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Avatar f tn I just finished my 5 years on tamoxfin ,and now iam having sever pain around my nipple in both beast.I have always had lumpy breast that is why i started tamoxfin.I m not having a discharge or anything and i haven"t had a period i a year but my paps are negative.i have so many lumps in my breast that i cant tell what is new or what is old,iam really afraid.i was never had breast cancer but i have had 4 lumps removed from my breast.
Avatar f tn Benign results thank God, no atypical cells either, and I was pleased that compared to the other biopsies I have had in the past (MRI guided, CORE needle, Sterotactic, and Surgical) it seemed to not hurt all that bad. Now 12 days later I have my period and the pain in that breast is killing me, also under my arm a little, I think. Maybe because I lift a 25 pound baby all day it has something to do with it! But how come as soon as my period started, it started to kill?
Avatar f tn good day, second day after i finished my menstruation, i am feeling pain in a breast, not the two, and is 3days ago now.
Avatar n tn Had a baby 10 months ago not breastfeeding. Got my period a week ago. had the pain before and after. No history of Breast CAncer in my family.
Avatar f tn Before if im goin to have my period i have breast tendernes but no abdominal pain now i dont have breast tendernes but severe abdominal pain... I dont know whats going on... Any girls who have desame problem is this serious case!?
Avatar f tn When did the spot begin to hurt? You say the biopsy itself was painful, but after the biopsy, was there a period of time when the breast did not hurt? Are you saying that only in the last few days, it began to hurt again? because if the latter is the case, this may be a case of the nerve endings beginning to heal, if one was cut ot injured, and this pain, (if it's from the nerves) usually begins not right after the surgery, or biopsy, but later, and when they start growing back?
Avatar n tn I know different forms of the pill made me very sick to my stomach and gave me headaches. when you go in after the 3 month period, talk to the doctor and let her know how you felt and see if she can do anything or has something else that might work a little better. It's unlikely that you are pregnant based on your description. your body is likely recovering from the miscarriage and returning back to its normal condition which would explain the breast soreness.
Avatar f tn I have a pain in the side of my left breast when pressue is applied on it. This includes, jumping, or pressing. There is no hard lumps when I touch it. I've also been having muscusy soft stool lately. There is also a slight pain in my left lower abdomen, been having some gas problem, wondering if it is related to that? I've just finished a period like one day, and is also wondering is a bloody mucus like vaginal discharge normal at this point of time?
Avatar f tn I am 31 years old and am experiencing pain in my right breast that goes to my armpit and down my arm. The doctors have done an exam and 2 different doctors felt a small lump but mammogram & ultrasound revealed nothing. I haven't had my cycle for 7 months and I am not sexually active. I need some direction and ideas here. The last doctor thinks it has to do with my hormones but I am wondering if the hormones have something to do with the lump and pain.
2100188 tn?1333455992 Ok i got pregnant in July 2010 and gave birth in April 2011 so I have not had a period then now its been a year since i had my son and still no period. I have not been breast feeding or anything like tha. so i dont know whats going on. any help?
Avatar f tn Never in the 14 years have I ever had sick pain like I do now in the past year. 2 weeks before my period both of my breast swell up and get dark blue rings around the nipples. They hurt so bad that I can't sleep and it even hurts into my armpits. Not sure what it could be. I haven't been on birth control.fir 6 or 7 years now and need some insight!
Avatar f tn But from 3 days after my ET i am having Breast pain and also a feeling of having period. I am really scared. I already had 2 failed IUI's . The main worrying thing is when my IUI was done after 7 days i have faced same breast pain and after 5 days i got my periods and also whenever i get periods some times i used to get Breast pain. Is this commong thing after ET ?
Avatar f tn Yea but, my boobs have never hurt while I was on my period and they hurt two weeks before my period. But i am going to a doctor if they don't stop Hurting soon.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I do not take any medications at all. But I get such breast pain. They swell up and so tender to touch worse than they would hurt before a period. If my Fiance' touches me between my breastbone I scream.....Will this ever go away. Oh I do have breast size 36DD.
203342 tn?1328737207 Hi April. I get breast pain, but it's around the side and underneath. I am already through menopause, however. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so that could be it. But I have had this pain throughout my life, on and off. What I do is use ice ( I know it sounds bad) and take some Advil. I also get a red rash around my nipples and the doctor told me to put cortizone cream on it or neosporin.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago, i had pain in my right breast. I felt a big lump as well. I thought it was just because my period was suppose to start. Well my period has started and the lump is still there and very painful. Is this normal? I have never had lumps or anything abnoral before the reduction. Could this be something to do with the surgery? Is it common?
Avatar f tn I went through the same thing after being on the depo. It took forever for my period to come.back normal. My husband and I tried for almost 2 years before getting a positive hpt. Hang in there, your body just needs to get your hormones back on track.
Avatar m tn my whole life I always get sore breasts before my period, i think i woint be able to get pregnant again until i get breast tenderness again. we tried with opks last month and usually around when i ovulate my breast start hurting but they never did and i didnt get pregnant. I dont know whats the deal but my miscarriage just screwed every thing up. Its so stressful. if you find out why were having this problem let me know. good luck to you though and i hope everything goes back to normal soon!
Avatar f tn Mastalgia or breast pain may be cyclical or non-cyclical. Cyclical mastalgia is usually the pain prior to each menstrual cycle that is due to hormonal imbalance. We are particularly interested with the second type which is non cyclical. It is usually unilateral and localised to a particular quadrant of the breast. There are numerous possible causes of non-cyclical mastalgia including: cysts; mastitis; stretching of Cooper’s ligaments; trauma; Mondor’s disease; and neoplastic processes.
Avatar f tn m not exactly sure what the question is that you are asking. Breast pain is a common breast symptom. The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain. Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue.
Avatar f tn 5cm initially but during the time period of 3 to 4 years it increased to about 3cm plus it started hurting since it was located on the right side of right breast and at times it would hurt so bad that id wake up in the middle of night to take a pain killer. Anyway, after reassessment my doctor told me i need a surgery but since i am anaemic( Hb 8) i had to wait for a litlle time longer to increase my Hb through my diet but it didnt help much since it just got upto 8.
Avatar f tn m not breastfeeding or anything, but I did just have my period. It ended yesterday. The pain is sort of constant, with waves of it being a bit stronger, and it's throughout my entire breast, sometimes almost into my arm. The redness is nearly gone - only a very, very faint pink. Still sound like mastitis or a blocked duct, correct? Not IBC? I have another appt. on Monday; hopefully I can keep positive non-cancerous thoughts coming!
Avatar f tn i woke up few days ago to find my breast enlarged and sour and after squeezing white fluid comes out.what is wrong with me.
7757724 tn?1396279586 So this isn't a "Am I pregnant? " question. But im so confused. So I am 8 weeks postpartum.I started having light spotting on Saturday at 5 am. It was pink... then later that day there was some red. The next day I had red blood it covered half the tampon. Then the next day it wad pinkish and then brown. I have used condoms everytime. Im not breast feeding. I just still worry. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I will be taking another on Friday.