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Avatar f tn A baby stops drinking breast milk when there full...usually the breast produce according to how muxh they eat. I used to pump my breast milk to make sure its all out so that you continue producing...and also pump the breast that the baby didnt eat from to prevent can hurt like hell lol. It takes time and practice but have healthy and drink lots of water. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn No its not painful.. and not everyone leaks.
Avatar f tn It should be enough, drink special tea, for me grape juice helped me supply more milk.
Avatar f tn A lot also depends on methods of delivery. C section moms (term or not) take longer to get milk because sometimes your body doesn't recognize that you're no longer pregnant without delivering vaginally. A lot of severely premature babies are better off delivered by c section. These are also the type of babies that can't nurse right away. So if that was your situation: pump!
166219 tn?1267487238 mom dropped dead 2 days later and the dad wanted to follow the moms desire to give her lil one breast the lil guy received donated breast milk and did GREAT he actually went home this past Monday weighing a HUGE 6lbs....yes i cried my eyes out Saraya is still pukin ALOT and if we decide to go to strictly formula we have a freezer full of breat milk.
Avatar f tn I've heard that too but I wouldn't recommend doing it. The formula and breast milk together could mess the baby's stomach up. But it all depends on your baby! You can mix it but I wouldn't recommend doing it.
Avatar n tn I was the opposite with my first I had the same problem you are having now I try breastfeeding and all it would come out it was colostrum no milk at all so after 2 months trying I was just driping tiny drops of milk so I just decided to quit breastfeeding I wasn't producing I am about to give birth in a week and I'll see how it goes I am planning breastfeeding but I hope I don't have the same problem..
Avatar f tn So I've heard of women selling their breast milk to moms who can not breast feed. And I know I can breastfeed as of now because I did with my first. But I was thinking, that if for some reason I end up not being able to, would I consider buying someone else's breastmilk.... And so far, I can not wrap my mind around that! I mean, I just can't. The program is supposed to thoroughly check the women selling their breastmilk and you get the background info on the woman and everything.
Avatar f tn Breast milk has the rule of threes. Three hours out of the fridge. Three days in the fridge. Three weeks in a built in fridge freezer and three months in a proper freezer. You can get bags to store the milk in that doesn't take up heaps of space when you put them in the freezer. My mum told me not to store milk in the fridge door, I can't remember why but think it has something to do with not getting cool enough.
Avatar f tn Some moms are die hard on breast feeding and some moms like me prefer formula. Either or is fine. There are also moms who want to feed their baby breast milk but pump so they can use bottles.
Avatar f tn My big boy is already a week old. But I think he drinks too much formula. Now I'm breast feeding and also giving him formula (Enfamil milk based w/ iron for up to 3m). It's sometimes difficult for him to latch on due to my inverted nipples and he gets frustrated with the size of the nipple shield.
Avatar n tn Don't worry. Breast milk doesn't come in until a few days after the birth (before that it's colostrum - with my first baby there was no sign of that either until my son was born). Incidentally, the milk is actually made in ducts under your armpits, not in your boobs, so breast size is no indication at all of how much milk your body can make. I'm small chested (34a) and had no problems at all.
Avatar f tn when you started using the breast pump how long did it take for your milk to flow easily am have a steady flow.
Avatar f tn s pediatrician. It is not nutritious enough to replace breast milk or formula. Baby can get malnourished if you try to substitute it.
Avatar f tn I breastfed but wasn't able to pump, my daughter feed to often and I never had enough to then pump after, but I was always told by my docs that breast milk can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days (at the back of the fridge, don't keep it in the door) and up to 6 months in the freezer. Always try and defrost breast milk by putting it into the fridge to defrost, not just leaving it on the side.
Avatar f tn I have the Mandela or linolin cream for the nipples and I started rubbing breast milk on my nipple too. I want to keep breast feeding for a while. My baby was born Friday will it continue to be this way for a while or is it supposed to be painless now?
Avatar f tn 32 pm it was a 30 min delivery very fast got here at ghe hospital at 2 something pm im not getting any breast milk any ways i can get breast milk my bby really needs it he was 3 weeks premature & is i special care
Avatar f tn Nope it's normal. I never leaked with my first but I did get tons of breast milk in once he came. I'm waiting to see if it happens this time. My bf kind of wants them to leak Idk why he's nasty haha but in a good way.
1891853 tn?1344648442 I plan to breastfeed my baby, and since i'm already producing colostrum at 18 weeks im assuming I'll have no problem. I understand that the baby needs a vitamin D supplement since breast milk doesn't have it. Where do i get that and what is it? A vitamin or drops or something? i don't know what the vitamin D comes in.
Avatar f tn when you started using the breast pump how long did it take for your milk to flow easily am have a steady flow.
Avatar f tn They say that I need to take care of myself and watch what I eat or I can kill my baby seens im bottle feeding and also giving her my breast milk .. It is bad to sit for along time ? What are the things I should do and shouldnt do and for how long ? I have to cover my head and ears when going outside ? ... Please someone answers me Thank you !
Avatar f tn Pumping or any nipple stimulation can bring labor on.
Avatar f tn I am 36 weeks and my breast started to hurt again. I think my milk is coming in. I woke up last night with dried milk on my boob. I started a size D and now I am an F. My boobs are going to get even bigger. Nipples are super sensitive.