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Avatar n tn I called my doctor today and the nurse told me to take a test and if it came up negative that I should come in because I could have a growth on my milk gland and this could make me produce milk even though I'm not pregnant. She also said I could be pregnant in my tubes.( tubal pregnancies don't always show up on home pregnancy test because the pregnancy level is lower in ectopic pregnancies.) I took a test and it was negative so I go in next week to see my doctor.
Avatar n tn what? are you pregnant when you have breast milk cominig before you give birth. well if you are pregnant than you would be giving birth yes! if you have milk leaking from your breast that does not alway mean your pregnant no.
Avatar f tn I had pee test done and not pregnant and a blood test not pregnant but I got told that it might be early to see a positive test.
Avatar n tn my wife is pregnant of sex month. now her breast is vast size. not only it if i press her breast , then milk come continuesly, now what will we do?
Avatar f tn Yea my sons father said he never heard of a pregnant person not leaking now i can tell him to shut up when he says it again
Avatar f tn It's not milk, it's colostrum. You should talk to your Dr first. Expressing while pregnant can cause premature labor. Your milk will come in 3-5 days after your baby is born.
Avatar f tn I am 31 weeks and I'm a little concerned this is my first pregnancy and I feel my boobs are not developing breast milk and not growing and they don't hurt just the nipples sting sometimes. Has anyone experienced this at all or do I have nothing to worry about??
Avatar f tn No its not milk yet its the beginning stages of milk lol not sure what's the correct term for it honestly when I first saw it I was freaking out I didn't know I was pregnant and it was my first child but you will get a little of leaking of that stuff if u don't want in on ur bra you can buy breast pads congratulations
Avatar n tn I started lactating at 20 weeks with my first and around the same time with my second. I was still breastfeeding when I got pregnant with my third and I am only 12 and 3 right now.
Avatar f tn Just give it time your body will know when its time it is also very important to keep a healthy diet oatmeal and milk also helps produce more breast milk, when I was pregnant with my first I wasn't getting enough milk and I made oat milk and I started leaking all over the place Lol.
Avatar f tn Any idea when I'll roughly start producing breast milk? I'm only 4 weeks pregnant with my first child, so it's all new!
Avatar f tn When does your milk start coming in? I'm 22 weeks pregnant and was just curious on when I will notice it coming in.
Avatar f tn So I am 39 weeks pregnant and I still don't have any breast milk. I deliver Friday,an wanted to know if I will have milk then for my baby to drink. I do plan on breast feeding but I still don't have a milk discharge.
Avatar f tn It's not milk they leak it's called colostrum. It's a pre-milk substance you get before your milk comes in and it is super good for the baby. It usually takes 3 days for your milk to come in after birth.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had noticed that by breast produced milk and I am no where near being pregnant. Is this normal that my body produced breast milk without being pregnant? Is this something that women go through when they begin menopause?
Avatar f tn I didn't leak at all when I was pregnant.. some people dont... the real milk supply doesn't come till 2 or 3 days after your baby is born.
Avatar f tn it triggers your milk makin hormones to start. About 2-5 days after the colostrum will turn to breast milk.
Avatar f tn Lol really? Glad I asked I wasn't planning on doin it but know I know for sure!
Avatar f tn Can your breast milk come in while your pregnant still and leak? If so How far along were you?
Avatar f tn Breast milk is milk. Not like the one we buy From the shop and have on cereal or in our tea. Our bodies produce milk when we are pregnant its the most natural way of feeding our little ones. Of course its up to you weather or not you decide to breastfeed me personally I am going to breastfeed if I can do. Its not as easy as it looks. Our bodies produce enough milk supply for our babies to have a full feed and when they are full they come away from the breast.
Avatar f tn So in my head im like I better be able to breastfeed for months and months with all this leaking going on lol but then i wondered is there a possibility I wont be able to produce milk when my baby comes even if I leak a lot during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn You can football him and have him open his mouth by running your nipple across his lips when he opens his mouth hold your breast and try and get at least 70% and up of your nipple in his mouth bring him to your breast not your breast to him. Feed him until he is done and then switch to opposite breast, same procedure goes with laying down. Hope this helps. As you can see im very passionate about breastfeeding, best for baby is best for mommy.
8653699 tn?1409723732 I'm 23 almost 24 weeks pregnant, first child, but I have yet to have breast tenderness. My Gots have gotten huge tho. Does that mean im not producing milk? When should I start producing milk. When does lactation begin?
Avatar f tn A lot of times breasts secrete some fluids that may even look milky, and that's normal. If it concerns you, you may want to express and see how the fluid looks. Also go to a gynecologist to get more information.
Avatar f tn Real milk doesn't usually come in until a few days after birth. If its colostrum you are thinking of it varies. With my first pregnancy I didn't leak prior to baby. With my second it was like a week or two before delivery and with my recent pregnancy I was 23 weeks pregnant but with this last pregnancy my breasts didn't get any larger until after delivery.
Avatar f tn Even before I got pregnant I was a size B. When I had my first son I went up to C. I breastfeed for 14 months and I actually went up to DD. I had my 2nd son and stayed at I just found out im 3 months pregnant with my 3rd and still the same DD.