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689528 tn?1364139441 I had this happen several times, the best thing for it is to let your baby nurse as normal and try and position so baby's nose is pointing to the part of the breast that is sore, make sure your baby fully empties the breast too every time to help clear the clog and massage the breast from the sore area towards the nipple as baby feeds.
1936698 tn?1333918793 My husband was a stay-at-home-dad and bottle-fed her breast milk when I was at work and I nursed her when at home. Worked well for us.
Avatar n tn Precautions for Amoxicillin Rash Do inform your doctor if you are suffering from a kidney disease or are breast feeding your baby as Amoxicillin is passed in breast milk. Amoxicillin also makes birth control pills less effective. If bloody or watery diarrhea develops, it maybe a sign of a new infection, so inform your doctor.
Avatar f tn You want to hear the words “baby’s ears shoulders hips aligned” “tummy to tummy/chest to chest/chest to breast”, “nose to nipple”, “head tilt”, “wide gape”, ”plenty of breast/areola”, and most importantly “if hurts, break the suction & try again” IF the baby is not getting a proper latch and needs to eat… Spoon, cup, or finger feeding will not interfere w/ your baby’s learning process.
Avatar f tn And you run less risk of overfeeding your newborn with breastfeeding. Also, a tip is that breast milk helps clear up a baby's stuffy nose.
Avatar n tn She showed me how to put my nipple into the baby's mouth properly - you need to squeeze it and nuzzle your baby's nose. When he opens his mouth you push it in so the whole nipple (and part of the breast - not just the end) is in his mouth. If it feels sore at any time, you should withdraw your nipple and try again - and again! This sounds a pain, but after a week you both know how it should be and it isn't a problem anymore.
1155866 tn?1262342639 Between the small nasal passages of a baby and possibly irritating the situation with an aspirator (those bulb things that people use to clear the nose), all it would take is to add just a little bit of an allergen to the mix, to make the baby's nose stay stuffy. I don't think the doctors are entirely correct when they say it is too early for allergies.
1230349 tn?1267498701 But make sure they don't squeeze the bulb when it is inside her nose - this will blow air up her nose. They have to squeeze the bulb first, hold it there and place the small end up the nose and then release the squeeze to suck out any mucous. I don't know if this will help but give it a try.
Avatar f tn Nothing will happen, your baby may get a bit constipated at first or may even turn his nose up at different milk. While your still producing try to combination feed for a week or so (breast sometimes and then bottle another) it will make the transition easier for both of you.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your pregnancy and your decision to breastfeed. It sounds like you're a planner and that makes for the best breastfeeding experience. We don't recommend nipple shields on a regular basis and many women find that they only cause additional latch issues (as it is an artificial nipple) and that they inhibit the milk ejection reflex/"let down" ultimately hurting supply. If you want a good latch.
2031435 tn?1336012440 make sure you feed one breast per feed so baby gets all the hind milk. Only offer the second breast if baby is not satisfied after emptying the first breast. Babies often get too much fore milk when moms follow the switch side after a certain amount of time advice that is often given. This happened to me with my second child. Once we did the one breast at a time he was much better and went longer between feeds and slept better too.
353148 tn?1293064764 I gave up and my breast milk decrease. I really want to breast feeding baby at least 6 months old. I frustrated and don't know what to do anymore..
Avatar f tn Mastitis usually starts as an obstruction to the milk flow and then when the milk has not been removed it goes onto being an infection or the formation of an abscess. It also can be germs that from the baby's mouth,nose or throat into a clogged milk duct. The key is to empty the breasts right now as much as possible, get as much bed rest as you can, make sure you are eating properly and get others to help you out too.
2026902 tn?1369101998 I'm w/ Super Sally, keep baby at the breast if you can, but you may have a latch issue if it is hurting for any reason other than mastitis. This could also decrease milk and deprive baby of proper nutrients if she isn't efficiently removing the milk. Tell us how baby is latching. Explain in the best detail you can. Example. "Before latch, nipple lined up w/ baby's nose... Mouth wide... gaped... ears, shoulders, and hips aligned...
Avatar f tn Key is to keep trying, give baby a little time. Make sure to bring your nipple up to baby nose, let her smell it. When she opens her mouth, coax it into her mouth. Make sure she isn't sucking your nippleitself but your areola should also be partially in her mouth. You'll get the hang, don't give up. Be patient with yourself & baby. Your doing a great job!
