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Avatar f tn what can I do to increase my milk production because I prefer my baby get only breast milk if at all possible.
Avatar n tn Stay away from peppermint, it can reduce your milk. Dill can boost your milk supply. There are others but I can't remember them off the top of my head.
Avatar f tn When I first came home from the hospital I pump and store my breast milk in these sterile storage bags made for breast milk. I will eat oatmeal and take fenugreek tablets to help keep producing milk. You want to keep the baby on the breast as much as possible even if she/he is using you as a pacifier, I noticed skin to skin contact with my little one has helped. My milk supply did decrease while I went back to work.
Avatar f tn I'm having a hard time keeping up with my sons demand on my milk how do I get my milk to come in better
Avatar f tn They have breast feeding tea and also cookies that help with your supply. Look up the recipe, I don't have it.
9023883 tn?1402943375 Rolled oats. Flaxseed. Brewers yeast. Go online and look up lactation cookie and smoothie recipes.
7590082 tn?1392496513 Hey ladies. I'm expecting my second child in September and I really want to breast feed. It didn't work out with my first cuz I had a low milk supply and couldn't feed her anymore at 3 months.. What if I can't breast feed this baby either? Does a low milk supply mean always a low milk supply with every child? What were your experiences?
Avatar f tn t the right forum but I feel more comfortable asking questions here...I had my daughter on the 9th and at first I had a really good milk supply where my breast would become engorged every two hours if I didn't pump or feed regularly....and I was pumping 2/3 ounces from each breast every I can hardly get an half an ounce :(....I try to have my daughter on my breast every two hours but it seems like she gets so irritated because nothing is coming out....
Avatar f tn I would suggest looking up some recipes for lactation cookies and drinking lots and lots of water there is also something called mothers milk tea that might encourage your body to make more breast milk.
Avatar f tn Google recipes for lactation cookies and also shakes. Water water water do not drink milk! Also fenugreek reeeeally helps!
Avatar f tn Fennel essential oil around the breast will increase milk production. Fenugreek, mother's milk tea, brewers yeast, lactation cookies, maxi milk, plenty of water and frequent nursing or pumping.
Avatar f tn I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and is worried I will not produce enough breast milk again for this child. I really wanted my children to be breast Fed but my first child had to be formula Fed due to me not producing enough breast milk. Has any mother experienced this?
Avatar f tn Okay ladies I need advice. Of course I'm a first time mommy and I'm breastfeeding my daughter but also formula feeding since she doesn't get full. She's already over 2 weeks old but my milk supply has gone down tremendously and I don't like that. I really want to just breast feed her but she doesn't get full off just my breast milk. I guess my question is how do I boost my milk supply? I pump too so it's hard to know. Please help me!): I'm desparate!
9663463 tn?1407525554 Newborns can go up to a week without pooping an with breast milk the baby absorbes most of the milk and doesn't poop as much. Trust me I'm on baby #3 and it's happened to both mine and this is what my dr told me. Don't stress it too much. Call the hospital lactation consultant for help they will help with anything you may need about Breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn U should not drink that tea while prego. U may/may not start producing milk early. It is fine if U don't. My last 2 babies I never got milk before having them. I nursed my 1st for 2yrs & my 2nd until 14 months (when I got prego w baby 3). The trick to nursing is really getting the baby to latch right & being consistent w it. Do not introduce a bottle to the baby for as long as possible unless Ur going to primarily be pumping.
7590082 tn?1392496513 It also ensures a really good milk supply, as breast milk is a supply and demand situation. Your body will automatically make more. Also, there are some herbs that help, from blessed thistle, to fenugreek, etc. the easiest thing is Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk tea. You may have to order it online if you don't have a local health food store. Also, add coconut oil to your diet as coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids and has Laurie acid, same as breast milk.
Avatar f tn MY friend just had her daughter she's two months she was breastfeeding but stopped said she wasn't producing enough milk I want to breast feed also work so I'm planning to pump I really don't want to formula feed my son how can I make sure I have that milk supply coming in besides I heard it had lots of benefits for me and my son like low risk of SIDS and my sons dads oldest son died from SIDS and also I know it will help me loss weight so I don't want to give up on breastfee
Avatar n tn I made a recipe with flaxseed and Brewers yeast. Worked great and tasted good too. A little more expensive to make than regular cookies due to the Brewers yeast and other special ingredients, but they last a while. There are some really good resources include La Leche league which gives helpful articles on food and tricks to increasing supply. Pump when you can if baby doesn't take the other breast because it will stimulate milk production.
Avatar n tn I am pretty much a vegetarian now. I do eat some fish and chicken breast on occasion though. There are recipes galore on the internet. I mainly stick to the heart healthy and liver healthy recipes. It is a bit more expensive, but I have lost almost 20 lbs. in less than 3 weeks. This is not water weight either! I have cut out all sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, cocoa, and caffeine out of my diet.
1128483 tn?1277340286 Because of the frozen breast milk he was able to have at few breast milk feedings each day until close to his first birthday. I paid $100 second hand for my deep freezer and I always kept a freezer thermometer in it to make sure it was working properly. I am sure I saved more money buying that freezer than if I had had to fork out for 2500 ounces of formula!
Avatar f tn I am getting worried that I am going to run out of milk. Any tips on keeping the milk coming in good? I heard if you eat oatmeal that helps? But how much and how often? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn Anyone know of any good websites with diabetic friendly recipes? My mom has diabetes and I'm trying to help her out with a few meals.
1415482 tn?1459702714 Ive been on a diet for a little while now and I am already tired of the food I am making. Can you give me some ideas of what I can do to make my boring meals fun. So far my diet consists of -- wheat bread, tuna, egg whites, special K cereal and milk. What else can I eat that's inexpensive and taste good? I'll accept recipes as well. Thank you! I am 20, I weigh 155 lbs and I want to be at about 125 there about.
Avatar f tn My first son was born 12 years ago and I never produced any milk. I want to breast feed for new baby that is coming. I am 32 weeks. Does anyone have ideas how to boost milk supply? We have bought a host grade pump this time.
5002615 tn?1366014009 Heres my fun story lol i bought a breast pump today while shopping with my mom, my hubby and 9yrs old sister. When i got back to my moms i wanted to take a look at it, opened it up and my sister asks me what that was. I told her "do u really want to know?" she said "yes" so i said "well its a breast pump" she gave the dirtiest look and said "yea your right....
Avatar f tn Has anyone done both at the same time?? Whether it's been formula and breast feeding or formula and bottle fed breast milk?? What's your experience been? How was baby with two types? What type of formula dos you use? Tell me everything !