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Avatar f tn Thanks I'm just worried cuz I'm barley making milk now nd my baby's constantly on my nipple if I.font feed all night then I'll usually wake up with one hard boob full of milk then after usual not that much milk during the day!:(.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure why your wife thinks breast milk up the nose would help an infant with the flu. I can't imagine a doctor would think that would do anything. Glad you told her to stop. In general, hiv transmission to newborns takes place IN utero (before born). However, typically an HIV positive woman is not recommended to breast feed. I would say risk is very low if any. Call your baby's doctor to be sure but again, would think any risk is negligible. Is your wife considering Prep?
Avatar f tn 32 pm it was a 30 min delivery very fast got here at ghe hospital at 2 something pm im not getting any breast milk any ways i can get breast milk my bby really needs it he was 3 weeks premature & is i special care
Avatar f tn He has spit up twice now that was a large amount coming out of his mouth AND nose. Is this normal? He eats only breast milk. Im wondering if he has acid reflux, if its my milk, gas, or some other issue?
Avatar f tn I'm breast feeding and for day 2 now he has been spitting up.. well actually I wouldn't call it spit up more like projectile vomiting. But only when he eats from my left side. Has anyone else had this happen or know maybe what it is causing it? He also hasn't pooped as much today as he has been. I haven't ate anything spicy or anything other than what I have been.
Avatar f tn Just keep latching and keep pumping. The more you latch and the more you pump the more you produce. It's supply and demand. The more you demand the more you will supply. Take note a pump is never an indicator of how much milk you make. It isn't as efficient as your baby and some women just can't pump because their bodies just won't respond to the pump. But it is still stimulation and the baby may be taking the milk that has started to increase.
1230349 tn?1267495101 t squeeze the bulb when it is inside her nose - this will blow air up her nose. They have to squeeze the bulb first, hold it there and place the small end up the nose and then release the squeeze to suck out any mucous. I don't know if this will help but give it a try.
Avatar f tn While breastfeeding u might but just get rid of ur milk for 8 hrs b4 feeding ur baby again cuz since it us painful all that adrenaline running threw ur body also goes to ur breast milk n could hurt ur baby's tummy or give him horrible colics
Avatar f tn When my milk went down I did some research for milk boosters and found out about fenugreek! Read up on it first then maybe try it! I was barley making 2oz & now I name 6oz! But if you do end up getting a new pump, pump while nursing cause the tingle you get from the baby's suck will make more milk come out!
9020620 tn?1409884412 I Took A Breastfeeding Class &'d The Lady Said The Amount Of Milk You Produce Depends On The Baby..The Baby Sucking Controls Your Supply..i Dont Remember The Name Of The Hormone That Is In Control Of Milk Production..But Whateva Its Called It Is Set Off By Your Baby Sucking The Milk Out..The More Your Baby ***** The More You Produce..But Your Body Will Produce Enough For Your Baby So Dont Stress It..You Will Produce More As You Continue To Breastfeed..
Avatar f tn You might still have to give formula along with breastfeeding that way your body can build up your milk supply.
7677085 tn?1395374075 Yeah breast milk helped my baby's blocked tear duct only on one side. But love all this facts !
2031435 tn?1336008840 make sure you feed one breast per feed so baby gets all the hind milk. Only offer the second breast if baby is not satisfied after emptying the first breast. Babies often get too much fore milk when moms follow the switch side after a certain amount of time advice that is often given. This happened to me with my second child. Once we did the one breast at a time he was much better and went longer between feeds and slept better too.
Avatar f tn You'll produce milk after birth and then 10 days you should get your full supply in. Baby's can only hold a tablespoon of milk in their tummy until 6 days old so dont worry and they also make vitamins and teas for moms to help boost the supply.
Avatar f tn Mastitis is really awful, I feel for you. It is very important to completely empty the breast and that is why pumping and dumping will work. It also works to clear out any clogs too and you can set the breast pump to a comfortable level. Mastitis usually starts as an obstruction to the milk flow and then when the milk has not been removed it goes onto being an infection or the formation of an abscess. It also can be germs that from the baby's mouth,nose or throat into a clogged milk duct.
Avatar f tn I only breast fed my daughter for two weeks due to a botched csection that landed me back in the hospital. However, I understand that spicy foods, dairy products, coffee, chocolate, cabbage, onions, green veggies, and tomatoes. It can take 2 weeks for something to leave your system (& breast milk). Keep a journal of what you eat so you can go back and what may have upset baby's belly. Some babies are very sensitive, some can live with a free for all in mom's diet.
353148 tn?1293061164 my baby is 10 weeks old and he is on nursing strike. I gave up and my breast milk decrease. I really want to breast feeding baby at least 6 months old. I frustrated and don't know what to do anymore..
Avatar f tn Is it okay for baby to drink the clearish breast milk from the breast?
1936698 tn?1333915193 My husband was a stay-at-home-dad and bottle-fed her breast milk when I was at work and I nursed her when at home. Worked well for us.
Avatar f tn Milk can come in before you have your baby. I'm 33 weeks and have milk already my Dr says its common because I breastfeed with my previous pregnancy. Everyone's body is different tho some woman don't leak at all.
Avatar f tn I had my baby boy 5 days ago n i made the decision to bottle feed but my breast came in yesterday and my breasts really hurt. Is there anything i can do to dry up my breast milk? Ive tried cabbage leaves, ice packs n tylenol to relieve pain n swelling. Any other ideas?
Avatar f tn My baby's 6 weeks old now and I just started breast feeding. I can't produce milk at all at the moment does this mean that aI should stop because it's to late to start breast feeding now? I try to pump it as much as I can and I can only get a few drops from it. I tried giving it to my baby to be he doesn't want to suck it because he's used to the bottle now what can I do.
Avatar f tn I nursed my first for two years. Pumped while at work (overnights) and nursed straight from the breast at almost every other feeding except night time feedings. Baby's latch and baby's saliva and baby's closeness tell your hormones how much milk to make and what antibodies baby needs and what hormones will help with baby's health status (teething, a cold, constipation - mother's milk can fix all of it).
Avatar f tn I am 25 almost 26 weeks pregnant and I really was adamant on breast feeding my son u don't know how to tell if I am getting milk in or how long it will take for my milk to come in.