gastrointestional doctors with no resolve.