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8526246 tn?1405605476 How long after pumping is breast milk good for without refrigerating or do I have to refrigerate right away? I want to pump and feed without having to refrigerate and thaw but not sure if its not ok to do so.
1661682 tn?1313138996 so ive got a breast pump just in case but i was wondering if breast milk can go in the firdge and get warmed up when its needed and if it can go in the fridge how long can it stay in there for.
5913031 tn?1382394790 How long is breast milk good for in the refrigerator??
Avatar n tn I have heard that sometimes frozen breast milk changes its flavor and smell, to a more sour smell, but that it does not harm the breast milk nutritionally nor does it cause the milk to be unsafe for the baby to drink. It has to do with the proteins in the milk and their reaction to being frozen, I think I recall. You might google "freeze breast milk" and see what comes up. I sure wouldn't throw it away. Your pediatrician might also know about this.
Avatar f tn If you go through my older journals, I actually have tips on storing milk in an entry. The guidelines are flexible, depending on the person. Some people's milk spoils faster. Mine seemed to be good for a while. If I pumped at night and left it out in the cool room, it was still OK 10-12 hours later. Made night feeds easier! We relied on the sniff test- as long as it didn't smell like rotten milk, it was good to serve. Also, my LC assured me that a baby would not drink spoiled milk.
435762 tn?1244686220 At room temperature 4-8h, or if you pop it back in the fridge 3-8 days. We thaw breast milk and then leave it out at RT or put it back in the fridge all the time (not the freezer though) and have not had any problems. Be sure to check for souring though if you do this.
Avatar n tn How does everyone defrost their frozen breast milk? Can it be put in the fridge to defrost the night before? How much does everyone store in one container? I use glass bottles to store mine...some in in 4 oz bottles...but then I have 8 oz bottles....but I am not sure if more than 4 oz frozen would be to much to defrost at one time?
Avatar f tn I'm doing research about storage for breast milk. I want something that's cost effective and will work. I'm not looking to create a huge stash of frozen milk because I don't have the space in my freezer nor do I have a deep freeze (yay apartment living). I have looked into the disposable bags. What a money sink. Plus the reviews I read do not put much faith into me using them. I came across a mom's blog about using mason jars.
Avatar f tn She refused to take the bottle, so now I want to try to do both.. I bought a breast pump, so I'm wondering how does the whole freezing your milk process work? How long is it good for? How do you unfreeze it? Or boil it? Thank you for your time!
823825 tn?1265075031 hi im new in here n i have a question bout breast milk i breast feed on one side n the other side leak so i took the baby bottle so i can save it how long is breast milk good for??
435139 tn?1255463991 Milk from different pumping sessions/days may be combined in one container – use the date of the first milk expressed. Breastmilk is not spoiled unless it smells really bad or tastes sour. To thaw milk * Thaw slowly in the refrigerator (this takes about 12 hours – try putting it in the fridge the night before you need it). Avoid letting milk sit out at room temperature to thaw. * For quicker thawing, hold container under running water - start cool and gradually increase temperature.
Avatar f tn How long can I keep the pumped milk in the fridge? I also noticed that my milk production has reduced (I used to wake up with full breasts with milk wetting my bra and t-shirt but not anymore). I have a three week old and she mostly breastfeeds but sometimes I give her the pumped milk. Is it ok to pump milk irregularly or should I do it on a strict schedule? She doesn't breastfeed every three hours. She can go more than three hours but mostly it's 2 or 2 1/2 hours.
Avatar f tn How can I store the breast milk... can I freeze it or something so when I'm at work n my husband has the baby he has it to give her?
1194973 tn?1385507504 I found this on a breastfeeding website - How To Thaw Frozen Breast Milk •Set the container in a pan of cool water for approximately 5 minutes. Do not allow the water to cover the container; otherwise, beads of water can taint the milk as it is being poured.--OR-- •Use a special dry warming device.--OR-- •Put it in the refrigerator overnight. It can then be stored there and used within the next 24 to 48 hours. Once frozen milk is thawed, it can be kept refrigerated, but cannot be refrozen.
