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Avatar f tn I could not breastfeed without a shield. I was really disappointed because I produced a lot of milk. Like I was a cow or something. This time around I'm 24 and my nipple are bigger than last time. I will try again. Don't be discouraged. There are ways to help if you truly want too.
Avatar f tn I started transitioning my son to [email protected] after checking w/pediatrician but also n the following months tried the older formula too.He liked both equally so after the ped. said there were no significant advantages to the much more pricey formula than milk I kept him on milk.He is 2 1/2&LOVES MILK which is great.
4444857 tn?1383325813 You have to think about what you want for your baby. Research the pros and cons of both from multiple sources. Breast milk is the superior nutritional choice, but you need to make a decision on what is best for your family.
9062499 tn?1426957962 I am not from London but scotland and little bottles of milk are provided from hospital with my first I tried every milk sma (made her constipated) cow and gate (she got allergic reaction) and finally the one that worked was aptimal
2006603 tn?1331329327 1 year for milk, until then you want to stick with formula and breast milk. I was told to wait until 6 months for regular food. Although I did start small amounts of rice milk at 5 months.
Avatar n tn Almost everyone is allergic to cow's milk. That's why mammals breast feed. When you don't or can't breast feed, one thing missing is the immune system building colostrum found in early breast milk. No formula is healthy -- they are just the best we can do sometimes.
11129330 tn?1430878608 Does your breast size depend on how much milk you'll produce because mine have grown but just a little bit & I'm just wondering because I want to be able to breastfeed :)
Avatar n tn Instead, buying goat milk from whole food to feed your baby if your breast milk is not enough. Goat milk is like the our breast milk and our baby can digest well without worrying the allergy. Remember to provide the baby VITA B12 because goat milk has no b12 which is vital to produce blood. Another thing is to feed him something to prevent constipation because goatmilk has higher percentage of protein than breast milk. You can Google the information to get more details.
Avatar n tn we eat vegetarian food +eggs and I want menu plan and feeding schedules how to feed him all the nutrition he need.Can I still continue giving him breast milk or I need to switch to cow milk . I am worried whether he is getting all the protien,fat,carb from his milk or do I need to switch to cow milk.I am giving him 1/4 cup cereal with 2 spoons of fruit for breakfast.1/4 cup rice ,1/4 cup protien,2 tablespoons of vegetable for lunch and same for dinner .In between he will drink milk.
Avatar f tn Anyone know anything about goat milk formula ? As an alternative to soy and cow milk.
Avatar f tn Its a hard decision to make because every mother wants the best for their new born. Do some research on formula vs. Breast milk. Maybe that will ease your mind a little. The only way I'll do formula is if I cant breastfeed my baby.
10665671 tn?1413744449 I'm a stay at home mom. Breast fed my both kids till 1 year. I'm on my 3rd baby now & plan on breastfeeding again. If you plan on being with your baby 24/7, there's no need to pump all the time. You can if you want milk on hand, your milk will be good frozen for a few months. If you don't have a heavy supply of milk I heard there's a tea you can drink it's all natural, that helps your body produce more milk.
3106038 tn?1346813169 if that were the case I would not be able to breast feed. Lol but I produced a ton of milk with my last pregnancy. I'm only a B.
Avatar m tn The baby may show reaction towards breast milk also if the mother is taking dairy products in her diet.Diagnosis of milk allergy can be confirmed after skin ***** or patch tests and food challenge tests.Confirmation can be done with blood tests like RAST.It also helps in differentiating milk allergy from lactose intolerance.You need to consult an allergy specialist for that. Treatment involoves elimination of all dairy products from the diet.
10084709 tn?1407712389 Ok. I did ask and was told it would be fine but I asked to get answers from mothers who have done it.
Avatar f tn Okiee doke sounds good just wondering cuz I see some people breastfeeding their kid and their like 4...
1665009 tn?1303175598 Since its probably not your milk she is allergic to its cow milk. Did your doctor talk to you about this at all. I know when i was an infant I would not breast feed at all after day 3 of being alive, and they later found out i was severely lactose intolerant. Also my friend had a two children who was lactose intolerant when they were nursing, her doctor told her to stop drinking milk and eating dairy products and her children nursed just fine.
Avatar f tn It is recommended that children under 1 year old should not have cow milk to prevent allergies and needs to remain on infant formula. At 1 years old, children can start to be weaned off infant formula to cow milk. To help him gain weight, suggest feeding him extra meat at meals.
Avatar f tn just to add my daughter was picking up cow milk protein through my breast milk at 6 months and reacting to that which is only about 3 % i think.
Avatar f tn Our son is one week old today and I give him both formula and breast milk. I like for us to feed him breast milk during the day and formula at night, since it's a little thicker.
Avatar f tn I would find other woman who breastfed twins to find out their strategies. Discuss your concerns with a lactation consultant aswell. Breast milk is the best for your babies. You should just try it and if you can't do it or the babies aren't getting enough you can switch. Remember you have to do what you feel is best. There isn't a doctor or person on this forum that can know how you feel, so just trust your gut and do what you feel is the right thing to do.
Avatar f tn I'm 10 +5 woth number 2 and i have been hand expressing since 6 weeks aproximetly. My doctor says it is compleatly safe. I had to hand express with my son to as i am a deary cow and make way to much milk and started making milk at 19 weeks with him.
Avatar f tn Nope it's normal. I never leaked with my first but I did get tons of breast milk in once he came. I'm waiting to see if it happens this time. My bf kind of wants them to leak Idk why he's nasty haha but in a good way.
1431138 tn?1294566894 That is actually a good amount for pumping a young baby. I would put the baby to breast as often as possible as he will always be much more effective at drawing milk and stimulating the supply. You are on antibiotics for the mastitis, right? You have many, many ducts in the breast, so altering baby's position will tap into those as well.
Avatar f tn Hello, Most of the breast-fed babies develop lactose intolerance which usually self corrects but not always if it is a cow milk or a formula milk "problem" or allergy/intolrance with some dietary ingredient. Most babies with milk allergy are allergic to cow’s milk protein, while others are allergic to soy protein, and some to both. Breast-fed infants normally have stools that look like watery, yellow cottage cheese.
9923140 tn?1407723429 Actually it's the opposite.. breast milk is more filling and heavy..