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4654179 tn?1382646814 In my search for the best bags I found Tommee Tippee online only at Target.
Avatar m tn No. When combining milk it has to be same temp. I suggest pump put in fridge, pump again different bottle store in fridge once fresh milk is cold like other bottle combine it then you can freeze.
Avatar f tn I used breast milk storage bags when I mursed Gavin. It really depends on how much milk you will produce or the nature of feed or to store extra. I think 25 bags come in a box . I would freeze them standing up and put them all in a storage box or a bigger freezer Ziploc. I tell you, I wil pumping as soon as my milk comes in so I will have plenty to store. My friend who had her baby in April, she had over30 4oz bags in her first week.
4654179 tn?1382646814 I love the lansinoh breast milk storage bags. Easy to pour in and out. When i freeze the bags I make sure there is no air inside and I lay it flat to save up on space. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
9889855 tn?1412482778 html This is a good site on storage, and you can buy breast milk storage bags. You can freeze milk in them as well.
Avatar f tn I have used storage containers that have a lid, and I also use the lansinoh storage bags. Oh, and after thawed, you should use it within 24 hours. I got my info from the CDC website on how to handle breastmilk. I think the info is also on the package my storage bags came in, so you could always look there! I had a hard time remembering the guidelines too...even though its only been a couple of years! Hope this helps...take care!
621803 tn?1302891941 I wouldn't put it in a water bottle if it were me. I would buy some cheap breast milk freezer bags to have them on hand for the next time. These either tie with a twist tie or they zip closed. You can get a huge amount for a few bucks at Target. Sounds like you are doing great with the breastfeeding!!!!!!
Avatar n tn if you wanna know what spoiled breast milk smells like, leave a bottle with some left over milk on the counter a few hours (eww- not that i recommend it). also, my lactation consultant told me that a baby would refuse spoiled milk. also, freshly pumped breast milk is good at room temp for several hours. for me, during the summer, it was good up to 5 hours. in the winter, up to 8 hours during the day.
Avatar f tn I'm doing research about storage for breast milk. I want something that's cost effective and will work. I'm not looking to create a huge stash of frozen milk because I don't have the space in my freezer nor do I have a deep freeze (yay apartment living). I have looked into the disposable bags. What a money sink. Plus the reviews I read do not put much faith into me using them. I came across a mom's blog about using mason jars.
Avatar f tn I have 1 box of Gerber breast milk storage bags that I bought right before my dd decided to wean herself. So I have a perfectly brand new box, I think there is 25 bags in the box...If any one is interested, I can ship them to you....PM me if you are interested, I can't figure out what to do with them, I hate to throw them away they are brand new and perfectly fine. I'd love for someone out there to use them if they are in need.
733930 tn?1286575009 so ive been EPing for 3 weeks now and have filled up half of my bottom shelf in the freezer with breast milk! i read that there are smaller deep freezers to use for breast milk but havent been able to find any. where do you ladies store your milk? and if i move my milk from my freezer (seperate door on top of fridge) and put it in a deep freeze will it still be good for up to a year? or still 3 months because it was in the seperate freezer. sorry if this was confusing but thanks for any advice!
435139 tn?1255463991 It can be put in the fridge and used later, if possible remove the used nipple and ring and put a fresh one on.
Avatar f tn I got a paper from the hospital that the medela brand name gives breastfeeding women on different things concerning breastfeeding and it said that breastmilk is good for 4 hours at room temperature, 5-7 days in a fridge. And on the back of my Lansinoh storage bags, it says 10 hours at room temperature and 8 days in the fridge.. What are your opinions on this?
118074 tn?1228332603 Can you drop your breast milk storage bag directly into the Playtes drop in bottle? My MIL and SIl told me I could?
171768 tn?1324233699 Put the bottle you pumped into into the fridge to cool off before adding it to the milk already there. Adding warm milk to cold milk results in warming of the milk. You would have to use it within 1 hr or 2. a word of caution- certain bags tend to leak, especially defrosting. or you may just get a bad batch of a normally good brand. a good way to avoid tears over spilled milk is to drop the bag into a small ziplock as you defrost it. any leaks are caught by the extra baggie.
Avatar f tn 12 months in deep freeze. Get the storage bags from lansinol. After it gets cold in fridge lay flat in freezer once frozen put in deep freeze. They do sell nifty little storage containers where first in first out. Laying flat will increase storage space. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! Does anyone know if I can store Breast milk in ziplock freezer bags? The bags I have made specifically for breast milk don't close very well and I worry about freezer burn. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it!
3054705 tn?1348419079 If u freeze you milk in milk bags I believe its good for a year. To unfreeze your milk heat up a cup of water not to hot! And place the bag in the cup to unfreeze. I lovedfreezing my milk because u can store it away for along time. And take it on the go .
Avatar f tn I'm trying to choose the best breast pump and milk storage system I can find. I travel extensively for work and I'll even be pumping in the car. I found the Kiinde system; which looks awesome. But, I'm not sure what I will be able to express from each breast at each pumping session. Ideally, I would like to pump directly into the storage bag, freeze it, thaw it, and feed directly from the bag. That is how the Kiinde system is intended to be used.
Avatar f tn One more thing: I use special breastfeeding milk bags and I make sure to remove as much air as possible before freezing them - that will prevent oxidation of the milk.
Avatar f tn U actually freeze breast milk in special bags made for storage
317245 tn?1258741145 I am going to start pumping for storage pretty soon. Whant kinds of storage bags have you used and liked the best?
1785035 tn?1314886418 I have been nursing and pumping all day long it seems but i can not get a storage supply going. At around 6 weeks she started latching onto my left breast and seems to do ok but when i pump on my left breast i can only get about 1 1/2 ounces out of it ALL DAY. I pump 3 to 4 times a day. From my right breast i can pump about 5-6 ounces almost every time I pump.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your having a 4month old, A Breast Pump is the best thing to get they are a woderfully easy way to pump off your milk for Baby,In the US we have small plastic bags especially made for Breast milk that the Milk is poured into after expressing, and then put into the Freezer to be given to Baby when its feed time.
Avatar f tn That really is all you will need...maybe some storage bags for your breast milk...My advice would be to store any extra milk when your engorged at the beginning to help build a supply in the freezer and to start putting the nipple cream on daily a few weeks before you deliver...It helped mine not get cracked and sore.