4654179 tn?1382646814 In my search for the best bags I found Tommee Tippee online only at Target.
Avatar f tn When the baby would have bottles it was never bottles from the pump b/c my pump was a hand me down and I didn't have the right nipples for bottles! I would store milk in the bags in maybe 3 or 4 ounces per bag so when I needed to thaw them I could have reasonable amounts.
Avatar f tn Breast milk can be stored in the freezer for 6 months. When you take it out put it in a bottle in a pot of hot water, don't put it in the microwave. & no it shouldn't be watered down.
Avatar f tn When thawing the milk just run hot tap water in a cup and place the bag in the cup. It takes 5-10 minutes to thaw. Never boil breast milk and never shake it just stir. If you ever feel you need to make more milk just pump more often. Production is supply and demand the more you demand the more you will supply. To make more it takes 5-10 days. Hope you get a good freezer stock and congratulations and good luck. If you have questions I'll be glad to answer.
Avatar f tn You can leave fresh breast milk you just pumped out for 6 hours at room temp.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I'm looking at breast feeding when my baby is born, but i dont want to do it all myself so looking at buying an electric breast pump so my partner can do the feeding as well. I've already been bought a set of tommy tippee baby bottles but i've heard the tommy tippee electric breast pump isn't that good. Does any bottle fit any breast pump? I've been looking at the medella and advent electric pump will the tommy tippee bottles fit either.. Hope someone can help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn cooler with 3 frozen ice packs is 24 hours. refrigerator is 3-8days freezer 6-12 months. thawed breast milk use within 24 hours. What i did was pump n put some in storage bags n put them is the freezer but when u thaw them do not microwave or boil bcuz it will burn their mouth thaw them under hot water but the storage bags r much easier to thaw than the bottles especially with a demanding bb.
2006603 tn?1331332927 I dont know if this is the exact forum that i should be using but it sounded like the right one so if its not then im sorry. Anyway I am 26 Weeks pregnant with my first child and i am wanting to breast feed but i am afraid in a way. I am afraid that breast feeding is going to be really awkward for me. When i think about my baby breast feeding it just feels awkward to me and i dont know if i am going to be able to handle that feeling.
Avatar f tn When we take it out of the freezer and put it in the water to thaw, the milk starts leaking out of 10 different places. I NEVER had this problem before with any other brand. Is it the bag or am I doing it wrong? Like I said, I used to thaw milk like this with DD and never had this problem.
Avatar f tn I plan on breastfeeding/pumping for 6 months, maybe longer but I was told I could freeze breast milk in certain bottles, my question is how long can breast milk still be good frozen
Avatar f tn It's great stuff. It will all depend on how much milk you make. ps -- Sometimes frozen breast milk gets a funny smell when thawed. Don't worry, it still is usable and apparently does not taste bad to the baby.
374593 tn?1257883550 If the thawed milk (which will last only about 6 months max in the freezer) has turned, it will thaw into a very watery state, not like refrigerated milk. After mixing it around with the floaties, it will no longer have the creamy beige color that breastmilk typically has. It will be grey or slightly green. And it will smell like rotten food, not sour like bad milk, although I have heard of it smelling sour as well.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to choose the best breast pump and milk storage system I can find. I travel extensively for work and I'll even be pumping in the car. I found the Kiinde system; which looks awesome. But, I'm not sure what I will be able to express from each breast at each pumping session. Ideally, I would like to pump directly into the storage bag, freeze it, thaw it, and feed directly from the bag. That is how the Kiinde system is intended to be used.
Avatar f tn Again, everyone's milk is different, and it depends on the room temperature. Frozen breast milk- once it's defrosted, use within 24 hours. I found the best way to defrost it was to float the bag in a container of cool water in the fridge. If you're in a rush, you can run it under warm tap water or float it in a container of warm water. Cold milk can be warmed in a container of warm water, or holding it under warm tap water. Do not microwave it.
6354932 tn?1380577892 That way other people can help me out by bottle feeding them my breast milk if i need a break or anything.