Avatar n tn she examined the baby's mouth, tongue, nose, etc... and my nipples. she watched how the baby takes a bottle, and what she does while latched on. she carefully weighed the baby before and after each time we tried to latch her to see how much she was actually eating. we ended up trying a nipple shield because my baby's mouth is a bit too small still for my nipples. i also learned that she isn't breast feeding because she's not mature enough. she has trouble coordinating breathing and swallowing.
7677085 tn?1395377675 Yeah breast milk helped my baby's blocked tear duct only on one side. But love all this facts !
Avatar f tn Does she have gas or does her stomach hurt.what can i do..and the other thing she does is milk comes out of her nose which i really dnt like..what can i do y does this happen.
Avatar f tn It helps to hold your nipple between your fingers and direct it into the baby's mouth . also maybe try positioning her differently. Like prop her up on a pillow and try holding her like a football (for lack of better discription) with her legs under your arm. Sorry if I'm doing a terrible job describing it! But if you goodle it they actually show you pictures of different breastfeeding positions!
254689 tn?1251183640 I can't even express how tired I am today as the baby got very little sleep which has happened that past few days. Tonight was awful as we couldn't get him comfortable. We ended up swaddling him in this ginormous blanket and walked, walked and walked him until my back felt broken. I also learned today that dh has to go out of town for a few days then end of this month/first of June. I'll virtually have no help as the girls are also out of town & so are grandparents.
Avatar n tn this morning, she just whines and fusses when i get the nipple in there. i pumped and plenty of milk came out, so there's milk there... i dont see any sores or anything on her lips or inside her mouth... tried burping her and can't seem to get any burps out... eventually i let her sit there sort of half-sucking for an hour so she is getting some, but she isnt making a good enough latch to keep the nipple in there. any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Did not really have fever, but really bad cough, stuffed nose and horrible sounding chest. I just put some breast milk in his nose and the suctioned it. I am suprised the gave your baby antibiotics. Our doctor said antibiotics will not do anything for RSV. The also gave him nebuliser treatment to help with chest congestion. Make sure to keep up with fluids.
439903 tn?1380141482 He refused to let her get any of her things and ended up throwing her on the bed, straddling her, Mind you, she is 33 weeks pregnant and really big, and he ended up hauling off and punching her in the nose. There was blood every where. He ended up splitting and leaving her there while she was bleeding profusely. My aunt and uncle got there and rushed her to the ER. They did a cat scan, he broke her nose in 3 places. Luckily there was no bone fragments broken off anywhere.
Avatar f tn Go online to a store of your choice and print out a registry it will tell you what you should purchase and how many. Some stuff is not needed but you will have a general idea.
223237 tn?1302191991 My son, who is 2 weeks old, has milk pouring out of his nose anywhere from 15 - 45 min after eating. Also has bad gas/burps and spits up frequently. I have tried watching what I eat, and smaller more frequent feedings. He has already had his well check up and wasn't having such a hard time with this issue at the time. I am thinking of getting him in again for another visit.
Avatar f tn no cow's milk before age one, whole milk until age two, low fat or non-fat milk after that. Once baby is weaned from the breast, 24 ounces of cow's milk or goat's milk a day is plenty. There are two reasons why the Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of cow's milk under one year of age: allergies and iron- deficiency anemia. The intestinal lining is slower to mature in some babies than others.
1181036 tn?1367372240 It didn't seem like it was working even though I knew my milk had come in so I took the pump away from my breast and saw that the milk had just pooled around my nipple (in the breast shield area). I don't know if it's because my nipples are "weird" of if I'm just not doing it right but it was disappointing because I wanted DH to be able to bottle feed Gabe while I slept.
689528 tn?1364139441 If you can position your baby so baby's nose points at the sore spot. This often helps. A warm flannel on the area before nursing/pumping can help too. If its really sore ibuprofen can help with inflammation and is safe whilst nursing. Be careful to watch your temperature. If yOu start to get a low grade fever with continued soreness you may need to see your doc for antibiotics so this doesn't develop into painful mastitis.
Avatar f tn It was horrible and I wasnt producing enough milk so I would breast feed her on both sides yhen give her 2 oz on formula. It gets better its not always painful Im sorry you're going through the pain. Go to the store and look at all the baby area for that cream.