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Avatar m tn No. When combining milk it has to be same temp. I suggest pump put in fridge, pump again different bottle store in fridge once fresh milk is cold like other bottle combine it then you can freeze.
Avatar f tn I pumped nd stored sum breast milk in the refrigerator nd forgot to label the date I think its been in there a lil over a week my son has his doc app tomorrow nd I shall be given it to him then will it be still safe or should I throw it out??
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your having a 4month old, A Breast Pump is the best thing to get they are a woderfully easy way to pump off your milk for Baby,In the US we have small plastic bags especially made for Breast milk that the Milk is poured into after expressing, and then put into the Freezer to be given to Baby when its feed time.
Avatar f tn I used breast milk storage bags when I mursed Gavin. It really depends on how much milk you will produce or the nature of feed or to store extra. I think 25 bags come in a box . I would freeze them standing up and put them all in a storage box or a bigger freezer Ziploc. I tell you, I wil pumping as soon as my milk comes in so I will have plenty to store. My friend who had her baby in April, she had over30 4oz bags in her first week.
9889855 tn?1412479178 html This is a good site on storage, and you can buy breast milk storage bags. You can freeze milk in them as well.
Avatar f tn I started at 4 month to have breast milk dripping nd now is none stop coming out any one has this happening 2????
3054705 tn?1348415479 Google Kelly mom breast milk storage. There's a list with great info regarding BM storage.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! Does anyone know if I can store Breast milk in ziplock freezer bags? The bags I have made specifically for breast milk don't close very well and I worry about freezer burn. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it!
Avatar f tn Avent makes storage cups for breast milk.
Avatar f tn For breast milk storage: 5 hours room temperature. 5 days in fridge. 5 months in freezer section. And finally 12 months in deep freeze. This is from last Letche league.
Avatar f tn I'm going to get the gerber bottles from walmart. My sister has them & they work fine so i thought I'd try them, but if I'm pumping what bottles would I store the milk in? Or should I just get storage bags?? & if i get storage bags do i just pour the milk in the bottle when im ready to feed? Ugh. So confused lol help!
1169162 tn?1331232353 technically, fresh is better than frozen. But, since he is mostly getting milk at the breast, that amount is insignificant and in your case it really won't make a difference. I also would rather not let milk go to waste. Some of the antibiotic properties of milk are lost when frozen. So, if a baby is getting only pumped milk then it is better to give the fresh than frozen if fresh is available. Finn is getting plenty of those components from you from the rest of his feeds.
Avatar f tn the only thing i can think off is buying a pump n milk storage bags and breast pads if ure shure ure gana bf.
1661682 tn?1313135396 so ive got a breast pump just in case but i was wondering if breast milk can go in the firdge and get warmed up when its needed and if it can go in the fridge how long can it stay in there for.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to choose the best breast pump and milk storage system I can find. I travel extensively for work and I'll even be pumping in the car. I found the Kiinde system; which looks awesome. But, I'm not sure what I will be able to express from each breast at each pumping session. Ideally, I would like to pump directly into the storage bag, freeze it, thaw it, and feed directly from the bag. That is how the Kiinde system is intended to be used.
118074 tn?1228329003 Can you drop your breast milk storage bag directly into the Playtes drop in bottle? My MIL and SIl told me I could?
621803 tn?1302888341 I wouldn't put it in a water bottle if it were me. I would buy some cheap breast milk freezer bags to have them on hand for the next time. These either tie with a twist tie or they zip closed. You can get a huge amount for a few bucks at Target. Sounds like you are doing great with the breastfeeding!!!!!!
229857 tn?1319029907 you can store it in the fridge for 2-3 days just make sure you date the milk also it can go in the freezer i think for upto 6 months and it is good to use the breast milk storage bags so you can date them also and then you can take them straight from the freezer and put the bag in the baby bottle warmer. when you buy the breast pump there should be a little book about breast feeding and everything that comes with it.
Avatar f tn Came with the basics, pump of course, the breast shields (too big have to size down), storage bottles, and 8 breastfeeding pads. For those of you pumping, what additional accessories did yall purchase? What is necessary and what shouldn't I worry about? I don't want to blow too much money on things that aren't completely necessary! I'm a ftm so I'm clueless.
4654179 tn?1595183520 In my search for the best bags I found Tommee Tippee online only at Target.
Avatar f tn Fresh milk can be in the fridge 4-6 days and frozen thawed milk can be in the fridge 24 hours. These are the milk storage guidelines from the LLL.
4364093 tn?1365869659 Lol I got a lot of breast milk storage bags at my shower, and a double pump breast pump. And if she will most likey only eat 2-3 times then I feel a lot better. Haha I'm sure ill get some sort of system down.