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Avatar f tn My First Turns One This Weekend! Should I Be Pumping Already If My Milk Is Yellow? My First Pregnancy My Milk Wasn't Yellow Till The Very End ..
7143736 tn?1396246400 Hey ladies so this is a weird question but I've been wondering, why is breast milk yellow? I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and I started "leaking" kinda back when I was 22 weeks and it was just clear but now lately if I squeeze them I get the clear stuff still but it always has a yellow color to it as well.
Avatar f tn As the baby continues to suck, the breast milk (hind milk) becomes rich in fat. What you described as your breast milk maybe the end of the feeding hind milk. Breast milk usually looks watery, almost like skim milk, with a gray to yellow color. The mother’s food intake does affect the breast milk too. It is important to eat healthy during breast-feeding, as you did during your pregnancy. Thank you for your question.
Avatar f tn That's colostrum not breast milk yet. Milk won't flow till after you have baby and you want to save as much colostrum as you can because its super healthy for your new born.
Avatar f tn When do breast milk starts coming out the breast I had my baby on the 29th no milk still
4402433 tn?1354184298 Your actual milk doesn't come in, no, but you CAN leak colostrum a few days or weeks before delivery.
Avatar f tn How long did it take your breast milk to come in I'm 30 weeks and still not leaking is that ok I really would like to breast feed after birth
Avatar f tn When does the breast milk usually start coming in?? I have no leakage or anything I'm about to be 28 weeks. Maybe its just too soon.. ??
Avatar f tn I dont know of its milk or not. In the mornings when i wake up my shirt is stain on one side morr than the other. Its my first i need help ?
Avatar n tn Not all women leak breast milk during their pregnancy. This is my second pregnancy (26 weeks) and I have not leaked milk in either two of them, but my milk was there immediately after my baby was born. If you have to do a cesarean, your doctor may or may not have to give you something to bring down breast milk, because its not the natural way of giving birth ur body may be slow to react to bring down breat milk, but once ur baby comes natural ur breast milk will come down. Am sure your fine.
Avatar f tn So im 31 weeks and i was just wondering when is your breast milk suppose to come in? A little of the yellow "pre" milk will come out when i squeeze them But when should i be ready to pump? I want to freeze it but dont know much on how to go about it. Any advice or info??
Avatar f tn her pediatrician said it is caused by my breast milk and her liver isn't letting it all pass through. she said she wouldn't need to see her again until her two week check up, but I don't feel comfortable waiting 4 more days because I haven't seen a change in her skin tone. I am making sure she is feeding at least 8 times a day and I keep her under indirect sunlight for the time the sun is out. literally all day.
Avatar f tn ) I wanted to strictly breast feed but I'm havin a harder time than i thought, even with a lactation specialist baby has a hard time latching and gets really frustrated, my nipples are no good for it so it's hard, I had to formula feed today because she wa so hungry and couldn't latch at all but I am able to pump so when I can i bottle feed her breast milk I'm hoping There will be a time where I have enough milk to just pump and store but I'm barely on my 4th day so I'm making some but not eno
8906457 tn?1406852710 My breast didn't leak until my milk fully came in, which was after I gave birth to our son last week.
Avatar f tn Also, just to a heads up, the more u breast feed the more milk you produce. breast milk does not have a particular time to dry up, the longer u nurse, the longer u will produce milk. it can take awhile to dry up as well after u have stopped nursing. Nursing can also delay or cease ur periods as well, but this doesnt mean breast feeding can protect u from pregnancy. I didnt get my period until i completely stopped nursing and i nursed my first son for 2 1/2 years! and i still have milk...
Avatar n tn You wont be the first adult to be infected by breast milk or receiving oral sex.
Avatar n tn The nipple discharge results from tissue damaged by the blow and may be clear, yellow or bloody. The discharge often occurs spontaneously and involves multiple ducts. A breast infection (abscess) Most common in lactating women, a breast abscess can happen when your nipples become irritated or infected from breast-feeding. A break or crack in your skin can allow bacteria to invade your breast tissue, causing an infection.
Avatar f tn It isn't breast milk, it's colostrum. Colostrum is either clear, milky, orange or yellow in color and you produce it the entire time you are pregnant and a few days after birth until you get your real milk in.
3203877 tn?1358036121 Yes if its crusty and it can have a yellow tent. It you squeeze your nipple you might see yellow stuff coming out. Simetumes when I would wake up my shirt would have little wet spots from my nipples and crust on the tips.
Avatar f tn make sure your demand feeding, so when ever shes hungry let her feed, each time you feed her make sure you have at least one glass of water every feed feed.
Avatar f tn (Hardly around 1-2ml) But let's assume that I might have had 5ml of her milk. After the milk I had a around 750ml of beer too. Then she gave me a handjob and the session ended. No penetrative sex (anal or vaginal), no oral sex no deep kisses. Symptoms: After the episode I was death scared about it. Then through the internet I learnt about ARS and waited for them to show up. Exactly two weeks after the exposure i.e. on 14th Feb 2015 I developed cold.
Avatar m tn The milk was slightly yellow in color and was a little sour. Does the sourness of milk is a leading indicator of some disease? She didnt have any pain in her breasts and they looked healthy. 3. She gave me prolonged blowjob, and I came in her mouth. 4. She squirted when in her climax, and I gave her oral sex. Although I did not swallow her fluids, some might have certainly stayed in my mouth. I did perform a mouthwash cycle after the act though. 5.
Avatar n tn I am only 21 weeks pregnant and I am already seeing breast milk. Is it normal? I asked one person and they said you weren't suposed to until your 8th month. Anyone got any ideas? Please get back to me asap!
Avatar f tn This is due to many factors, including the quantity of breast milk and the underdeveloped immune system of babies. For adults breast-milk HIV transmission remains only a hypothetical risk. That risk would be dependent on the amount of virus in the infected milk, quantity ingested, presence of cuts or sores on the oral mucous membranes, etc. Overall the risk of an adult contracting HIV from nipple noshing would be extremely low.